Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s Sunday Selfie time!    Sharing a selfie – of you or someone/something else is always fun.    You can link up with your selfie by clicking the badge above which will take you to our host.

I’ve got a Guest Selfie today from my own family.  My Dad!   Yep – he agreed to let me use this photo of him for Selfie Hop since Mom and I haven’t used her camera this week (again) to take photos of me.    SO – thanks Dad – you’re a pal.


And of course I couldn’t just leave this alone – I had to add some “special effects” !!

So here’s how Dad looks after I applied Lunapic’s “ESCHER” art effect…………………………..interesting I’d say.

And did I make a puzzle out of this one?  You betcha!

Click this “MINI-DAD-PHOTO” for the jigsaw puzzle and GOOD LUCK!


Thanks for doing the Selfie Dad – I got to take an EXTRA LONG SATURDAY nap!

Hugs, Teddy

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  1. Handsome dad, Teddy, like Dad, like kitty. What a nice idea to include your dad for a selfie maybe we should try that one Sunday and have a nice one.

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  2. We’re often in our Dad’s lap, so Mom just gets a picture of it and doesn’t ask, BOL! Of course, she doesn’t ask us most of the time, either. That’s a great one of your Dad, though. We’re all ready for our Sunday morning naps now, too. XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley


  3. Teddy, you did good with the camera and your Dad. Love the photos. Since your mom is on camera vacation, I think you need to keep up the pictures. Even without a thumb, you are doing great. Especially sprawled out on the bed belly up. Purrfect. Precious


  4. That’s a great photo of your dad. Love what your mom did with it. A much better day with the weather except it says more snow this afternoon. Not as much as yesterday.


    • Awwwww……I’m sure he’d love to hear that compliment but I won’t tell him because Mom says if we told him about all the compliments he’s getting his head will swell (and that sounds scary to me!!)

      Hugs, Teddy


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