Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Hi Everybody!   Sunday is here and it’s time for the Cat On My Head Selfie Blog Hop.   If you click their badge above, you can join in.   Easy to do – take a selfie – post it and share your FUN with the world…………..

Yesterday Mom caught me sleeping RIGHT BEHIND her in her office while she was working on the computer.    I had just had a GOOD OLD STRETCH – all legs out and big sigh and began snoring so she knew it was safe to grab the camera and snap a photo.   I was oblivious (as you can tell!).

I had been playing with that blue ribbon and brought it into Mom’s office with me for a nap.   Mom said this photo would look pretty cool jazzed up with a Lunapic filter for my selfie puzzle SOOOOOOOOOOOO she went to Lunapic and used one of the newest filters called “LIFE ART” and reduced the intensity to 74% (why?  Because at 100% it was so bright it gave her a headache!).

WOWZERS huh?    Yeah….imagine that at 100% intensity – like I said – headache right?    Anyway we made a puzzle out of this whopper of a photo – something tells me the puzzle is gonna be a toughie.

Here’s the puzzle – click on the photo and WHAMMO – you’re there.  GOOD LUCK!

Happy Sunday!   Hugs, Teddy

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  1. OH, we love that background of the lovely rug you are passed ou…sleeping on…you darling kitty. Love from us on this glorious Sunday. 90 degrees here…whew…


  2. You are such a cutie Teddy. That is a great shot of you and I love the art your mom made too. Thank you for the puzzle. XO


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