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Sunday Selfie Hopping


YAY – it’s Sunday!   Time to Hop with everyone doing a Selfie today!    Hosted by The Kitties Blue, it’s just a fun thing to do on a Sunday and if you’d like to join us, click their badge up above and link up.

My “usual” Flashback Selfie is here…………….I try to find a photo from my past since I came to live here in February 2017 that I can share from ABOUT this same day.   Mom was snapping photos of me all over the place after I came to live here.   These days I spend much of my time lying on my back or outside lying in the grass so she doesn’t snap as many.   You’ve seen one “belly up” photo of me, you’ve seen them all (although I HAVE gained some weight since I first came to live here!).

Here I am sort of inside my old red cube inherited from Angel Sammy.    It was taken by Mom September 30, 2017 and it sure didn’t take me long to tear this thing up by playing so rough with it after I moved in that February.   The “white knot” thing on the floor is what’s left of Angel Sammy’s white mouse.   Back then Mom called me “Mr. Destructo” because I really ripped things up by playing tough!

And here’s the selfie she made out of this photo – it too is an “oldie” so if you’ve seen it before – sorry about that!!

Here’s the puzzle – just click this “mini me” – this is a big puzzle (180 pieces) so feel free to edit it DOWNSIZED if you like!


Happy Sunday!!!    Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello Hoppers!   Time for the Selfie Hop hosted by our buddies and pals at THE CAT ON MY HEAD.    Want to have fun with us?   Click the badge above and link up!

I’m doing my usual FLASHBACK SUNDAY selfie………………I look back in our photos files and find something CLOSE to this date in one of the last two years I’ve lived with my Mom and Dad and VOILA – FLASHBACK SELFIE!

Today’s FLASHBACK is from September 10, 2017 which means 8 months after I was adopted.    I was already suspecting the camera was spying on me…………….Mom added a Lunapic filter to this one and came up with this little gem (thank heavens I didn’t have anything stuck in my nose when she snapped this one!)

Talk about close-up……………well that’s about as close as it can get without me swallowing the camera.     Anyway, for those of you who want puzzles on Sunday, I’ll give you one!!   Ready?

Just click on this MINI-ME and you can go crazy doing my puzzle today!



Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Yippeeee!  It’s Selfie Sunday with my pals at The Cat On My Head!   We show ourselves off every Sunday in the Hop and if you wanna play along with us just click their badge above and link up!

I’m the FLASHBACK SELFIE GUY – why?  Because Mom gets a kick out of seeing me every week in a photo from this same timeframe from either 2017 or 2018 (my first two years living the life with Mom and Dad!).

What did we dig up for you this week?

How about this oldie of me and my Pop from September 2, 2018 which Mom had already “artified” before she saved it in her photo files.    Dad’s having trouble holding on to me – I’m like a greased pig when I want to be FREE – Dad says I’m like a tank…..HAHAHA     Know what?   I can still fit in this blue harness although I must admit it’s a CLOSE CALL.

Mom doesn’t remember what art effect she used for this but I think it looks very much like an oil painting……….No doubt it was a Lunapic creation though since that’s Mom’s “go to” artsy spot.

So, if you would like to do a puzzle of this photo of yours truly and his Dad, then I’m gonna give you one!

Just click the MINI-ME photo and GO FOR IT!

And Happy Sunday!!!   

Love Teddy

Psssst!…………….Know What?    Today is my Mom and Dad’s 29th anniversary…….Amazing but true!

Gosh…..were they EVER really that young??????????  (don’t tell them I said that though OK???!)

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!!    Time for the Hop where we show off our “fine selves” with selfies.    If you’d like to Hop with your own selfie – please do – just click the badge above and be whisked away to The Cat On My Head where you can link up with the rest of us.

I want to take a second to acknowledge that today is a day after my own heart – it’s GINGER CAT APPRECIATION DAY!    I qualify for that – and I’m proud to be a big ginger boy.   Here’s to all of us in the ginger category!

I’ve been having a lot of fun looking back for my Selfies rather than posting newer photos – and today is no exception.    Here’s a flashback to the first part of September last year.

Mom used this jazzy version of me in the hallway so I’m showing THIS version of the photo rather than the original without any “jazz”………………hope you like it!    Yes of course there’s a puzzle for those of you who like to go nuts doing them…………what’s Sunday Selfies without a puzzle from Teddy?   Right?

Click the Mini-Me for the PUZZLE!!

Here’s hoping you have a HAPPY SUNDAY and for all our friends in Florida………………………..BE SAFE……………………..

Love, Teddy the Hall Monitor

Selfie Sunday Hop


TIME FOR THE HOP!    Yes indeed – Sunday we join The Cat On My Head for their Selfie Hop and spend the day admiring all the other selfies of those who join in the fun.   Want to be one of them?  Click the badge above and link up.

You know me – I’m all about FLASHBACK SELFIES – maybe because most of the photos of me aren’t good for selfies – it’s the SAME OLD SAME OLD THING – me lying on my back asleep.    Mom is FIXATED.   I can’t stop her!    So we resort to flashbacks where – in my younger days – I didn’t ALWAYS spend time flat on my back.

Now when I looked at Mom’s computer files there wasn’t a photo of me around THIS time taken so I had to cheat a little and “borrow” a photo from September – This one is from September, 2017 – so I was only living in  my new home for seven months at the time.    Yes I’m on my back – don’t say it – I know – my habit started early didn’t it.   The other thing about this photo is that the “rag” by my leg is what was left of Angel Sammy’s favorite white mouse toy.   I had pretty much destroyed it by this time and Mom had to put “bandages” on it to hold it together.   Thankfully my Dad had a whole lot of old handkerchiefs that he gave to her to whack up for “bandages” !    I really loved that mouse literally TO PIECES!    Also as you can plainly see, the perfectly good and totally solid red tent was torn into rags by yours truly by then.   Yes I was a little bit lively for an 11 month old when I first got here……and have loved every single minute since.

So having said all of that………………Mom decided NOT to “artify” this photo for my Sunday puzzle – we just loaded it up and made one from this shot!


Good Luck and Happy Sunday Hoppers!!   

Love, Teddy