SPARK on Monday


Happy Monday everybody……………When I was picking out my SPARK for today I kind of changed the road I was going down as far as what message I wanted to convey.   I had thought I was going to find something regarding the holidays.   BUT while I was searching I found this and realized that it’s sort of a “universal” message – can be about holidays and seeing people who you maybe don’t often see but also just about friendship and how it makes us feel all the time.    It’s also possible I’ve used it before because it almost feels like a well worn sweater… I’ve worn it before and it felt good to wear it…..but it really is how I feel about my friends.   Really.

I think it’s a nice reminder that friends are always there……….always ready to hold you up if you’re down – make  you smile when you don’t really WANT to (!)……..and just plain make you happy to know someone “has your back”.    But most of all – when you think about them – you smile.


Hugs, Pam

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  1. Boy, do we have a lot of smiles around here for you, sweet Teddy! And a nice handful of others, too. GOOD spark. We’re going off to think about friends and have a few smiles today….


  2. And you are certainly that friend to me as well, Pam. I could not have picked a better spark had I tried. Do you know with the passing of my son in September, mine and Katie’s friends here on blogger wrote to me, sent cards, and really wanted to lift me up to seeing the love that surrounds me here in the CB. That is definitely true from my dear friends here and those around me here where I live. It was and still is a true blessing. And I have found some smiles.


    • I’m so happy you have found some smiles….it has to be heartbreaking to go through what you’re going through but true to “YOU”, you’ve done it with grace. Friends hold us up when nothing else will – and it doesn’t have to be a next door neighbor to do that, the love in the blogosphere is every bit as strong, meaningful and REAL as that next door neighbor is. Keep smiling my dear friend…….you ARE loved and always will be.

      Hugs, Pam

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  3. Pam, this Spark is so special because of the blogging community. And for me, especially the pet bloggers. They just are the kindest loving group of people I have found. They take compassion and understanding to the highest consideration. I found you back in 2011 and I am never letting you and Teddy Boop go! My friendship with you couldn’t be more real… well, I am hoping to make an in person hug happen! Love and ((hugs))!


    • Oh my dear friend – what a SWEET message….I feel so very close to you and wish we were neighbors – I have a feeling SSNS and David would be rolling their eyes a lot…HAHAHA Seriously you’re right about pet bloggers….a nicer, kinder group of people do not exist – the caring community makes the journey we all take with our pets a smoother one through thick and thin until the end. Teddy and I love you loads and wish one day to have the pleasure of a REAL LIVE HUG!

      Love, Pam and Teddy


  4. That made our mom smile thinking of how thankful she is to have the friendship of your mom. Great Spark. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh


  5. 3 years ago, when I took the step to move back, the blogosphere was my lifeline. My blogging furrends have kept me smiling – every day. I don’t comment enough, as I picked up the habit of reading the blogs in bed in the morning before getting up. I found that all the antics and happiness made my day better. (and commenting on the tablet is impossible). I don’t say it enough, but thank YOU for making me smile! You are amazing. Barb


    • Barb you have been through SO MUCH and those of us who love you knew you would be back when it was time and you were ready – I’m so happy you are here – you make us smile and your happiness spills over into our lives in the nicest way possible! Keep smiling dear friend……

      Love, Pam (and teddy too)


  6. Well, while I do have lots of friends in the real life, I have tons of good ones here in the land of blogging, as well! And some of them even though we’ve not even met in real life, well, they make me feel welcome and warm in my heart when I ‘chat’ with them on my computer.
    We bolster each other through the bad times and we rejoice with each other in the good times.


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