Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday Selfie Hop time…………………….our hosts at The Cat On My Head give us a place to strut our stuff every Sunday – click the badge above and add your SELFIE to the mix!

Mom took some swell photos of me this week so she could share at least one of them today on Selfies BUT her camera – which is taking photos just fine – all of a sudden won’t let the computer download the photos from the camera!   We checked the cable and it’s fine so – well – guess Mom will have to work on it some more.

MEANWHILE, we have to do a Selfie today sooooooooooooooooooooooooo guess it won’t be a NEW one but then you’re used to that from me – I often dig around in the photo file for a photo to share……….so here goes.

How about this little gem from December 23, 2017 (my first Christmas holiday season in my new home).

I obviously had discovered the wonderful world of Christmas present wrapping – Mom gave me my very own piece of tissue paper thinking THAT would keep me from tearing up HER tissue and wrapping paper while she was on the floor wrapping gifts.   Did it work?  Heck no.    Anyway, I think I’ll jazz this one up in the form of a puzzle!

Just click this mini-me and have fun with the puzzle!!


Happy Week Before Christmas!   Hugs, Teddy Claws


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    • We have tons of firewood and Dad loaded up the “right outside the garage side door” firewood holder. We’re READY. Maybe this snow will be like the one we ever got last week when they said we’d have snow. Actually we wouldn’t mind a WHITE CHRISTMAS!

      Love and Hugs, The Boop

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  1. Teddy, I am jealous. Our Mom gets all gooshy when she sees you! I think she is your #1 fan! Your photos of you are amazing! We can’t wait for your Mom to get her technology working. Mr Kozmo is the only one here into tissue, he says that Angel Nellie caught the tissue paper bug from Angel Sammy…do you think they are in a big pile of tissue right now! Purrs Marv


    • Marv I am SURE that Angel Nellie and Angel Sammy have huge piles of tissue that they reluctantly share with their Angel friends……!! Tissue is really fun – I can see why some cats love to steal toilet paper (which I’ve never done) but it’s the texture of toilet paper while it’s the SOUND of tissue paper right?

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Oh, you are the cutest Centre we have ever seen and I know you will fill the stockings with wonderful treats for your mama and papa.


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