Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.    Shall we be THANKFUL together?   Sure we shall…………….if you wanna add your blog to the HOP, just click Brian’s badge and link up with us.

Very thankful that Brian’s Dad is feeling better after his emergency appendectomy.    I’m sure the kitties are taking good care of him.    I will be VERY HAPPY when one day I can say I’m THANKFUL that the Ukrainian people are no longer in the middle of a hideous war………..I guess I have to wait for that to happen first to be thankful but we ALL will be thankful then.

Also thankful that Angel Sammy sent me his poetic challenge message – I’ll share it with you below!


Hi Thursday Poem Friends!

I always look forward to Thursdays so I can spend a little time sharing poetry with you.    Remember, you don’t have to be a fabulous writer to write a poem… just have to write it down and be proud of it!    LOL    I think writing a poem about something you are looking at (in our case a photo) is EASIER than just plucking words out of the air with nothing particular in mind.    This way you can look at the photo and you will automatically start thinking of an idea which automatically leads you to words which automatically becomes a poem – in ANY form (and there are lots of poetic forms!).

So here’s last week’s photo that I gave you a WEEK to write a poem about – followed by my poem:

“Escape Hatch”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©March 16, 2022


“Little guy I do believe your big puppy you should thank

Cuz if you made it through that door you’d probably get a spank!

Rover knows that door is for him when he needs to go out to potty

Something tells me if you’re joining him, Mom would say you’re naughty!

But I really must admit in spite of it all you two look extremely cute

Just promise us you won’t try that trick on the upstairs laundry chute!?”


Ahhh…..boys will be boys and those little doors are just too darn tempting not to at least TRY to wiggle through and head out on an adventure.   Especially if we see our dogs or cats using their “doors in the door” to go outside.   It’s just TOO tempting!

If you wrote a poem about the photo above – please share the link to your blog or poem in our COMMENTS so we can read and enjoy it!

Now for next week’s poetic challenge photo…………….try this one on for size:

I realized today that I tend to use a lot of photos with kids in them…..well, kids are cute and they do some pretty funny things so that’s my excuse!    This one I just love the look on her face as she glides along.

So I’ll see you next Thursday and we’ll share out poems about this photo OK?   OK!   It’s a date!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Yes I just happen to have my St. Patrick’s green beret on!

Love and light, Angel Sammy O’Kimmell


Good poem Angel Sammy – I loved it………………….Happy St. Patrick’s Day………….I bet you all are having a party at the Bridge………wish I could be with you!

Love, Teddy


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  1. Happy St Patrick’s day!!

    That is one determined looking little girl! She’ll be a formidable lady when she grows up!

    I am running out of time tonight…and my head will not cooperate too well to cpmpose a good poem…here is my silly ditty:

    Two faces
    In the door
    Knees and feet
    On the floor.
    Doggo and Kiddo
    Want to go out – oh!

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  2. I will be thankful too when the Ukrainians are safe again. I made up a parcel to go there and it left early Monday morning in a large van with along with other donations from the people of Plymouth. Today he put an update on FB that he arrived safely on the Ukraine border. He also added some photos showing all the parcels being unloaded into a school where it goes on to where it is needed. The photos also show the rows of refugees sitting in chairs waiting their turn to get on the buses to take them to safety in Poland. It is heartbreaking to see.
    Lovely poem as always, Angel Sammy.


    • Bless you for sending a package to the Ukrainian people along with the other donations from Plymouth. I’m so glad the person transporting got there safely and securely. It is heartbreaking – and desperately sad. i think the rest of the world is in a constant state of prayer hoping for some sort of resolution. Glad you liked the poem today – it was a fun photo to do a poem for.

      Hugs, Pam


  3. Well done Angel Sammy on finding this picture.
    Teddy and Mom you are so right. As soon as I saw that picture..I thought oh boy the things those red heads will get into over the years to come.
    Today was grocery day here in NC. The first person I saw when I walked into the store, was the produce guy. He dyed his mustache and beard GREEN. It was quite festive and made me smile
    Hugs Cecilia


    • WOW! That’s pretty cool! I’m glad people are trying to keep things fun when they can…..there are so many depressing things, it’s nice when someone does something to make people smile!

      Hugs and Happy St. P’s day!
      Love, Teddy O’Kimmell


    • Hi Miss Layla! Angel Sammy visits us on Thursdays for poem sharing. I’m happy I get to see him and so is Mom. Sometimes you just can’t say a “permanent” goodbye…………

      Irish Luck and love to you too!
      Hugs, Teddy


  4. ted o nator we hope ewe iz gettin sum out o doorz time in and if sew; pleez N joy for uz…we iz happee for brians dad two !! ♥♥

    sam oh bacon; nother grate poem this week buddy…spot on for sure with de wee child 🙂 ♥♥


    dawg: let me out eye hafta pee
    babee: go in yur pantz just like me
    dawg: ewe seer ee iz lee don’t go IN yur pantz
    babee: yes eye due then eye start ta dance
    dawg: but doeznt that make yur pantz droop
    babee: thatz how mom noez eye had a poop

    🙂 ♥♥


  5. That poem is so cute, and it actually shared some similarities with our mom’s. She had a good chuckle when she got to the end of yours, which is a good thing. Here’s the link to our mom’s poem: Next wee’s photo looks like fun as well. We always think the photos with kids are fun! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


    • I tend to gravitate towards people photos for Poetry Challenge but once in a while throw something else in the mix like the little cottage by the stream. I love looking for the photos! We loved your poem and YES we did have some similarities – great minds think alike!

      Hugs, Pam


  6. Happy St. Parrick’s Day!

    We will all be thankful to someday say Ukraine is free.

    Your poem is wonderful! My children used to try to go through the giant doggie door at Grandma’s house. We’re glad it just led to the porch (it was for the prior owner’s dog and Grandma made the porch a spare room).

    My poem is over here.


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