Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday is here and it’s time for SELFIES!    Our hosts at The Cat On My Head give us a spot to post photos of ourselves every week and we get together to admire ourselves by visiting each other to say HOWDY-DO.  You can join in if you would like – click the badge above and link up – easy.

Mom took this photo yesterday after she had to bribe me with treats to get me to come in the house from the garage.    I hang out in the garage for two reasons.   First I think my Mom and Dad must be eskimos because they keep the house too cold for me in the summer so I ask to go into the garage and spend all the time I can out there sleeping and of course hunting for skinks who just HAPPEN to get under the garage door from time to time!      Anyway, Mom calls me in from the garage every evening if I’m not already inside on my own and I insist on a treat for being a good boy and coming in when called.   Pretty good deal huh?

A little blurry but you get the picture (literally) – I’m munching on my treats!

Mom decided not to do a Lunapic version of this one.    We just made a puzzle out of this rather boring photo – but it might be tricky since there are BIG areas of ME and big areas of blue so all I can say is GOOD LUCK!

Just click this mini-me photo and you’ll get the puzzle to do!

Happy Sunday! 

Hugs, Teddy   

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  1. I don’t like air-conditioning either but I can’t go in a garage! Maybe I could come hang out in yours and then get a treat ha ha!


  2. Ody will happily trade you places since I keep the house hotter than that H-place during the summer. There are no skinks in my garage, though….. maybe a few crickets (And don’t believe those rumors you hear about the otters)…


  3. Teddy, the Z Cat loved being turned loose in garage. Loved the heat, too. I had to stop letting her go out there because we had scorpions. Yes, scorpions in Missouri… they are so creepy. I am glad you have skinks! It’s not a boring photo, it’s a sweet Sunday Selfie!


  4. I wouldn’t say your selfie is boring, because we get to see your gorgeous ginger-striped furs up close. The gradations in colour are quite interesting, actually. I am a furvent ginger cat lover, having had more than one in my life. Just watch out for those skink farts. They can be powerful.


    • I didn’t know skinks had “that problem” !! I’ll have to approach from the front from now on! Mom thinks my coloring is interesting too – a combination of weird stripes and spots. I’m an enigma (haha).

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Our garage is cooler on the floor (cement) but the atmosphere is hot as there’s no ventilation in there SOOOOOOOOOOOO the sun comes in the big windows and keeps it like a “hot house”…..I guess maybe I’m like a big tropical plant enjoying the HEAT. HAHAHAHA


  5. Teddy, this photo totally shows off your gingery goodness. We always appreciate your friendship and your hopping each week. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh


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