Teaser Tuesday Class Time



Time for our weekly get together to scratch our heads and stare at a photo to try and figure out WHERE the photo was taken.    Sometimes it’s tough – sometimes it’s easy – and sometimes nobody can figure it out!      This week’s photo is a GUEST TEASER photo and it’s a real “tricky” one……you may THINK you know where it was taken but……..DO YOU REALLY?

Let’s review rules and badges to win shall we????


“Well these are old badges but at least we haven’t seen them in a while!”

Alright – settle down now – a badge is a badge is a badge!     Now here’s the GUEST TEASER Photo for this week.     Ready?


“I’d swear I’ve seen that before…………..hmmmmmm”

Yeah you think about it – meanwhile the Cheer Team will do some cheering OK?

“Yeah man……bring on the broads!”

“Broads” you say? Well how about that!
At least you didn’t say we were big and fat
We are your cheer team and we’re here to cheer
Next time we see you at the bar we’ll all expect FREE BEER!
Anyway, it’s Teaser time so we hope you are ready
This one is tricky so hope your brains are steady
We’ll be back in the morning to tell you who’s smart and fast
Now we’re off to the cafeteria before you cuz today students are LAST!

Students you can stay in the classroom to study the Teaser OR come to the cafeteria!

WE WANT FOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Cafeteria Line Is Open for Business!

Today’s Goodies:

See you tomorrow for the Tell All!!!  Good luck!

Your Professors



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    • Well now, maybe it is – – – – and maybe it isn’t – – – – but as usual our lips are sealed other than to say good luck and see you tomorrow for the REVEAL and you can find out if you’re right or…..not.


      • I agree. It was on TV about it a week or maybe 2 weeks ago maximum. I will put it in a separate comment.


  1. Oh no, we thought we were in time to be first, but not again huh? Anyway, we think this is the sculpture that stands in the Dallas Aboratum and Botanical Garden. Not sure if they purresent the circle of life or the circle of peace, at least it looks like they have fun🙏Double Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday to all of you, oh, Teddy, can we have a milkshake too…strawberry and banana please🐾😽💞


    • Makes you smile just looking at it – what’s really cool is you see where the kids break their handhold – there’s space for a person to go in there and holding the hands on either side – become part of the sculpture for a snapshot!!


  2. Wow! There are a lot of those near identical sculptures. Some of the children are very slightly different, but I mostly went by the background trees. I even found one that had a penguin joining in. I will still stick to my original of the Benson Park Sculpture Garden even though Kolytyi got that answer before me.

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  3. What a lovely game of Ring Around the Rosey! Wait a minute… the circle has been broken. What happened to Joey? Joey!!!!! Errrrrr…. well, just like the classic song of Ring Around the Rosey was about the bubonic plague, the modern version is about how children sometimes mysteriously disappear due to man-eating otters on the playground…

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  4. I’m not sure where it is but I love the sculpture. I have seen it before. I am late because I was eating a bowl of tasteless bran. Then got to talking to the neighbor. I am here for an early lunch because… tasteless bran. So much good food stuff again this week. Creamy Bacon Chicken with a side of Grouper sandwich please!


  5. Miss Dingleberry! Miss Dingleberry! Miss—oh. Sorry I didn’t see you there behind the counter. My car broke down this morning coming to class. May I have a hotdog and fries if there are any left? Please?


  6. Mee-ywo Professor Teddy!!
    Mee meowss THE Nederlandss an BellaSita Mum meowss Denmark!
    While wee can not agree on low-cation wee CAN agree on lunch……
    Missus Dee an Miss MaryAnn may wee have 1 order of Pot Roast an 1 order Crabby Cakess? Fore ‘ssert may wee have 1 Cherry Smoothie an a wee saucer of milk?? Many thanx!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an 🙂 BellaSita Mum


  7. Its way late, in fact its already teaser tell all day, but it has not been published yet…and I think I will retract my earlier guess and change it to:
    Circle of Peace 7 – in Kilmarnock, VA USA

    Will his count?? I don’t think so, but I was gratified to finally find a good match…and there are dozens of this and similar sculptures by Gary Price. He sure was an amazing artist!


  8. Bob Grahan the sculptor came to mind but as usual we have no idea! Must widen our world, mama…..and we’ll eat anything with eggs today! The yolk’s on us, haha.


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