Teaser Tell All


“Friends, Romans, Students – lend us your ears!”

Just being silly to start class off today.    Why?  Because we’re the Professors and we get to do stuff students aren’t allowed to do.    HA!   Actually you all have it easy because we let you get silly and don’t mind.    Our Mom says it sure wasn’t like that when SHE was a kid in school.

Anyway, today is the day we TELL ALL………………..from who was/were FIRST COMMENTER(S) to who was FIRST RIGHT!     We have a surprise later regarding that but first of course we start Wednesday off with FIRST COMMENTER badges.

How about a drum roll?

Yesterday’s First Commenters Were:



“I woulda been a first commenter but I stopped to flirt with Officer Kitty at the front door of school……oops”

Janet and Sharon you each get one of these:

There were TWO FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser post of May 3, 2002 and I was one of them!!!!

AND – here’s the photo we had for Teaser yesterday – one we thought might be a little tough BUT…………well…………you’ll see what happened below!

Chillon Castle, Lake Geneva, Montreux, Switzerland (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!)

AND…..we had TWO First Right Guessers – huh?

Yes we did – because two students guessed correctly in the same 60 second period !!    Just like if we have two first commenters or five first commenters they ALL win so………we did a special made for this occasion………..and the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS WERE (drumroll please)….



AND we have a special badge for the two of you:


AND if you also guessed correctly (and several of you did) – you get one of these badges:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of May 3, 2022 BUT I was NOT first!

AND if you guessed but were WRONG………..one of these is yours:

I guessed on the Teaser of May 3, 2022 but my guess was WRONG! DANG!

Cheer Team – do your thing please!

What a Teaser we had this week!
So exciting we can barely speak!
We had TWO First Commenters which was good
Sharon and Janet in the Firsties Sisterhood!
Then we had an amazing FIRST for Teaser Class
TWO FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS and that’s no sass!
Katty and Jackie were right in the same minute
So a brand new badge we made and they both win it!

First time in all the Teaser classes we’ve done that we had TWO First Right Guessers…………………it was a great day in school and now we’re all heading to the cafeteria to celebrate with breakfast or lunch (or both!).

Welcome Students and Professors…..time to put on the feed bag (so to speak!)

Today’s Menu Items:

See you next week for more Teaser fun students!

Your Professors

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  1. Congrats to me and Katty, and thanks for the special badge which will go on my awards page. That is quite an achievement to guess the same place at the same time.


  2. That is a beautiful place!

    Did you miss me in class yesterday? We were very busy on our security patrol, but nothing for anyone to worry about.


    • Of course we missed you – especially when we know you and your team are checking out the school yard for safety’s sake. We all feel so SAFE thanks to you! Glad all is well.

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. Congrats to the winners. We had a Lake Geneva near where I grew up in Illinois. It Didn’t look that nice. I also lived in a town called Lake Zurich. There must have been a lot of Swiss immigrants there.


  4. Concatulations all you winners. Mom was super late again! BUT I’ll get in line for scrambled eggs, biscuits GRAVY and bacons!!! Oh NOMMY!


  5. WOW! 2 first right guessers, that is rare. Congrats to all those clever and speedy guessers. Have a nice day. XO


  6. Concats to Sharon and Janet and Katty and Jackie! At least, they beat me only with a few tiny minutes! I’d like a ham plate, a strawberry cake and a coffee with some …ehmmmm… speeding stuff!!!


  7. Well, I wish I had seen that little cottage when I was at the lake years ago! I will console myself with Scottish salmon…sigh.


  8. Woo hoo … 2 Firsties and 2 First Guessers …. Congrats Sharon, Janet, Katty, & Jackie!!! I’m WAY late, but it’s never too late to eat!!!! …. Tough choices today …. fortunately I have one piece of Irish Mint Cake along to help me during the decision process … yum!!! …. Lobster Roll, Mac n Cheese, Oreo Magic Cake, Strawberry Smoothie, and unsweetened iced tea.


  9. If peeps thought I was late to class yesterday, I am even later today!
    So since its bedtime, I’ll just have a snack of some herbal tea, and a slice of Blueberry Pie…that should help me sleep…maybe!

    Hello Mr Frank, you’re late too, though I get the prize for being later, LOL!


  10. Our mom missed being one of those first right guessers one minute. She was happy to be a first commenter with Mom Sharon. Mom thought she recognized the photo from previous teaser, but she has actually been to and stayed in Montreux, so that may be why she recognized it. Congrats to all the winners. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


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