Sunday Selfie Hop


WOOOO HOOOOO – it’s Sunday and time to HOP with The Cat On My Head…………..wanna play along?  Click the badge above and link up – of course FIRST you have to do a selfie on your blog but then – well – it’s simple to be part of the Hop with the rest of us.    Thanks Kitties Blue for hosting.

FLASHBACK time for this boy again – I will look back in my photo files for a photo my Mom took of me this same time but in another year – always fun to see what I was up to this time last year or year before or year before that!


Well this was from August 15, 2018 and it’s me in my signature napping post just at the threshold of my Dad’s Den upstairs.   Why I felt this was an appropriate napping spot I have no idea but maybe I was just “keeping him company from a distance” while he was in his Den??????    I’m sure he wouldn’t step on  me – I’m a little difficult to miss!!!

While this is an extremely boring photo I did still make an ARTSY version which I turned into a puzzle for anyone interested in such things…………ready?


Just click this MINI of me and it will take you to the puzzle!   Good luck!   I wonder what the blue glow around me is – am I radioactive????

Happy Sunday!  Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Glory be it’s Sunday again!   Time to HOP…………….if you want to Hop along just click the badge above and LINK UP!   Our Hosts at The Cat On My Head would be happy if you did!

Sorry to say it’s another FLASHBACK SELFIE for me.    Mom didn’t take any new photos of me this week…………so back to ancient history we go to find a photo of me taken just about this same day in a prior year.

This was taken by my Mother (who apparently managed to save my dignity with the daisy) on August 6, 2017.     She whacked my head off when she took the photo I guess and I have no idea what Lunapic filter she used for this but at least it’s a Selfie of me about this time of the year three years ago.   Time flies when you’re having fun napping right?

Mom made a puzzle of this masterpiece……….(haha)

Just click this MINI-ME photo and it will take you to Jigsaw Planet where you can get eyestrain doing a puzzle!!



Sunday Selfie Hop


HAPPY SUNDAY!     Time for selfies……………………Mom took a photo of me yesterday because for some unknown reason she thought it was a funny shot.    Why?   She SAYS she couldn’t tell which end was my head and which end was my “end” !!    Very funny Mom………I think it’s easy to tell!     Maybe you need new glasses???     Anyway, if you’d like to join us in the Selfie Hop – click the badge above and go to our host The Cat On My Head and link up.

So “which way is up” ?????

So is it just me or can you plainly see ears at one end of me????  Mom needs new glasses like I said!

I do think this is a rather boring photo of me – and I was sound asleep trying to mind my own business when she SNEAKED up to the guest room door and snapped this.    Even though it’s BORING, I’ll do a puzzle of it for those of you who are puzzle addicts!     But I did tell Mom that photos of me should never be boring….I’m a very exciting cat (when I’m awake that is).


Click this mini-me to get the puzzle – and BE FOREWARNED – Even though Mom lightened the photo it still looks DARK in the puzzle!

Good Luck and Happy Sunday!   

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday!   Time to Hop!    This is the Hop where we show ourselves off with a simple selfie.    If you’d like to join in – click the badge above and link up with the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.

If my Mom hasn’t taken any recent photos of me (like this week) my usual selfie on Sunday is a FLASHBACK to this same timeframe since I came to live here in 2017.    Like I said, Mom didn’t nab any new photos so here we go back in time to see what I can come up with!!

This one was from July 23, 2017 so four months after I came to live here.   Obviously I was really getting well acquainted with that poor “tent” and a piece of ribbon.   Funny the things that can grab a kitten’s attention huh?????    


Now if you were hoping I’d do a puzzle for you this Sunday – guess what – I hadn’t done a puzzle of this one back in 2017 but I just did one and I wish you luck figuring it out!

Click on this MINI-ME and it will take you to the puzzle!!!  Good Luck!


Hugs and Happy Sunday,


Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s Sunday!   Time for us to join the Selfie Hop hosted by our buddies and pals at The Cat On My Head.   You can do the same if you like – just click on their badge and fill in the linky form.   We all join in the selfie parade just to show each other how we RELAX on our weekend.

I like to dip back in my old photos some Sundays to find a photo of ME from the same day or week in the past – kind of fun to see how much I’ve grown (tee hee)……..and what I was doing back then.   Let’s see what I can find to show you this week!


So I did find this little gem…………….this was taken of me almost inside the very old and torn up “tent” that Angel Sammy left for me.    This is June 23, 2017 which means it was just four months after Mom and Dad adopted me.    Angel Sammy left a lot of toys and things for me and I loved the old red tent more than the brand new blue one Mom and Dad got for me.

Mom made an artsy version of this photo way back when she first showed it on my blog……………so we’re just “recycling” it below!

If you would like to do the puzzle – just click the MINI-ME below and you’ll be able to try and put this one together!!


Happy Sunday Peeps and Friends………….love, Teddy