Tuesday Teaser Class


“So nice to patrol on a beautiful Spring day!  Let’s go report in and get breakfast gang!”

Morning students!  HAVE YOU COMMENTED yet?  Better do so!

It’s time for class and you know what that means…………………clean your glasses, sit up straight, and get ready to guess where our Teaser photo was taken.


“Glasses clean…..ready!”

Alrighty then.   Let’s start with a review of the rules of Teaser AND the badges you can win if you’re on your game today…………


Goodness someone is ready to see the Teaser photo………….so maybe we should just move right along and have our Security Guard come in with today’s TEASER photo.

“Will Teaser Class Security report with photo to the classroom?”

“Greetings Professors…..I’m filling in for your regular guard – he’s on vacation.  Here’s your photo for the day!”

Where Was This Photo Taken??

There you have it students………………….see if you can figure this one out and be FIRST to do so……………….now for a little CHEER to keep your spirits up as you agonize over the Teaser photo.

Ready to guess – well we sure hope so!
Teaser is one day you can’t be SLOW!
You want to be first so you get the badge
And a big congratulations from Hall Monitor Madge!
Some of you have asked about our car….
Well we really haven’t gotten too far
It needs engine, tires, seats and gas tank
We need big bucks so may have to rob a bank!
We’ll be back tomorrow with winners and losers
Now off to the pub with the other boozers!!

Well ladies – that was hardly your most inspiring cheer but we appreciate the effort anyway.     Now off you go and those of us left behind will head to the cafeteria to have a bite to eat and chat among ourselves about the Teaser photo.

Alright students…….forward – MARCH!

“Hey – if I wanted to be bossed around I could have joined the ARMY!!”

Students – we’re ready for you with some great meal choices today!

The Menu:

All aboard for home – see you all tomorrow in class!!!   

Your Professors

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  1. Ladies, I am LATE again, but I just gave the cheer with you right here at home. Mom reared up off her office chair because I started her! I’m gonna stand in libe for the French Toast and Bacons. Then, I’ll probs go through the line again. Hey, that car WILL happen, I know it.


    • The Cheer Team said they “FELT” you cheering along! I think they’ll get that rust bucket of theirs going too – eventually. Enjoy your french toast and bacon and share with your Mom too!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. It is Chillon Castle near Montreux (famous for their Jazz festivals) in Switzerland. Wish I were there – then that means I would be on vacation and not in the office!!!! Oh well – back to work!

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  3. I am back and from the guesses it looks like the Teaser is in Switzerland. It is awesome. If I can’t drive there and I can’t, I will have to enjoy the photo. Got used to seeing Katie with the Cheer Team! I am going to have Tuscan Chicken Pasta and Mashed Taters and Gravy!


  4. Well the eggs Benedict will just have to placate us since we have NO idea where that lovey castle is but it’s in the mountains, haha. They don’t look like the Alps, so it will be fun to find out where they are.


  5. “Where was this photo taken??” It was obviously taken from the water. Probably by a guy in a wetsuit. It’s a remarkably still and crisp photo considering the poor guy was probably having his tootsies nibbled off by the water’s man-eating otters. I wonder how they retrieved the film once it wound up at the bottom of the river?

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    • I have waited YEARS for someone to answer the “WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN” photo when it’s a water shot with “IN THE WATER OF COURSE!” so you are a FIRST RIGHT SMARTY PANTS!!!!!! WO) HOOO!!!! (no there’s no badge for that)


  6. Nice cheer ladies. I think you should invite Katie back as there is an empty space without her. No clue where the photo was taken. XO


  7. Present…finally…last?? First to be last?? LOL! Over 5 hours late…shame on me!

    I saw that Miss Jackie and Miss Katty put in their answers at the same time! Wow! And fast., too.
    I agree with them too…

    Its Chillon Castle; an island castle located on Lake Geneva, south of Veytaux in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland.

    May I please have some blueberry crepes and a Banana Berry Smoothie to go with those Onion Rings, that Mr Frank ordered for me?


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