Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


“Good Morning Officer Kitty!   Stay safe!”

Hello Students!   It’s that time again – time to TEASE!

“You tease us all the time – telling us we can win – WELL WE NEVER WIN!”

Well students, it’s not your Professors’ fault if you can’t figure out the Teaser is it????   HMMM?    Now, you know the drill by now but we’ll refresh your memories with the rules AND the badges up for grabs:

Today’s Teaser is a certified WHOPPER……………..it is without a doubt one of the toughest ones we’ve had.   We’ve examined this photo and see NO CLUES.   Maybe you will see something we don’t see.    It is a GUEST TEASER and should drive all of us nuts before tomorrow’s TELL ALL.    Ready?


We have two “clue” photos for you – of the same place of course – so our Art Department framed them both up and here they are:

There you go – your clues…………….now it’s up to you to figure out WHERE THESE PHOTOS WERE TAKEN!

“How are we supposed to figure that out???  Looks like any shoreline in the UNIVERSE!!!”

AH HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   There you are – a true test of your determination and persistence while searching for clues!      Now the Cheer Team will try to bring you out of your comas so you can get to work:

This one is a REAL doozy
Two photos for hints and they’re not very “clue-sy” !
But we have faith you’ll come ’round in the end
Even if it sends you “round the bend” !
Don’t be scared we know someone will win!
Even if the chances might be slightly slim!

Well girls not so sure you cheered anyone up today with that cheer but thanks for trying.     I think at this point the only thing that will cheer anyone up is to have a good meal so let’s head to the cafeteria – maybe everyone will feel more like studying after eating!

“I’m sure after you have something to eat your brains will function better students!”

Here’s Today’s Menu:


Good Luck From Your Professors!

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  1. Not possible not to be a firstie. I refreshed several times in a row and the moment the Teaser popped up, I was on it. Pffft! It hates me. A blue trash can and a walking path are not clues enough for this one. Good luck to those who are good at the “search” game! Have a happy Tuesday!

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  2. That baked potato looks yummy and substantial…I need lots of carbs to wake up my brain cell…and may I please have a cherry smoothie to go along with that?!

    Those teaser pics look rather forlorn, somehow…and obscure to the max! Hmmm…

    Hello, Mr Frank!
    Any other thoughts…two heads are better than one at solving puzzles.

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  3. Late agan! Kate had a gight through the door with an outside kitty (that she wrote about). Whew! Picking up her fur feathers she lost running from door to window to door etc.


  4. Good Morning! I was thinking it could be Lake of the Ozarks, Missour-ee but there is not a bazillion people on boats tied up together trying to see how much trouble they can get into. We lived at “The Lake” for a few years… it was an experience. Bacon wrapped chicken with mushroon sauce and mashed potatoes! One plate please and thank you!


  5. Goodness, let me fetch my spectacles. No wait, I don’t have any spectacles. I’ll have to borrow the magnifying glass Buster uses when he hides in the bathroom. Now let’s see…… ah yes, that speck next to the coast in the upper left corner is definitely a man-eating otter. Now that tiny blotch in the bottom right corner is….yes, it’s crumbs from someone’s sub sandwich. I’ll bet next week’s Teaser is the scene on a postage stamp from Belize Miss Dingleberry picked up while vacationing there in her Speedo last year…

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  6. Could Miss Dingleberry so kind as to fill my tummy with a French toast Neapolitan (not on the menu today!) and an endive salad with walnuts and cranberries? Pretty please!!!!


  7. Good Morning ☀️ We’re going with Beulah, Michigan just because there is a Beulah, WY. I’ll just have coffee with cream and sugar. ☕️ It’s a beautiful sunny morning here, only 55 degrees and the high is predicted for 70.


  8. ted o nator….itz 723 in de shade heer two day sew thoz waterz look my tee fine…hope
    therz good fishin ther all sew…mY we pleez N thanx haz order oh mac N cheez….we will
    let it get cold….stay kewl buddy….ewe N mom N dad❤️


  9. Ummm Professur Teddy….wee are thinkin sumwhere alon Lake Michigan….butt BellaSita Mum does not know XACTLEE where along THE Lake! ***sighss***
    Guud thing BellaSita iss NOT an xplorer; shee wuud have got lost once outta THE Harbor!!! Mew mew mew……

    Deer Missus Dee may wee have Chick-hen Bacon Mushyroom Pot Pie an a small bit of Crabby whatefurr you have? An fore ‘ssert may wee have a peece of Irish Mont Cake an a teen saucer of cherry smoothie fore mee?? May thanx!!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma an **giggellss** BellaSita Mum


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