Teaser Tuesday Class Time


“Brrr……cold out here even with our winter coats – all is well – let’s go inside for hot chocolate!”

“We got the all clear from Clowie – class is in session – HAVE YOU COMMENTED??”

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here on campus – I supposed we Professors need to get this classroom decorated soon.   Maybe before next week’s class.   Depends on how many social engagements we have.

“Social engagements?  What’s more important – THOSE or getting in the Christmas spirit?”

Well you have a point – alright – we’ll work on it for next week.   Now let’s put that aside and get on to business.   Today is TEASER and it is yet another fabulous GUEST TEASER photo from a student.   Hopefully it won’t be easy but if it is – well – IT IS!    Now let’s give you the rules AND the badges for Teaser this week:

And because you whined asked for it – Christmas badges!

“Hey….these aren’t new – they’re recycled from last year!”

Yeah well – maybe our Graphics Department is busy getting ready for HER holiday ya know!

Now here’s the Teaser photo for your perusal…………………….ready – set – go……………………

Where Was This Photo Taken?

Ok gang – it’s all yours………….do your best and if you need a little cheering up – here’s our fabulous Cheer Team to do just that:


Howdy students here we are
Wondering which of you will be a STAR
This Teaser looks like it might be HARD
Instead of an ACE it’s a JOKER card!
Just do your best that’s all we ask
Tomorrow we’ll see who was up to the task!!

OK ladies – that fired the students up – everyone actually has their EYES open and watched you ladies cheering!

See what we mean?    While we have everyone’s attention – how about we line up and head to the cafeteria!!   

Nice orderly line with your trays – pick your favorites and enjoy!

There’s always someone who sneaks off to the cafeteria before the REST of us get here……

The Menu of the Day:

ENJOY!!   We’ll see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!!

Professor Teddy


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  1. Wow, look at the sun’s reflection off that water! A lot warmer looking than here…and greener, too:)
    A toughie f you ask me…and us pups haven’t a clue!
    Teddy you look like a nice gift! A cuddly one!

    Petcretary says she would please like to have some of those Christmas pancakes, some onion rings, of course, and some of that no named pie…with a Christmas punch to wash it all down!

    I see Mr Frank is here, so I will hustle over to his table…if I get there first I will still have room for my meal, LOL!!
    YooHoo! I am over here!

    Looks like four firsties today, whoo-hoo!


  2. You’re looking at the world’s first rooftop golf course! 18 professionally designed and maintained holes of play spanning six apartment buildings, two store tops, one water tower and a strip club. The local golf club had to move its course after their members were attacked by man-eating otters in golf carts last year. It was a bloody massacre, but the otters looked really cute in their plus-fours AND they were kind enough to replace their human divots…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mommy was picking up steroid pills! Who knows what I would have turned into if she didn’t get them ALL! I mighty got muscles in all the wrong paces! But she did. She counted them, and came back to live another day. (they are sure helping all the yucky stuffs she has going on…and the antibiotic too) But we are not deterred. Cherrie smoothie and cherry chocolate cake. Miss Dingleberry, you have surpassed yourseld. Salmon cakes, roasted veggies too.


    • Well we are hoping that your Mommy is feeling better and better because you and I know how important our Mommies are to us….we need them to feel good and continue spoiling us right? Right! Enjoy your cherry goodies and salmon……good for you!

      Liked by 1 person

      • She IS better today. Totally can’t speak but that could be a blessing. Those steroids and antibiotic are working wonders. So is the cough med I got. Only took about 2 minutes to stop coughing at 4 am.


  4. Wee are so furry lat Professor Teddy……
    BellaSita Mum sayss this place iss inn San Paulo, Brazil….
    Missus Dee if you are still here may wee 2 orderss of Beefy Weefy Stew an fore ‘ssert a nice peece of Raspberry Chocolate Cake an a wee saucer of milk pleese an thanx! Oh an may BellaSita Mum have a hot mu of Tetley Deecaf Tea with Brown sugar an 1% purr cent milk two? Thanx!!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum


    • Uhoh….perhaps you would like the cafeteria staff to prepare something other than sunflower seed? Just let us know – I’m sure they would be happy to offer you something more EXCITING for lunch!


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