Teaser Tell All


Welcome back students – ready for us to TELL ALL?

Great Teaser yesterday – our thanks to the Graphics Department for coming up with that one.   It was unusual.   We like unusual – that shouldn’t be news to any of you, after all take a look around the classroom…….does this look like a normal class??????????????????   No – it’s not – it’s SPECIAL!

YES!  We’re special alright……….. (wait – does “special” mean “weird” ???)

Now let’s just get started with what we usually tell you first which is WHO WAS OUR FIRST COMMENTER????????????????????????????????????   Drumroll please?


CAROLE (and Katie) !!

and here’s your badge ladies:

I was the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser post of October 4, 2022 and I’m pretty darn excited about it! WOO HOO!


“I just wanna say you all were sneaky yesterday by starting class SO EARLY most of us were LATE to class except Katie and her Mom Miss Carole!”

That’s true but I think you’re just a TEEENSY WEEEEENSY bit jealous that you weren’t the First Commenter……………..next time don’t fall asleep on the school bus and miss the school door opening up for first commenter to arrive!

Next let’s talk about the Teaser Photo!

A lot of people thought this was in Indonesia somewhere – some kind of palace or something BUT it really was not in some exotic part of the world – it was located in IOWA.   YES – that’s right!    This is the GROTTO OF THE REDEMPTION, in West Bend Iowa (CLICK HERE FOR INFO!).

Wanna know who guessed it RIGHT FIRST????????????????????????   May we get another fabulous drumroll please?



YAY for Ingrid who checked the photo over, used search words for what she was seeing in this unusual structure in the search box and found this place !!

Here’s your badge Ingrid:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of October 4, 2022. Fast and furious – that’s me!!

AND if you also guessed right – AND several of you did – then you get this badge for your collection:

I guessed correctly on the Teaser of October 4, 2022 BUT sadly I was not the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER. Boo!

AND if you guessed but were wrong – you may take a copy of this little beauty:

I guessed the Teaser but I was WRONG with my guess on October 4, 2022. WHAAAA!

Give yourselves a hand class – you did well this week!

Cheer Team – you’re ON!!

Teaser this week was very cool
They do a good job of finding Teasers in Teaser School!
The first comment in class was from friends Katie and Carole
The rest of you were late – must have tripped over a barrel??
Then before you knew it we had a FIRST RIGHT
Miss Ingrid was UNCHALLENGED so there was no fight!
Class was extra early which was a surprise
Some of you were caught off guard with sleep in your eyes!!
You never know what we’re up to here at school
But the Professors are BOSS and they can break the rules!!

So another Teaser class and Tell All are done and dusted………….next week will be the last class before we have a week off from school !!!    No class here on October 18 and 19 because School Administration is going away for a few days on a special RETREAT.     They call it a RETREAT so it sounds official – we suspect there’s more to it than THAT though!

Now let’s head to the cafeteria for some food shall we?????????????????????   I think we deserve it don’t you??

“Hello Students – Miss Mary Ann and I are ready to serve up something delish for your meal today!”

“I’m the official taste tester and I say it’s ALLLLLLL good!”



Your Professors………….

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  1. Whoo-Hoo! And Hooray. I got it! Even though I was late to class like so many others, LOL!
    Congrats to Carol and her Katie for being the first ones to get to class.

    We had an exotic dinner in “JungleBird’ last night, so maybe I will stick with plain right now…May I please have some French toast egg and bacon sandwich…and a fruit smoothie, well, OK, and some onion rings as well!

    Since I am here in the wee hours, I will go and snag a huge table for Mr Frank to add his bounty to…he would have trouble at the small tables we had at the restaurant last night, LOL!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congratulations Carol, Katie, and Ingrid. I’m remember getting an Alabama grotto pic correctly. Time to eat!!!!

    I think I will go the breakfast route today. Oh my … must start with the Frech Toast sandwich …. Is that a new item? … Steak & eggs, onion rings, mac n cheese, strawberry smoothie, and gelato.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Concatulations to ME and Ingrid! We are the ONES! Miss Dingleberry, have you always worn that intriguing brooch on your apron bib? That is a grouchy cat I must say, but….then….um…..
    ANYWAY, that is the oddest thing in Iowa or anywhere in the US. I will click that link!!!
    Scrambled eggs, biscuits, gravy and bacon! Well, blueberry pie and ice cream too please, Miss Dingleberry.


    Liked by 2 people

  4. Girls! Most excellent cheer for the winner (me..heheheheh) and for the day in class. I’ll race you to the bar after school…


  5. Congratulations to Carole and Katie and Ingrid! Very interesting photo, the Graphics Department did well. Scrambled eggs, biscuits with gravy and bacon please! It’s a new day, cool and fresh. And I am back reading and commenting on your blog, Teddy Boop! So thankful. The Graphics Department is the best in more ways than one 🙂


  6. Congratulations to Ingrid and the first commenters!

    I still think I was right – there’s been some sort of mistake. The witch disguised her edible palace to lure more people in.


  7. Concats to Carol, Ingrid and Katie. I think that place looks marvellous and a little mysterious and in a way delicious😸As we are the last winners, can we have a double milkshake please. Double Pawkisses from us to all🐾😽💞


  8. HURRAH 1st Guesserss!!! HURRAH Miss Inrigid!! Yore so clevurr…
    An wee were ummm, stuck in Thailand or Sri Lanka or Nepal…
    Missus Dee an Miss Mary-Ann may wee have a Greek Chick-hen Bake an a peece of plain chick-hen on THE side! Fore ‘ssert may bee have a peece of Blueberry Pie with (m)ice creem an a wee saucer of milk pleese? Thanx fore makin such yummy foodabulls!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an 🙂 BellaSita Mum


  9. Concats to Carole and Katie, and to Ingrid! But eeeeeeeeeeeeek, I’m sorry to say that, but I won’t like to visit that place!!! I rather make a sharp U-turn to the cafeteria for some eggplant parmesan, baked potato, and a raspberry tart!


  10. I was thinking it was that site that was carved out of coral, but I couldn’t remember what it was called, and the book that it’s in is packed up, so…I didn’t (wrongly) guess…LOL. I would love to visit the place in the photo though…I like quirky architecture!


    • Hi Marv and Mom! Yes – Carole and Katie were pretty darn happy to be our FIRSTIES today!! The Grotto photos are spectacular – who knew something like that could be found in IOWA?!?!?!

      Hugs, Teddy


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