SPARK, Liebster Award


Monday is here and it will be a little bit busy for us today because in addition to SPARKS we were nominated for a Blog Award and that will be AFTER we do our SPARK for today.     Since we WERE nominated for a blog award, it reminded me that we should always ALWAYS be thankful for things we get or have.    SPARKS was started by Annie McGuffy of McGuffy’s Reader but after she was hacked she discontinued the SPARKS posts – many of us who enjoyed participating in SPARKS wanted to carry on in her name……….so we post inspiring graphics on Mondays.    Maybe it will be something you will totally “get” the minute you read OR you will think about it and BOOM – realize instantly that it DOES belong in your heart.     Hopefully though it might get you to think a bit about the week ahead or maybe relieve your mind about something that’s bothering you……….My SPARK today is about being THANKFUL – in the midst of what’s going on, we still have a lot to be thankful for!

A pertinent SPARK message considering what’s going on in the world these days.   It sure hit home with me anyway.     I’m also very thankful that Kristiina of the blog nominated me as one of six bloggers to receive the Liebster Award.    I love Kristiina’s blog which she shares along with her cat Kosmo in the beautiful home they have in Finland.   THANK YOU KRISTIINA!!!   What gorgeous photos she shares.    The Liebster Award is an internet blogger award whose name is German in origin.  It’s really just a way to share blog addresses and provide new friends and a way to meet other bloggers for ideas and making new contacts.    I got this award years ago when I was fairly new to blogging.    I’ve followed the rules (somewhat) and that’s OK – you can be flexible in how you pass it on.    Here’s the actual badge that those who participate get:

There are even several variations of the badge but this is the one I received and am passing on to those of you who I nominate and choose to participate!

Rules to the Liebster Blogger awards:   (although there were six questions from Kristiina – YAY!)

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and give them a big hug give them a link to the blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you or at least most of them
  3. Share 11 or so facts about yourself
  4. Nominate between 5-11 other bloggers
  5. Ask your nominees 11 or so questions
  6. Notify your nominees once you’ve uploaded your post

The SIX Questions for ME to Answer were:

1 Why do you blog?  It was my way of continuing to write after I’d stopped writing when I got ill in 2006 – blogging got me “going” again.  Now it’s just plain FUN and it’s actually not just MY  blog – it’s my cat’s blog as well so I’ve given him a voice.

2 Blue jeans or formal wear? Cake or a health bar? Why?  I am a total blue jeans girl……always have been.   I also am definitely a cake or cookie girl – I should eat “healthy” but I never have.   

3 If you could have one (more) animal live with you, what would it be and why? It would be another cat – to keep Teddy company – why?  Because I often think he’d be happier with a companion of his own species (he has humans!) and when it comes to the joy and fun cats bring, the more the merrier!

4 What do you feel are your greatest talents? Empathy…….an honest desire to help people if I can…….a big heart.

5 If you could be any age, what would it be and why? I’m a believer in enjoying whatever age you actually are……we can’t go back or forward to be in the moment and love who you are and what you are NOW.   So my favorite age is “almost 73” because I am.

6 If there was one thing you could go back and do differently, what would it be? Perhaps I’d go back and make more of an effort to start my adult life out on the right foot.   I sort of slipped and slid along for the first five or so years after I was out on my own…….but then that probably went into making me the woman I am today.

Now I know that a whole lot of bloggers have stopped accepting awards – in fact it had been a very long time (years) since I even saw a blogging award making the rounds.   But I’ll pass the award on to six bloggers and if you’d LIKE to participate please do.    I think most people already have the Liebster but like me – if you want another one (!) and answer the questions – then you can have a matched pair of awards!!!

First, here are my SIX QUESTIONS for you to answer if you are going to participate:

  1.   Do you think there is life on other planets?   Why or Why Not?
  2.   What is your VERY FAVORITE meal either to cook yourself OR to order in a restaurant?
  3.   If you could afford ANY car in the world – what would it be?
  4.  Are you superstitious?
  5.   Do you prefer early mornings or late nights or both?
  6.   What is your favorite type of music?

And here are my nominees…………..but remember – this is optional since I don’t know who does and doesn’t do awards (regardless of whether you received this one before!) – don’t feel bad if you don’t want to participate…………really!     I’m linking to all of my Nominees so you will be aware that I nominated you………………

The Cat Corner

Down Home In NC

Bad Cat Chris


Meezer’s Mews & Terrieristical Woofs

Angels Whisper

The third part of my post today has to do with reminding all of you (because the Professors said I needed to) that tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser class and you will need to brush up on your geography tonight so you’ll be more able to deal with figuring out where the Teaser photo was taken tomorrow!    OK?   OK!    See you in class.

Hugs, Pam and Teddy too (Teddy says remember tomorrow is TEASER TUESDAY!!)


Love That Liebster


Gosh if I didn’t have my extra toesies I’d run out of fingers to count the times I’ve been nominated for the wonderful Liebster Award…………..and this past week I was nominated TWICE for it!  Once by Trifles and once by Lone Star Cats!


Since I got it TWICE, and since it’s been a while since I actually answered the questions that come with some awards, I thought I’d do it this time just for funzies!   Here are the questions I got from Trifles (who sent out eleven questions although Lone Star had ten questions):   (Pee Ess….I let Mom answer these)


1. What is your favorite piece of music?

“Four Seasons” by Vivaldi

2. Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Sean Connery

3. Has your life ever been in danger?

No……although I’m a cancer survivor so maybe – technically – YES!

4. What is your favorite plant?


5. If you were a pet, would you like to be a dog or a cat, or something else?

Definitely a cat…….a very spoiled one (like someone I know!)

6. Which profession did you want to choose as a child?

I wanted to either be an archeologist or an airline stewardess

7. What do you do if you are out of temper?

I rarely lose my temper but if I do, I’m not afraid to raise my voice (then I pout)

8. How does the house/flat of your dreams look like?

I’d love to live in a beautiful tree house (I’ve wanted to do that since I was a little girl)

9. What would you choose: to be a renowned scientist or to be a famous artist? Why?

I’ve painted and drawn most of my life and would have loved to be a famous artist

10. Have you ever tried some arts (literature, music, acting, fine arts, etc.)?

Have written some books……….have taken art classes and sold paintings in galleries…….played the piano……..

11. What is your favorite sport?

The only “sport” I enjoy playing myself is croquet (!) – but I love to watch football, baseball and swimming/diving competitions!

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

These are the questions I received from Lone Star Cats!   (Pee Ess…..I answered these MYSELF!)


1.  Which are better, bacon or crab?

BACON BACON BACON (wish a side order of crab)

2.  Do ya like da vet?

Well, he’s a nice guy and the office staff are swell but I’m not crazy about going there……
3.  Do ya like pups?

We have two barky beagles on one side of our house and one quiet schnauzer on the other side……I much prefer the schnauzer

4.  How did ya get your name?

Before my parents went to the shelter to look for a cat to adopt, my Mom asked my Dad what he’d name the cat they got – he said “Sammy” – so here I am !!!!

5.  Do ya have to get your nails trimmed?

Yep – sure do – and remember I have EXTRA toes – takes longer but at least my parents do the trimming not the vet !!

6.  What are your favorite place to snooze?

Gosh – I have two favorites:  in my tent and on Mom’s legs

7.  Has ya ever gotten to kill anything?

I’ve come close…….caught a couple of chipmunks which my Mom wouldn’t let me “keep” (!!) and some butterflies 

8.  Do ya run away from da litter box after doin a stinky in it?

Well, let’s just say that I don’t hang around too long but I don’t run away – I stay to snoopervise my Mom as she bags up my stinky for disposal……making sure she doesn’t MISS anything!

9.  What are da best piece of peeple foodz ya ever snagged?

I have had several interesting bits of people food that were very yummy……..salami, lobster, pizza…..but that was in my youth.  These days my tummy reminds me if I eat something I shouldn’t!
10.  What are your favorite toy?
I have a somewhat WEIRD favorite toy.  Many years ago one of my first baby toys fell apart from overuse – it had two small rubber rings on it which I still have and like to carry them around the house.  If my Dad forgets to leave me a treat by his chair when he goes to bed at night, I leave one of my rubber rings there so he’ll see it first thing in the morning and realize he made a BIG BOO BOO and forgot my treats!  

Now, I need to nominate ten other blogs who have fewer than 300 followers for the Liebster………..I think instead of calling out ten of my buddies who may or may not have time to answer the questions, I’ll just say if you would LIKE to answer my questions and accept the Liebster (even if you already have it like I do!!!), here are the questions from ME that you can answer!!!   Ready???

1.  If you could visit another planet, which one would it be and why?

2.  Do you really think kitties have NINE lives?   If you’re a cat, what number are you on????

3.  Do you like to eat bugs?

4.  Catnip or Silvervine?

5.  Do you snore?

6.  What’s the funniest place you ever deposited a furball (got sickie)?

7.  Do you get to eat wet foods AND kibble or are you on a special diet?

8.  Do you like to get brushed or combed?

9.  Do you like riding in a car?

10.  Do you have any health problems?

If you wanna pawticipate, remember you must answer the questions you’re sent – thank the person who nominated you – and then nominate ten blogs (supposedly with 300 followers or less) for the Liebster, and give them ten questions of your own to answer!!!   Cool?

So there my friends………………..I’ve done my duty and I must thank profusely Trifles and Lone Star Cats for nominating me for the Liebster…..I have a bazillion awards – I’m truly lucky to have such great friends – but I thought it was time I pawticipated again – just in case you’re not tired of hearing ALL ABOUT ME!



HUGS, Sammy



Tuesday Teaser


Welcome to Teasers on Tuesday with your Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Tease himself (thunderous applause)……………….SAMMY !!!!  (and the crowd roars)


Alright…ok….so I’m overdoing it a bit but I just wanted to make sure you know how much I enjoy being your Master of Ceremonies every Tuesday (well almost every one anyway) so without further ado, I present today’s photograph for your viewing entertainment!


Now, take a GOOD look.  I need for you to tell me WHERE one could find this particular interesting building/gate and lightpost – what city in what country or state can it be found?  BE SPECIFIC – the first SPECIFIC guess that’s right will be the lucky winner of this little gem of a badge:


Everyone else who guesses CORRECTLY (totally) will get this HUG from me:


And the rest of you pals and friends who haven’t got the slightest idea where it is OR who guess totally wrong (eeek) will get this!


Tomorrow I’ll hand out badges and tell you a bit about where this photo was taken and who our “Guest Teaser” was who sent me the photo to use for a Teaser…….how’s that grab you????

Meanwhile, I want to get back to a subject that I mentioned last week which is my Mom’s pathetic excuse for not thanking everyone who has been so generous with sending me blog awards lately – what pathetic excuse?  The moon trip….she says she was so up to her eyebrows with that whole event that she didn’t track FOR AT LEAST A MONTH (what?) who sent me what.  Isn’t that just awful?   So, we’re starting from square one.  At least we will after we APOLOGIZE and THANK everyone who sent me an award that I never thanked you for.  Please?  Please forgive me?   To begin to right the wrong, the last three I received was ones I already had but STILL should thank the friends who nominated me for – My Three Moggies awarded me the “Best Blog Around The World” .    My pal Nerissa nominated me for “The Excellence Award”, and Playful Kitty nominated me for the “Liebster” !!!   THANKS TO ALL OF YOU………………..!


So, before I say Ta Ta, remember to send your guesses in for the Teaser because you only have TODAY to guess……..tomorrow I “Tell All” !!   Mom and I are working on BRAND NEW BADGES (I’m sure you’re tired of these old ones) so hopefully by NEXT Teaser Tuesday there will be new ones to award.   YAY!


  Your Host for Teaser Tuesday  


My Bling (Awards!)


the-opposites-attract-award              Note!!   Thank you everyone who has given me a blog award!  We have decided though not to accept any more awards – we have a bazillion of them……and rarely do we have the time to comply with the “rules of acceptance” anymore.  So thank you for thinking of us but please don’t give us another award………….HUGS – Teddy and Mom

triple-award loyal-reader-award WonderfulTeamMemberReadershipAward bestest-kitty-blogger-award pmaward - planet purrth award 50,000 award dragonsloyaltyaward best-moment-award wordpress-family-award Why I Love Thee award shine-on-award snowball-fight-award realityblogaward FriendlyBloggerAward

Aww...I'm not THAT big but I'll take the bling for sure!!

Aww…I’m not THAT big but I’ll take the bling for sure!!

family-of-bloggers-award1 Bring on the Nip! seventhingsaboutmeaward DRAMA-AWARD1 DoggyAward devious-genius-blogger-award111 wonderful-readership-award2-11 ONE-SWEET-BLOG addictive-blog lovely-blogger-award-1 super-sweet-blogging-award21 beautiful blogger award thinking of you award - final sisterhoodofworldbloggersaward Blog on Fire Award you make me shine award Illuminating Blogger Award The ABC Blogging Award Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Sunshine Blog Award
I love sunshine and I love this pretty award!


Hug Award

What a NICE award – everybody needs a HUG (and hope!)

Genuine Blogger Award

“Genuine” is a VERY nice thing to be!

The Wonderful Award for blogging

The Wonderful Award (and it is wonderful to receive it!!)

The Candle-lighter Award Logo

This candle looks good enough to eat!

Reader Appreciation Award

Wow….how cool is this???

Sam Gets Another Blog Award

How cool is this?

More Bling for Sam's Blog - another award!

Thank You Dianna – More Bling!!

More award bling!

Thanks Isobel and NotCat

WOW...another award!

Thanks to my friend Pedro

How awesome is this?!

How awesome is this?!

SammysBaconAward MOUSES! award helpingpawaward BaconSpookAward

ShareLoveShareBoxAwardSunshinePicnicAwardpmaward - planet purrth awardLighthouseAwardFantabulousAward





Caturday Catnaps


Oh yes……….it’s been a super busy week and this morning, after we’ve had breakfast, I do believe I’m going to spend the day being a bum.

That’s right – you heard it here first – I am going to spend as much of today catnapping as possible.  I’ve got my tent for the camping trip designed and decorated, I’ve got the polls started so they’ll be ready to load up for voting when the time comes, MY WORK IS DONE.

Sam relaxing after the visit to the vet yesterday!

Ahhh….Caturday is for naps!


At least done for the moment.  Of course there’s a lot yet to do.  I need to keep reminding you that the deadline to enter the competitions is MARCH 16th .   If you’re scratching your head (or some other part of your body) wondering what I’m talking about – then you’re one of the few who doesn’t know about the BIG CAMPING TRIP I’m leading!   Want to know the details or read about the competitions again?????? 


Don’t wait until the last minute now!   

YAWN………………MMMMMMMMMM………..I smell that bacon so if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading to the kitchen for breakfast.  Then I think you’ll know where I’ll be after that……………!

Happy Caturday!

Kitty hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Peee Esssss     I want to thank my good friends at MY THREE MOGGIES for nominating me for the Liebster Award…….I already have it BUT I want to thank them for thinking of me and I intend to tell 11 exciting things about me – I’m working on it – I promise!!!