Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Sunday again!   Selfie time!    A fun blog hop hosted by The Cat On My Head and all you have to do is load up a photo of YOU (or someone!) and hook up to our host’s blog to join the fun.    Click their badge above if you want to link!

This is a photo of me that Mom took yesterday – it was a super hot day in Virginia – a breeze came up in the afternoon but it was still 93 and I like shade when it’s like that of course………so do Mom and Dad and that’s why since they “escort” (babysit!) me when I’m outside they need chairs or a bench to sit in.    I just tuck myself under a shady bush.  OR sometimes if I find a spot that has some available dirt that isn’t grass-covered I lie in it like this.   Mom says I’m just a dirtball whatever that is.    I think this photo of me is a LOT like one we just did of me in the FRONT YARD – a side view (because I always turn away at the last possible second!)… least this is the other side of me this time!  HAHA

Mom decided NOT to put this one in some sort of artsy filter – just leave it as is, and make it into a puzzle for you puzzlers out there!!

Here’s the puzzle – just click on this little photo of yours truly!

Good Luck!!   Hugs, Teddy

P.S.  I’m apparently rusty on puzzling – took me well over 20 minutes to do this puzzle of ME…….EEEEEK!

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  1. Wow! 93 is way too hot. We managed to scrape up to 61 yesterday and the same forecast for today. That is a lovely selfie, Teddy. E&F used to tell me dirt is nice and cool to lay on.


    • Your boys were right – dirt is cooler and even though Mom has a fit when I lie in it, it feels nice and cool on my tummy! I never get dirty anyway – I’m constantly grooming/cleaning myself (to make sure Mom never ever ever gives me a dreaded bath!).

      Hugs, Teddy

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  2. Teddy, my biy you don’t need any art for that lying in the dirt picture. YOU are all we need with your handsome stripes and white embellishments! You know Teddy, I never knoticed that you have a bit of orange amongst the white of your sock, on your back leg!


    • Yep – some orange on my leg and on the BACK of that foot a big orange oblong spot! Mom says she particularly loves all my “birthmarks” (all those funny colored places on my furs).

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. That’s great that you get to go outside so often, Teddy. I was out with Frankie yesterday morning before it got hot and he spent a lot of time just lying in the grass, like you.


  4. If it would have taken a break from raining at some point last week, I’m sure we’d have hit 93, too. I did go from running the AC Friday to having to turn on the furnace this morning…


  5. I guess the hots we had here on Friday traveled to your area…we are only in the low 60’s now. Not really supposed to warm up till the weekend…and then we might get rain. Well, of course That’s Memorial Day Weekend, and I am off. it will rain just to tease me, LOL!

    Nice sideview selfie, Teddy!


  6. I love this photo of you Teddy. Raisin who comes loves to roll in the dirt here too. Hope you and your parents are having a good day.


    • Our nice shady front porch feels hotter than out in the yard – Mom and Dad said they should have had a fan installed on the front porch ceiling when they built the house – there’s no breeze since it’s a sheltered kind of porch…..gets pretty hot there but at least it’s shady.


  7. I am loving these recent pictures! I am glad we got to see you in the “real” today. It reminds me of Z, she loved to lay in the dirt too, Teddy Boop! Keep making your Mom work for those sweet pictures of you. 93 degrees you win… I can’t even talk about our heat and humidity today… just ugh. We are 92 degrees but “feels like” 103. I hope you found some lizzies today, or is it skinks?


  8. Teddy, you are a precious boy, and we love how this photo shows off your ginger goodness. We are happy the hots went away for now but are getting pretty tired of the rain. Thanks fo being a dear friend and hopper. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


  9. O Teddy, we had the same temperatures, but since a few days the temperatures dropped to around 60F and lower, and we don’t like it. Granny and I like it hot🌞but I can leave you some Cool Pawkisses for now🐾😽💞


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