Teaser Tuesday Class Time


“Safety check complete…..now let’s eat!!”


We have to remind you to comment because I know how excited all of you are (cough cough) to be here on a Tuesday to take a peek at whatever strange photo we may have lined up for you to figure out.    Well we won’t disappoint you today we promise!

“I am only disappointed when I can’t guess the Teaser – which is ALWAYS!”

Let’s review our rules and show you the badges up for grabs for Teaser this week shall we?

Time for the Summer badges!

Are you ready for the Teaser?

“Ready as we’ll ever be!”

Here’s our Security guard with today’s photo:

“Here’s today’s challenge Professors!”


Yes indeed – that is the question of the day.    Talk about “layers” !   There are plenty of them here aren’t there.    Hopefully you will figure out where this photo was taken…..AND some of you will receive badges for your effort!!

“I worry that my guess will be wrong – AGAIN!!”

Don’t worry – just keep on trying……………..that’s our best advice Rodney.     The Cheer Team is here – we think they will cheer everyone up and get you ready to GUESS!

Another Tuesday morning and another chance to win!
Give that roulette wheel a great big spin!
Some of you are smarties we know that’s true
What the heck we’re hoping one of them is YOU!
Put on your thinking caps and give it a whirl
We’ll be back tomorrow with some lucky boys and girls!

We will have winners tomorrow that’s for sure…………………..and badges for you ladies to hand out to the lucky ones.     Now what say we all head to the cafeteria for some good food and a chance to RELAX before we put our brains to work figuring out the Teaser!

Time for some delicious food everyone – breakfast, lunch or dinner – it’s ALL good!


Tune In Tomorrow For The Tell All !!

Your Professors


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  1. Vietnam, rice paddies? I’ve seen this somewhere before can’t remember…duh. Still we’ll take a club sandwich any day of the week with sweet potato frittes!


  2. Late…sigh…
    I think it might be Barlig, in Mountain Province, in the Phillipines…last week we had a washboard waterfall, today we have a washboard hill! LOL!

    Hi, Frank the First! Wow all alone in the firstie spot, that is way coolio!

    I will just please have some Lemon Meringue pie…and some iced tea…light fare this time…I am nervous as today I have to to go to the courthouse to try and resolve that ticket I got way back in March.

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    • It doesn’t matter if you’re late – it matters that you came to school PERIOD! We know how busy you are………..we shall see if your guess is a RIGHTIE or a WRONGIE tomorrow. It is much like the washboard falls though isn’t it – terraces are like that with more room in between layers. When I lived in Taiwan there was a rice paddy field about five feet away from our house in the back. The back yard was only about 3 feet wide before the rice paddy areas started. My biggest fear was snakes. Never saw one until the last day we lived in that house. LOL Enjoy your light lunch today! Good luck with the ticket at the courthouse.

      Hugs, Pam


  3. Hmmmm, there are lots of totally different guesses – and lots of students, MOL! I thought everybuddy will be confused about which day of the week we have! Anyway, hunger does not know days! Could I have a chicken fajitas, a flan and a coffee, pretty please?


  4. Scrambled eggs, biscuits, gravy and bacon, and keep ’em comin’. Please. Mommy just got home with me. I went you-know-where- to get my nails done. Where ever that is, it looks fabulous!


    • Looks like a dream doesn’t it. I’m sure you’re glad to have your nails done…..I’m always glad because I know it will be a while before I have to go through that misery again! Enjoy your breakfast!


  5. I believe that’s the world famous Russian steppes, and either the steps got freshly resurfaced with Astroturf, or maybe they got a tad moldy. Looks like everyone packed up and moved their homes away from that guy in the middle…. probably because he’s known to let his pet otters run loose to terrorize the neighborhood. The Lord of the Steppes….

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Whoa…I’m beyond late (like a day and half!) and can’t even imagine where that’s at. If I had to guess (and no I didn’t peak at the reveal), I’d say somewhere in the British Isles but that’s about as close as i can get.


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