Teaser Tuesday Class In Session!


“OK Troops – our patrol is done – I think we deserve some FOOD don’t you?   Let’s eat!


Good morning class.    Hope everyone is rested from the weekend and a peaceful Monday and ready for SCHOOL TIME.     We have a great Teaser for you today so buckle your seatbelts and let’s get started shall we?  

“Seatbelts?  What’s a seatbelt!?”

First we’re going to share the rules for Teaser which all of you know by now but someone new may be tuning in and wonder how we do this class.    AND we’ll show you all the rewards (badges) you could win if you deserve one after all is said and done and the guessing is done.

Alrighty then………………………….good luck to everyone.    Tomorrow we’ll be handing out awards.

“We just wanna say we are upset we NEVER win…..and we study too…..in between feedings and diaper changes anyway!”

Let’s get our Teaser Photo Security Guard to bring in today’s challenge shall we?    Marge would you be so kind as to announce over the loud speaker for us?


“Reporting for duty Professors – here’s today’s photo!”

Where Was This Photo Taken?

See?  Toughie right?   Well we have faith in you so get to work figuring things out and we’ll bring in the Cheer Team to bolster your spirits!!

It’s pool cleaning day here at school
We get to wear REAL uniforms – oh so cool!
We’ve seen your Teaser and it’s a whopper
You might even call it a Teaser Show Stopper!
Take your time and put on your glasses
Like good little guys and pretty little lasses
We’ll be here tomorrow to celebrate your badges
We promise to be nicer to you than Madge is !

Speaking of Madge, we haven’t formally thanked all the little people who are responsible for various things here at school lately – they help us have a great time on Tuesday and Wednesday and we should give them credit for their part.

Ding Dong Fish School Pool Supervisor – “Sarge”

School Hall Monitor – “Marge”

Cafeteria Supervisor – “Miss Dingleberry”

Cafeteria Kitchen Workers – “Roger, Annie, Gertrude”

Graphics Department (she took an emergency bathroom break just as the camera flashed!)

Teaser Photo Special Security Guard:  “Rusty”

School Cleaning Staff – “William, Squeaky, Zelda, Barney”

See?  And there are many more people behind the scenes at Ding Dong Fish School to make your day flow smoothly !      Now let’s go SMOOTHLY to the cafeteria to eat!!

We’re ready to serve you something yummy!  Step right up!


See you tomorrow in class and to see who wins a badge!

Your Professors (and school staff!)


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  1. The cleaning staff are cute!

    There aren’t many clues in that photo, but it’s somewhere warmer than here if the palm trees are surviving. I’ll keep searching.


  2. I am late! It looks sort of Spanish but more likely Mexican. For some unknown reason I am leaning towards Florida, in particular Miami I have no idea why. Maybe I have seen it or somewhere similar in the past. I will try and improve on that after lunch.


  3. I was awake early enough to be one of the first here, but decided to go back to sleep instead. I could not get to sleep last night thinking about Jean. It really breaks my heart that this has happened to her. 😢 Hugs and love, Janet

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You’ve heard of the Great Wall of China. Well, this is the Mediocre Wall of Belize. The Great Wall of China was built to keep the Mongols out of the country. The Mediocre Wall of Belize was built to keep the man-eating otters out of the country. Attila the Hun was a creampuff compared to Otto the Otter….


  5. Talk about L-A-T-E!!! I sure am. BUT, the roasted veggies and cherrie smoothis look scrumptios. Thanks Miss Dingleberry! And all of you employee of the school.I love the dish washer too, and the sweetie in an apron next to the human there in the kitchen.


  6. Well, once again, the fish platter will console us. There is a house in Italy like this but this looks a bit run-down for the one we see driving the coast. NO idea…are we smart or what, haha?


  7. Wee toetallee baffelled bye this foto. BellaSita Mum sayss sumwhere inn Spain! Pawthetick rite?
    Missus Dee maybee wee can due a late lunch pleese?
    May wee have 2 Chickie-Bacon-Shroom Pot Piess? An fore ‘ssert may wee have 1 Fresh Fruit Bowl fore BellaSita Mum an a wee saucer of milk fore mee? THANZ so much!!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an 🙂 BellaSita Mum


  8. Nobody mentioned Hadrian’s Wall inthe UK built during the Roman occupation to keep the Scots in Scotland. Of course this isn’t it either, but as a person of Scots heritage I felt I had to get that in here.


  9. Finally, I am back. What a long day…funerals are like reunions!

    May I have some of that bacon/chicken chopped salad and an Iced Tea? Maybe some Apple Cheesecake, too…That would be yummy!

    I didn’t see Mr Frank here today, either. Hope he’s OK.

    I am going to agree with the majority and say that teaser picture is from Battery McIntosh, at Fort Dade, Egmont Key, Florida.

    I too am hoping tat Miss Jean will recover and do much better. Its so hard when the friends we make here, be they the pets or the peeps, are not well; we love them and when they hurt, so do we.

    Liked by 1 person

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