Teaser Tell All (Really!)


OK Class – you caught us yesterday you smarties!   We had the wrong TITLE of our class post yesterday calling Monday “TEASER TELL ALL”.    Well, EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE US!   

Today is TELL ALL!

We sort of thought we might fool everyone yesterday with the photo but of course we didn’t.    Let’s start with telling you WHO our FIRST COMMENTER (that’s right – just one!) was – can we get a drumroll for that puleeeze?


Here’s your badge Miss Sharon

I was the one and only FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser post of December 27, 2022!

AND here’s the Teaser post from yesterday – it was a Graphics Department pick!

Fingal’s Cave – Isle of Staffa, Scotland

Amazing place – and if you’d like more info about it or would like to see more photos – check out this website HERE !

SO WHO WAS OUR FIRST RIGHT GUESSER???????????????  Drumroll please?

Kristiina !!!!

Woo Hoo!

And here is your Teaser Badge Kristiina and congratulations……………………..

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of December 27, 2022!! YAY FOR ME!

If you were also right – you get one of these badges of your very own:

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser post of December 27, 2022 but I wasn’t FIRST!

AND of course if you guessed but you were WRONG – you get one of these badges:

DARN! I guessed the Teaser of December 27, 2022 but I was WRONG!!

I tried – I really did!!!!

Cheer Team?   How about a CHEER!!

What a Teaser – it really wasn’t easy
Just seeing that DARK cave made us quite queasy
We started off class with JUST ONE FIRST RIGHT member
Miss Sharon was the one on the 27th of December!
Then we all waited to see who would figure it out
Kristiina came through and was first without a doubt
Lots of students got it right but Kristiina was the first
Now lets’ go have some yummy food and drink to quench our thirst!!!

Let’s eat!

OK class – off to the cafeteria we go!

Step right up!  Mary Ann and I are ready for you!

Our YUMMY Menu:

See you next week students!

Your Professors

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  1. Hope your last week in. December is full of tied up ends and you are ready for NEW paths in 2023. I couldn’t post because I had to sign in with something or other but did. Normally my comment just sails into the blog. Ravioli for mama and papa and that lobster, any of it, for me, haha.


  2. Now first, congratulations to the Firsties! Now…to the line for foods… and standing there hoping for pot roast and baked potato! And cherrie smoothie. And lemon poppyseed cupcakes. Ahhhhhhhh. Thanky.


  3. Hooray for Sharon coming through as a Firstie because the rest of us were slackers. (Well, I had early morning errands). Cheers Kristiina for solving the mystery!

    YES …. Time it eat! I’m hungry!!!!

    Lobster roll, small portion of paella, Shepherd’s pie, Mixed salad, asparagus, Irish Mint Shake, my sheet of Irish Mint Cake, and gelato to wash it all down.


  4. We are happy that we guessed correctly even though we were the second to do so. In celebration, we would all like some hot chocolate please! It is starting to warm up here but still quite chilly! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh


  5. Miss Kristiina an Kosmo yore so clevurr!!!
    What a FAB Teezer Professur Teddy…..
    Wee onna check outt THE link fore sure…..
    Missus Dee an Miss Maryann may wee have 2 Salisbury Steakss (hold THE tato on 1) an a servin of Butternut Squash fore BellaSita Mum an fore ‘ssert a peece of Razzberry Chocci cake pleese? An fore bevvyragess a Hot Choccie an a wee saucer of milk pleese an thanx!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((hugds)) BellaSita Mum


    • Scotland is amazingly beautiful…..we visited many years ago and did a Globus bus tour. The countryside is gorgeous – heather on the hills, etc. One of the things on the tour was a “Scottish Night” at a hotel with dancing and haggis and stories told – one of those unforgettable kinds of trips. Make sure you keep that on your “TO DO” list Mimi!

      Hugs, Pam


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