SPARK on Monday


Happy Monday!    SPARK time…………….“SPARKS” was started by Annie McGuffy of McGuffy’s Reader but ended when she stopped blogging some time ago. It was meant to be a way to start out each week with with a meaningful thought – something that spoke to each of us and hopefully everyone else who read it. Although Annie isn’t currently blogging, a lot of us who enjoyed her SPARKS decided to keep posting SPARKS of our own.

I had a tough time choosing a SPARK for this week…………I found so many that really SPOKE to me.    Since I had to choose one, this is the one I chose……It reminded me of a time in my life where I was “forced” to change.   I thought changing would be a horrible experience but instead it put light back in my life when I thought I’d never have it again.

Actually I really LOVE this message……………we all want to feel secure but sometimes if you don’t MOVE along you miss out on the BEST things……………….

Hugs, Pam

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  1. Oh, we are so glad you are cruising on a big ocean of life and surprises and sweet days with your darling husband and Teddy and friends and family. A great spark.


  2. I find I need to be chased into the next thing— I’m stubborn. But, it was always for the better when I made a move out of the pond.


    • Changing isn’t easy – usually. But sometimes we’re “forced” out of the pond and whaddayaknow…..things worked out after all! We are more resilient than we think we are sometimes. I know I admit to that!!

      Hugs, Pam

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      • Really, we are. We many of us just hate to go another path when the one we’re on is so well-marked and tested. Why…there may be alligators on that other path…we wouldn’t want THAT now…


        • No alligators allowed! Our comfortable path is tried and true and safe but sometimes we miss an incredible garden or a welcoming bench in the shade OR even meeting a special friend on another path…..STILL, you are right that there’s no place like HOME.



  3. Yes, that’s a great one, Teddy. When you don’t come out of your comfort zone…well…you’ll be always in the same place, without knowing what’s behind your own closed door😸Double Pawkisses for a Happy Monday to you and your mommy too🐾😽💞


  4. I don’t think I have ever been afraid of change. I packed up my car and followed Tom halfway across the U.S. after only a few dates. Guess that worked out okay. Two months until 50th anniversary. 😘🫶🏻 Janet


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