Teaser Tuesday Class Time


“Things look quiet this morning Patrol – I think we can enjoy our trip to the cafeteria in peace!”

It’s TEASER Time everyone – HAVE YOU COMMENTED?  You better!

Remember if you’re FIRST COMMENTER (or one of the FIRST ones in the first 60 seconds of class) you will win a badge.    Now let’s get down to TEASER business shall we?

Gee you certainly look CRANKY this morning.    Did someone step on your tail while you were waiting at the door into school this morning????

So today we have a GUEST TEASER photo for you.     We’ll see how well you do with it shortly but first let’s review the RULES of Teaser AND the badges that you might win if you’re lucky.

So class are you ready to GO FOR IT?????


Professors here’s your Teaser photo for today!

Where on earth was this photo taken????????????????

Pretty place wherever it is.  I can tell you it’s not the town where I live in Virginia!

“Well I like the looks of that place…I could easily live in that castle!   Does it come with its own Prince???”

Cheer Team?  Would you like to provide this semi-asleep classroom with some TEASER inspiration please?

We don’t know where this photo was taken
But it looks like the kind of castle where martinis are stirred not shaken!
We like the looks of this place it’s true
But honest to goodness we don’t have a clue!
It’s up to you students to figure it out
While we stand here in class to cheer and shout
We’ll be back tomorrow to tell you the news
About who are the big winners and which of you sing the blues!

Thanks ladies……………………..appreciate the cheer.    I’m sure everyone is READY to figure this out BUT FIRST – we should head to the cafeteria for some REFRESHMENT – breakfast or lunch or a snack or maybe even just dessert!    Let’s go!

Hello Students!   Mary Ann and I are here to serve up your favorites!

Today’s Menu Choices:

Students, we will see you in class tomorrow for the BIG TELL ALL!!

Good Luck!   Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

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  1. Welcome to Otterville, the only city whose dark alleys are scary even in broad daylight. Notice the tree in the background is lopsided. That’s because the trimmer didn’t get to finish the job because HE was the one who got “trimmed” instead…

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  2. Running late tonight because I had an appointment. But hey …. a person has to eat! … Oh, I’m sure I would have got the right answer on my first guess!

    Oh my … tough choices … hmmm … I think I need a piece of Irish Mint Cake to help with the decision-making process …. Yum!

    OK … Chicken Parm, Ravioli, a cannoli, Irish mint shake, my sheet of Irish Mint Cake … then I’ll return for dessert.

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  3. While i have no clue where this might be, i can say that i’d probably enjoy living in the little cottage more than the castle up on the hill, it would be easier to clean. Can you tell i’m a janitor?

    If you have any more roasted carrots, i’d love a serving!


  4. Gumbo took our attention away from the pic! Just kidding, just don’t know that alley. We are on the road so may be remiss in comments for a day or so but we are HERE if you need us!


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