Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


Garfield thinks HE is – but I might challenge him!! 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hello Friday and Hello Fill-In Fans!    Thanks to our co-hosts, every Friday we get to fill in the blanks in four sentences (two from each host) and have a lot of fun doing it!

This week’s sentences are below and this week I let Mom provide some of the words…………………just so you know, if the word is BLUE then it’s MY word, but if it’s GREEN it’s my Mom’s word!


1. If one doesn’t share then one doesn’t deserve the bounty they have.
2. What happens at my litter box stays at my litter box (until Mom cleans the litterbox!).
3. One day I will move to either a smaller house OR a senior living place, but for now we’re hanging on to our 3 story house on almost an acre – yes we’re nuts!
4. If you ask me my favorite treat, I would say at the moment it’s Friskies PLAYFULS.

YAY – done!    Now that was fun – it always is.    We’ll look forward to seeing what our co-hosts come up with for NEXT week!

Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

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  1. Oh, stay, stay on your God’s little acre until you can’t and that may be a very long while. Such a beautiful place and Teddy, you love that yard, right? Wonderful fill-ins….


    • I do love my yard and I do love that Mom and Dad let me wander “at will” as I’ve learned where my yard ends and somebody else’s begins! We will stay here as long as we can….we do love it…..

      Hugs, Teddy

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  2. Teddy, you’d make a purrfect Leprechaun. You are not too fat to fit in the suit like Garfield. I have my own hooman bathroom, as the hoomans here only need one if they take turns. So Lynn keeps mine swept and tidy. We live in a little house with 1/2 acre, but I do not go out. Lynn tried me on it
    last summer and I freaked out (actually back in, mol.). She says before my grandma was even thought of she had 2 1/2 acres of garden and lawn work. Less is better in retirement. More time fur me. Precious

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    • I agree Precious – less is more in retirement and Mom quit gardening outside a couple of years ago – she DOES garden inside though – in the kitchen windows and on the front porch!!

      Huggies, Teddy


  3. Lots of nice senior places popping up around here. I won’t live anywhere I can’t have my schnauzer! (or another one, as the case may be) Teddy, loved your first one, very creative, LOL!


  4. I used to want a bigger home, but now I am glad we haven’t. It is only a small bungalow but with room for guests when we have them. We do have 17 acres though, but that is for the horses (and taking the boys for walks when they were here.) Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  5. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers from both of you. I hope you and your folks stay in your home for a long time. I know a few people in their 90’s still living in their homes And I agree with #1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! XO


  6. Really enjoyed the fill-ins of both of you Teddy and Mom. I feel much the same way. And as with Lynn and Precious, I have a tinch over half an acre and it’s all wooded except the surrounding small yard, so I don’t have to maintain the trees. 🙂 I have someone to mow and do the leaves when the time comes. I never have done that because of a really rough work schedule and family responsibilities. But still, I yearned for a bigger home, even though I paid this one off and have only the insurance payment (and taxes) on it. Sometimes you are seeking what you don’t have only to find you were blessed with what you DO have and need no more.


    • Really true……..our house is paid for also so we anticipate being able to easily downsize to anything we want, but 24 years ago when we built this place we weren’t thinking about being almost 80…..LOL…I would not have changed these past 24 years in this house for anything – it was my dream home – still is – it’s just not practical for us any longer. Teddy says “any place is home as long as my Mom and Dad are with me” !!

      Hugs, Pam

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  7. We’re still in our crazy ancient wooden structure called a house, though we know it as home, and we still maintain the one acre lot…after a fashion. We wold love to downsize, too, but the thought of moving makes us feel exhausted, esp the hubby…maybe me too, since I would likely do most of the packing and throwing out. LOL!

    I am out of town right now at a conference/retreat….a lot of women from our Church Federation…I may miss visiting, but will try to post on Sunday.


  8. Miss Pam yore NOT ‘nutss’!!! If wee had a house an land; wee wuud want to stay there fore as long as pawsibell……
    Grate Fill-Innss all ’round Teddy (mew mew mew ’bout litterbox) an Miss Pam! 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum


  9. I don’t think you are nuts to hang on to the house. Yes, it is probably TONS of work, but your home is beautiful! I’ve always loved it. As long as you both are in good health and can enjoy your current home, I say “why not?” Love you!!!!


  10. Excellent answers on the fill ins, Teddy and Pam💚💙 Granny says we stay in our house for as long as we can, best daily exercises with all that stairs…MOL…More double Pawkisses for the both of you🐾😽💞


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