Teaser Tell All Class Time


It’s that time again!   Tell All Time!   Ready?

We had a whopper of a Teaser yesterday didn’t we class?    We’ll tell you all about the Teaser photo after we get to who wins what shall we?

“You have my full attention…….zzzzzzz”

First of all we had THREE First Commenters – Yes we said THREE………………………who?    Well after a little drumroll we’ll tell you!




Each of you Firsties gets one of these fabulous badges:

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser post of May 23, 2023…..YAY FOR US!

“whoop-dee-doo….could we move this along and get to the cafeteria please – I’m starving!”

Goodness…….we’re honoring the winners of the Teaser badges – calm down – we’ll get to the cafeteria shortly !

Now here’s the GUEST TEASER photo we had yesterday – it really was interesting because this sculpture installation is one that you will see in many places because it’s very popular AND graces many gardens and special spots in a great many places!    It would have been up to you to figure out which place THIS copy of the sculpture “lives” and it apparently was tough to do because while we had lots of guesses…………………….NONE OF THEM WERE RIGHT.    YEP – NOBODY GUESSED THE TEASER THIS WEEK!

Here’s the photo:

“Circle of Peace” is the name of the sculpture and it was created by Gary Lee Price.   This art installation is in MANY places in the world, and among them is THIS VERY ONE located in Kilmarnock, Virginia!!!    This Teaser was given to us by our friends at THE CAT ON MY HEAD

We love the way there’s a “space” where the circle is broken and those who want to might wish to close the circle by taking the hand of the girl and boy to keep the circle together for a photo.

Thanks to The Cat On My Head (Janet and Tom and all the cats) for this fab photo.   Here’s a thank you badge for you!

We sent in a real whopper of a photo for Teaser Tuesday on May 23, 2023 and NOBODY GUESSED IT RIGHT! YAY FOR US!

“Nobody got it???  Nobody??? WOW – I’m impressed……MAD my guess was wrong but still impressed!”

Plenty of you guessed though – so we have a “NOT RIGHT GUESS” badge for each of you for TRYING:

I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of May 23, 2023…….hey – I get a badge for TRYING anyway!

It was a TOUGH Tuesday class this week – give yourselves a cheer for trying!

And of course Cheer Team – do your stuff!

That Teaser was super tough
Left you all feeling quite rough
Maybe you need a hug and kiss?
School is not the place for this!
We did have some FIRST COMMENTERS though
These three winners you all know
Ingrid, Janet and Sharon were firsties!
Now this cheer is over and we’re super thirsty.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for – OFF TO THE CAFETERIA!!

The Cafeteria Line Is Open!!

Today’s Menu:


Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy

40 responses »

  1. Hooray for me and my fellow firsties!
    I actually did find the correct place, just after midnight, but well before this post was published. My comment is there, for the record…12:23am…
    Ah well, that was a great teaser Janet!!
    Thanks for sending it in for us to agonize over, LOL!

    May I please have some of that French Toast Egg and Bacon Sandwich, onion rings, and a lemon tart, too, Mmmm!
    Some cherry hot chocolate might be good, too…its chilly here…we may even get a light frost tonight. Brrr! there was a warning. Sheesh, its the end of May! Not early March!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Good for you finding the correct location – after midnight so not on Teaser day (I used to remind people they had to make a correct guess before Teaser Tuesday was over) BUT still – the only one who DID find it! Congrats. Enjoy that consolation meal Ingrid! Took a lot of work to find Kilmarnock.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That was a super hard Teaser! When I started looking into it I found at least 12 of those sculptures. Some I could eliminate because of the background, and one included a penguin. I was still wrong though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really had no idea until we got the photo as a Teaser and I investigated that this sculpture was so widely seen – it’s a lovely one though and makes me smile – would like to be the “missing link” one day at one of the locations for a photo!!

      Hugs, Pam

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations to the winners. That was a hard one and certainly a charming one. BUT I whisked along the line and saw what I want to eat. How about chicken fried steak and lemon pie!?


  4. Congratulations to the Speedy Ones! That was a wonderful guest teaser. It was a Stumper! Thank you to the Cat on My Head for such a beautiful Teaser photo. It is a beautiful sculpture. I would like the scrambled eggs, biscuits with gravy and bacon please!


  5. Seeing wood fibres instead of green grass was suspicious for me! Concats to Ingrid, Sharon, and Janet for their quickness! For me, any correct guess before the official Teaser Tell All announcement counts a First Right Guess! But, of course, I also understand the administrative complications related to such situations. One thing is sure: I’m hungry! Could I have a veggie pizza, some (2-3-4) crepes, and a tea?

    Liked by 2 people

  6. ROFM!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!! MOL!!! LOL!!!!!
    Wee all were unabell to figure this foto out!!!!
    CAKE fore all!!!!!
    Seereuslee Missus Dee an Miss MaryAnn can you serve up Dubbel Choccie Mint Cake an then THE Peenut Butter Choccie Cake??? And have sum yoreselfss OKay????
    Let’s Pawty =^..^= BellaDharma an ***giggellss*** BellaSita Mum


  7. Congrats. I forgot to come on here yesterday. Time just gets away on me lately. I think I have seen this before but; I could not place it. I love this. Nice weather today-70. Enjoy yours.


  8. No wonder it looked familiar if it’s in so many places lol. I’ll have the fish and chips and the eclairs for dessert please. I can’t say no to chocolate:)


  9. I knew the statue was in lots of places, but now I don’t feel so badly not knowing where this particular one was.

    Meanwhile, congratulations to the first commenter and your Teaser Guest.

    Could you pass some veggie pizza and asparagus? That would help me feel better, too!


  10. It was fun to not only be one of the first commenters but also to stump the participants. There are very many of these sculptures with the seven children and also some with five and others with three. I wish I had joined the circle for a photo. I do hope to visit it again. Big hugs and smooches for Teddy, Janet 💓🐈


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