Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


“Well none of this ice has melted even though it’s a little warmer – let’s report in and get some breakfast shall we????’

Good Morning Students!    HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET????

TEDDY:   Sammy do we REALLY have to wear these ridiculous Valentine’s Day hats School Administration gave us?   I mean it’s NOT Valentine’s Day yet…..the only GOOD thing is that that danged gnome that was hovering over me last Tuesday is on the desk now!    Thank heavens!”

SAMMY:   Oh Teddy it’s just a couple of days a year that we have to look like idiots – it’s the least we can do for School Administration.   Besides, I think the gnome is cute.

Hi everyone – now that we have THAT out of the way – welcome to class……………………next week will probably be DIFFICULT since Teaser Tuesday is VALENTINE’S DAY and heaven only knows what the school powers that be will have us doing but we’ll be here regardless.     Let’s get down to business – how about we review the rules and show you badges up for grabs today?

I’m sure our fabulous Graphics Department will have special Valentine’s Day badges for NEXT Tuesday/Wednesday so stay tuned.

Our FAB multi-talented, multi-tasking Graphics Department


So who’s ready to see this week’s Teaser photo?????


Do your best and tomorrow we’ll see who gets what !!!     In the meantime, how about a rousing cheer from our rousing Cheer Team?

Valentine’s Day is almost here!
We wonder if the Pub will have RED beer?
Anyway, today is Tuesday and it’s time to tease you
We hope today’s photo will really please you
Before we go we just want to say
Sunday the 12th is Professor Teddy’s GOTCHA DAY!
Six years ago he found his home
Got his job as a Professor – no more to roam!
Both of our Professors are super cool!
They do a great job at Teaser School!!!!

Thank you – thank you Cheer Team………………..!!    Now who’s up for lunch??????

OK then – let’s go!!   

The cafeteria is open!  Step right up!

Today’s FABULOUS Menu:

See you here tomorrow for TELL ALL CLASS!

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy too

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  1. It is Park Guell in Barcelona Spain. What a wonderful city. I was there in 2018 on my own and had a fantastic time. The park was created by Antoni Gaudi. The buildings he created are fantastic.


  2. Above is the perfectly preserved gingerbread house created by the witch of the forest a long, long time ago. While the popular story is that a couple of juvenile delinquents named Hansel and Gretel ate it all up… they never got the chance to even whet their appetites. They say witches keep black cats as pets, but this witch was smart enough to keep a couple kid-eating otters on hand to take care of the neighborhood riffraff…

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  3. Such a charming Teaser photo today! Spain, huh? I’d like to go there. Jerry would be ready to go but I’m not a good traveling gal. My loss, Jerry’s too though. All the Fast Firsties, they were all faster than fast today.
    Could I have the roasted Irish salmon with roasted corn and mashed potatoes, hold the gravy on the taters, please.


  4. Sorry wee late Professor Teddy….mee tried to get a ‘late note’ but BellaStia had a Seezure early this mornin….
    Mee thinkss this foto was taken inn Portugal bye THE sea…
    Missus Dee an Miss MaryAnn cuud wee have 2 orders of Hammy Cheezy Sliderss pleese? An fore ‘ssert may wee have 2Baklava an Tea fore BellaSita an a wee saucer of milk fore mee? Many thanx!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an Thanx BellaSita Mum


  5. Both professors look dashing all dressed up for Valentine’s Day. I can’t believe Teddy has been there almost 6 years. No clue where this is, but I would like to go there, it is so pretty. XO


  6. Wow, 6 firsties!! The cheer team will have a conniption!

    I snuck in here, with my mask on…an N95…and that picture sure looks like a fairyland kind of place! Since apparently its been already correctly guessed, I will not have to tax my addled brain. LOL!

    Now to sneak into the cafeteria…oh wait, you already sent me an order via passenger pigeons, or a drone…hope it included some onion rings, though I really only want to drink hot soothing liquids right now.

    I don’t feel really sick, just like having a very bad cold…and we all hope it doesn’t get worse…so far so good, and am praying that hubby stays clean…

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    • Good to see you Ingrid – thanks for wearing the mask! If you need any food deliveries while you’re home just let us know and we’ll make sure Miss D sends you what you’d like to eat! We’re glad you’re not super duper sick – now get better soon.

      Hugs, Teddy

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  7. Wow magic place…tiled roofs…maybe Russian but we just do not know.stop I’ll take the paella, gracias, with a little sangria on the side.


  8. My first thought on seeing the photo was, “Gingerbread city!” It does almost look like one, brought to life.

    You have the best lunches and they make the best leftovers for my supper. Mixed vegetables, a couple of vegetable egg rolls and some apples and cranberries for dessert, yum.


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