Teaser Tuesday Class for Pirates


“Well we’ve completed our security rounds with no problems – I hear there are a lot of pirates attending class today since yesterday was TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY and everyone wants to keep pretending they’re pirates!”

“Arrrrgh….have ye COMMENTED yet?  If not ye have to walk the plank!”

Morning Class!  We know you probably are ready to move on from being a pirate all day yesterday but just in case you’re up for one more day of danger on the high seas (or in Teaser class) we’re ready!

Looks like Sarge, some students,  and the Grounds Maintenance crew are up for a little more pirate-like behavior! 

Now let’s get started on the non-Pirate Teaser portion of today’s class shall we?    First up, let’s talk RULES and BADGES:

Now that we have all of that over with – let’s just slide right into TEASER territory shall we Fellow Pirates???????


Here’s today’s photo Professors!

OK Ye Scurvy Pirates (and other un-pirated students) – WHERE was this photo taken???

Yarr?  What country, city, or state is “Yarr” located in??  We need a complete guess!

Oh – sorry – you were just being Pirate-like weren’t you Rodney.   OK – well let’s move on shall we?  I think the Cheer Team is ready to cheer you pirates up………….

Here we are in our pirate gear
Just in time for a pirate cheer
Yesterday was actually Pirate Day
But better late than never is what they say….
Good luck you scurvy pirate bunch
Now let’s go have some BOOTY for lunch!!!

Sorry to say as far as I know, Miss Dingleberry and Mary Ann are NOT serving “BOOTY” in the lunchroom today.    But you never know……………we may have some surprises.   Ready to eat everyone?


Welcome to the One Day Late Pirate Day Lunch!






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  1. In celebration of being the only first commenter, we are going to have pecan pie, a cranberry smoothie and strawberry shortcake. That ought to give us a good sugar rush. Don’t you think? Then it will be an all day nap! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh

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  2. There was an article in one of our local papers on the Kinzua Bridge State Park in Mt. Jewett, PA just a few weeks ago. I live eastern Pennsylvania, so it is a bit too far for a weekend visit, but a longer trip to include Pittsburgh would be fun.


  3. Before he tried leaping the Grand Canyon on his motorcycle, legendary dumbas…. er, stuntman Evel Knievel started off small by trying to jump this forest. While the jump was successful, and Mr. Knievel landed in one piece… he was quickly torn to shreds by the local man-eating otters who didn’t like all the noise his bike was making. Somewhere out there, though, is a really cool looking otter in a red, white and blue jumpsuit and riding a tiny motorbike….

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  4. THIS was the most fun EVER! Mom and I both laughed out loud at the Seccurity team starting with Sarge. Mom said she LOVED it. She and I will eat after we quit snortin and laffn.


    • Katie NOTHING could make me happier than knowing we gave you and your Mom a giggle or two or three today! We had to stretch pirate day out an extra day so we could “play” at school!!!!

      Love and Huggies, Teddy


  5. Dang ! I’ve seen this on Tv (“StrangePlaces” or some such) but I can’t remember whare it is ! Hopefully the answers will ring a bell.


  6. Whoot, oops it should be ahoy!
    I got to class just in time to be dismissed, LOL!!! Won’t even try to guess…I am all tuckered out from our day away, which was a lot of good fun…despite the downpour which had everyone scrambling to get back to their cars…we were at a huge flea market in Indiana, about 90 minutes driving from home in Amish country.
    May I spear some of those onion rings on my sabre and then I’ll stab into that pecan pie…wonder if its as yummy as the one one gal brought back home with her…then I should just have some chamomile tea to settle me down before I go to my nest…
    See ya again at the tell all. Not sure when I will get there, as hubby and I have a lot of things to get done, since we didn’t do them today!


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