Teaser Class Is NOW!


Welcome to Class Students!  HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?

Hope everyone in the USA had a good July 4th – ours was noisy and we Professors were NOT happy about it.   People set off fireworks on the 3rd and the 4th for a couple of hours each time and we don’t mean one or two fireworks……….we’re talking buckets of them!   So forgive us if we ask you to repeat yourselves in class today.    Our hearing MIGHT be impaired for a couple of days!

HUH?  Did you say something???

SO – let’s start with a review of the rules AND a showing of the badges YOU might win!

“I’m DETERMINED to win a badge this week….or else…….!”

Our Teaser is from our good old (oops….I don’t mean old I mean – “ripe” – no not ripe – “seasoned”) Graphics Department person and we hope you like it!

“ATTENTION – Will Teaser Security please report to the classroom with today’s photo!”

Gee,  thanks Sarge for stepping in and getting our Guard to come to class!    We like the moustache….it’s very – well – curly!


Another nature-filled Teaser for you and we just bet you can figure it out !!

“Well…..looks like a swell spot for a cat to hang out but that’s about it!”

Just do your best – that’s all we ask.    Now for the Cheer Team………..

Hope your 4th was nice and quiet
No arguments, loud fireworks and no unruly riots!
We think the Teaser is rather cool
Nice picnic spot with a waterfall and pool!
Oh wait we bet there are snakes around
Don’t pick up any sticks making a hissing sound!
On second thought we’ll just stay here
And visit Grumpy Cat Bar for a nice cold beer.
We wish you luck on the Teaser – try your best
At least there is no written test!!!

Thanks ladies……………………I suppose we should all head to the cafeteria for something to eat……………….keep up your strength so you can make a good guess on the Teaser!

Time to enjoy a nourishing food break in the cafeteria!

Today’s Menu:

Tune in tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

“The Profs” !



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  1. We will stick with the salmon while we try to bridge the gap between India and America somewhere…maybe. Or not!


  2. That bridge makes me feel all woobly! Maybe I need to keep my food choices light…May I please have a fruit smoothie?

    Hope your night was quiet…ours was not. And we have noiise ppotentizl right now, too.
    Last Night:
    I was at work…and missed a lot of the daytime noise, the neighbours were busy sleeping off their camping trip, the unfrubros didn’t come over…likely because I was working, LOL…and when I got off work, i was going to drive over to see the fireworks, but as soon as zi got outside the rain started up. Perfect timing. NOT!
    So I went home and enjoyed a quiet night…along with the pups and hubby…but it actually was not quiet at all, because a little while after I got home, Nature had its own fireworks with loud thunder, heavy rain and all kinds of lightning!
    We rejoiced in the rain…to give drink to the thirsty drought stricken land.

    And we hope more will come! Just not with all the boomers.

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    • Well we had fireworks AGAIN last night – about an hour and a half or so………..we are expecting rain/t-storms the next several days but hoping for no “violent” weather. Sounds like you definitely had a “Mother Nature’s Fireworks” kind of night though!!! Glad you needed the rain – we actually could use some too.

      Hugs, Pam

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  3. The Teaser is very picturesque but that is not a bridge I want to cross! It is nowhere that I have been either. I am eating my salad for lunch, but a side of asparagus would be very nice please.

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  4. Not a clue as to where this is. Nice cheer ladies. I definitely won’t be picking up a snake- yikes. Have a wonderful day. XO


  5. I went to eat breakfast just a couple of minutes before The Teaser dropped in my inbox. Jerry and I laugh over that almost every Tuesday. Beautiful photo but no clue right now. Mashed potatoes please. Hope we all have a peaceful day today. Hugs!


  6. Looks like an adventure park in the US. But where??? Purrrrhaps a Bacon Cheddar Breakfast Pizza, a French Toast Neapolitan and a tea might help to find out the location!


  7. That bridge is famous for the scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Shrooms where Indy is trying to get away with the mysterious Dingleberry Artifact when he gets ambushed by the man-eating otters guarding the shrine and eat his heart out…. literally. Not a movie for the squeamish…. nor is the school cafeteria, for that matter.

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  8. ted o nator…may we pleez N thanx plaze an orderz for sea food jumbo
    hope ewe N mom N dad haza grate week a head ❤️❤️in case we iz knot on line
    on thurzday….thiz limited data iz for 💩💩‼️‼️


    • I know Google doesn’t always give me what I’m looking for but it’s the only search engine I’m familiar with – Ingrid knows bunches of them and puts all kinds of descriptive words in and gets (often) the right photos………I definitely do NOT have that kind of luck myself………..LOL


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