Tuesday Teaser Time


“Ahhh….a beautiful Spring morning….I like patrolling on days like this!”

Good Morning Class!!!   Have you COMMENTED yet?

Time for all of you to put on your thinking caps and get ready to study a photograph and figure out WHERE the photo was taken.   That’s our TEASER time!    Today’s Teaser photo is from a GUEST TEASER and we think it’s a really difficult one.

“You’re just saying that so we’ll be INTIMIDATED!”

Wow Tommy – that’s a BIG WORD for a little cat.    Congratulations on expanding your vocabulary – now let’s see how you do guessing where a Teaser photo was taken!

Here are the rules and badges for today:

Our HAPPY SPRING badges:

Spring makes us happy!

Are you ready for today’s Teaser photo?

Where was this photo taken???????????

Good luck everyone………………….would you like a little CHEERING UP from the Cheer Team?   Some of you look like you need it………….

Cheer Team – we need you!

We’re here to help you get ready to guess
You’ve got stunned looks on your face – you’re quite a mess!
We cheer you on so you’ll do your best
Some of you will be winners and get yourselves a badge
And some of you will be losers and get a hug from Madge!

“Attention Cheer Team – you all get two demerits each for using ME as your Booby Prize!”

Poor Badge……….well, anyway, thanks Team.    Maybe we should just go have lunch now and calm down !!     Line up class – and off we go!

“Welcome students and staff – we’re ready for you!”


See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!  Good Luck!

The Professors

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  1. That place looks like its on a beachfront…beach?? Well anyways its sure is pretty…but I don’t think I want to climb rocks today…or any day for that matter.
    May I please have some bacon/cheese quiche and a peppermint float? Your menu looks so much nicer than the very restricted one hubby and I are using right now…(detox and weight loss)…

    Hi,Mr Frank! I hope there is some room at your table today!


  2. I am late late late… that is a cool Teaser photo! Don’t know where it is but some peeps do! I need some Grouper, maybe it will help with some brain power. Could I have the Grouper Francaise and a small slice of cherry pie? Thank you!


  3. I searched and searched and arrived at the sentence “Looks like you’ve reached the end”. OMG!!! Here, only a grilled, bacon, tomato and cheese, a spinach, apple bacon salad, and a cherry pie might help.


  4. Looks like a good (and safe) vantage point to watch the second most famous annual event in Pamplona, Spain…. The Running of the Otters! Only the bravest of the brave dare enter the streets with thousands of ferocious little man-eating otters nipping at their heels. There isn’t much cuter than an otter with bull horns, especially if they’re chewing on some hapless runner’s spleen…


    • I can see it all now…….blood running through the streets (oh wait – those are otters running IN the blood on the streets – oh wait – those are people bleeding while being chased by otters running through the street……nevermind.


  5. Wee not sure at all. BellaSita Mum meowed Cornwall U-Kay an mee meowed Brazil, South America……so-o who nose Professor Teddy? Iss confusin!
    Maybee time fore lunch!
    Missus Dee an Miss MaryAnn may wee have 1 order Asparagus/Cheeze Quiche an an order of Turley (hold THE tatoe!) pleese. Fore ‘ssert may wee have a peece of Cherry Pie an teeny peece of Baklava an a wee saucer of milk….many Thanx!!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an 🙂 BellaSita Mum


  6. We missed all the fun again…but looks like there were a few good guessers, can we have a steak anyway, Teddy? Hope to be in time next week😸Double Pawkisses for a Happy Day to all of you🐾😽💞


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