Sunday Selfie Hop


Greetings!   It’s Sunday and our friends at The Cat On My Head are hosting as they always do on Sunday, a SELFIE HOP.    If you click their badge above you will be transported there where you can link up with all the rest of us!     Always fun and exciting to see our friends in the Hop.

I know you’ll be surprised to hear it but my Mom actually did get a brand new photo of me this week.     I think she was rather sneaky getting this one since I was purrrfectly comfortable in the upstairs hallway enjoying the quiet and having a snooze but sometimes (she says) it’s the only way to capture me STILL.    So it’s a rear view of yours truly but she thought I was adorable with my little feet back behind me (sort of).     Moms think the funniest things are “CUTE” don’t they!

Now you know my Mom wouldn’t just settle for a plain photo of me – so she loaded it up into Lunapic, found an art filter she liked and VOILA…………….

Whoa Mom!  This art effect was called “DEVILISH” – I look hot!    

(Actually I reduced the intensity of this art effect to 80% – it was just TOOOOOOOO much at 100%)

So I think this makes me look amazing………… tail and my feet and even the hallways look interesting as can be.     Did we do a puzzle of this for you?  Oh yeah….of course we did and here it is – just click on the tiny photo of my selfie and you’ll get the puzzle.


That should keep you puzzlers happy for a few minutes…………… the meantime, Mom was looking through all my photos and it’s rather interesting how many shots she has of THIS SAME POSE with me in the hallway like this.    I think it’s official – THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SPOTS IN THE HOUSE!

Happy Sunday 

 Hugs, Teddy


If you haven’t had a chance to visit all the wonderful Blog4Peace globes and posters being made around the world to recognize the bravery of the Ukrainian people and to send hope for PEACE not just there but in the world, you should visit the site that’s hosting this event………….. JUST CLICK HERE.

We are proud to have participated in this event,  Thank you Mimi for letting us put our voices to our feelings through our blogs and our participation in this effort……………………let PEACE win.

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  1. Wow, you tiger, you. We are still trying to find the Lunapic that’s free. Is is ON your omputer all the time or do you use it from the internet when needed. Because the one that asks for a credit card is probably hacked and dangerous. We do NOT put credit cards on anything we don’t know already to be legit. But we DID find the one that did the kalaidoscope so we’ll find it again.


    • I use Lunapic when I’m online – that is free – if you download it to your computer apparently it is NOT free. I’ve used Lunapic for years when I’m online only – you can download your finished “artwork” to your picture file and use it for whatever purpose. I never download editing programs – most of them are free to use online. Lunapic has the kaleidoscope effect – it has TONS of things you can do. You can explore and do things just to see what they look like without “saving” them to your files. I often do that – just play around with a photo but don’t keep it.


  2. You are a little devil, Teddy!! Lovely effect for you, and thanks for the puzzle. We lost our hour last night so I am all thrown out today. To make matters worse someone text me at 7am this morning to ask about two stables. My brain knew that was still 6am!! I am not a morning person so was not happy.


  3. TEDDY! LOOK at you stripes! That effect really shows them. And yes, our mom’s love our feets! My mom smooches mine when she can. She says they are crunchy (claws) and soft…(fur and pads).


  4. At first glance, you looked like a fawn on the approach (but then we saw that you were actually sleeping on your stomach…). Purrs


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