Teaser Tuesday Class Is In Session!


“Just another day in paradise troops – let’s report in that all is well on campus!”

“Welcome Class!  It’s Tuesday and time to COMMENT if you haven’t done so!”

That’s the first order of business when you arrive at school on Tuesday – make a comment……….or snore………..or cough or SOMETHING so we know you’re here AND so you might be the FIRST COMMENTER.    You know you want to be.   Right?

“Well of course WE want to be a First Commenter SOME TIME!!”

Today could be your lucky day.

Before we start getting serious here, let’s show you the RULES and of course the fabulous badges that you might win today!

“I’m ready!!!!!  Let’s do this!”

OK – here comes our Teaser Photo Security Guard with today’s photo!

“Here’s today’s toughie Professors!”


I see those blank stares out there in the classroom but you have all day to think about where this photo comes from…………..so just relax………..our Cheer Team will put you in the mood for guessing THEN we’ll go to the cafeteria.

No pool today, we’re heading to the beach
Don’t give us the “don’t get too much sun” speech!
We’re ready with sun block and the Harleys have gas
We’re heading up to the mountain pass!
Your job today is to study and WIN
While we’re out on our Harleys taking a spin!
We’ll be congratulating the winners here tomorrow
We want a room of happy faces not tears of sorrow!
Good luck dear students and give it your best
We hope you pass the TEASER TEST!

Alright students – you hear the girls – don’t let us down – !     After we eat you can get to work on the photo…………come back to class and make your guesses then hop on your bus for home.    Let’s head to the cafeteria and have something to eat shall we?

Who’s up for food?   Step right up – we’re ready for you so bring your tray!

Today’s Features:


Good Luck from your Professors!!

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  1. That picture makes me want to go to the beach, too…we do have a local one…but well,its nothing like this one! It looks European.

    May I please have some of that Hawaiian Bacon Pineapple Breakfast Bake, some yummy onion rings, (they go with anything, right?), some Irish Mint Cake…good to have some before Mr Frank gets to it!…and a glass of that yummy Watermelon Tea?

    I will go and snag a big table, so Mr Frank can come and bring his sure to be huge repast!

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  2. I think it is one of the beaches we stop off at when we take the coastal tram in Belgium. Not sure which one but probably De Haan.

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  3. That photo is what the Man-Eating Otter Chamber Of Commerce would call a buffet.

    It is at this time that I would like to recognize the momentous achievement that occurred on this day six years ago. Evil Squirrel’s Nest proudly took home its one and only First Commenter Award, which we still proudly display on our blog next to the Buster Death Of The Day Calendar (Which is scratch and sniff, we might add!)


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    • That does look like an all you can eat buffet for the otters….! So proud of you to have won the FIRST COMMENTER award back in 2016 – when Sammy was our Professor and we only had lovely Suzie doing cheers. We’ve come a long way baby.


  4. I was going to say it is a Howard Johnson’s restaurant but the last one just closed and their roofs were orange, not red. I’m going with a Red Roof Inn. In any case, the eating there just has to beat the cafeteria.

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  5. Well, we’ll have the softshell crabs and and say wow, what on earth kind of house is that at a beach?WILD! Not the Atlantic for sure….


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