Tuesday Teaser Class Time


“Officer Kitty looks ready for the onslaught of kids arriving for school – guess we can go get breakfast now that perimeter check is done!”

Hello Students!   It’s TUESDAY again – time for class and time for you to COMMENT!!

“Oh yeah – Comment – guess I’d better do that huh…..!”

We’d better refresh everyone on the rules of Teaser and show you the badges that you can get if you are one of the lucky students who is FIRST or RIGHT or even WRONG!

Our Graphics Department is thinking about doing some special St. Patrick’s Week badges for NEXT week……but remember – the Graphics Department is VERY SMALL and it’s hard to say what she they are capable of!

Wait – WHAT????????????

Alright let’s get down to business…………..real business – not funny business!     Ready for today’s Teaser????    Security would you please bring the photo in and post it on the bulletin board??

“Here’s today’s TEASER photo Professors! This looks like a TOUGHIE!”

We think it’s a toughie too…………..let’s see what the students think:

Where Do You Think This Is???

“Is it on this planet???”

Yes of course and we’re sure at least one of you will figure it out……………..we DO think it’s a toughie though!   Cheer Team?   Would you please cheer these people up?????

This looks like a challenge and that’s no lie
I couldn’t get up there unless I could fly!
Mountain climbing is only for goats
We’d rather stay home and sow some wild oats (tee hee).
This is a whopper and it’s gonna be tough
Good luck kids cuz guessing it will be rough!

Well we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.    Not to mention the fact that we’re afraid of heights!

So who’s up for BRUNCH/LUNCH???????????????????????    We sure are!

Time to fill those tummies!  Brunch is served!

Today’s Menu:


Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy


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  1. That place looks formidable…and barren.
    May I please have some Mac & Cheese, some Irish Mint Cake; oh best have a double order of that for Mr Frank, and a Cherry Smoothie. I’ll go and grab a seat with a big table, cause Mr Frank is bound to have a huge repast.
    And I need a space to lay out those geography books…


    • Bringing your mac and cheese, and a double order of Irish Mint Cake…….oh and a cherry smoothie. I know Mr. Frank is on a blog break – hopefully he plans on visiting School anyway though!! Good luck!


  2. It’s a mountain – a very high one. It looks too high for sheep and goats, so I’ll keep to the lower pastures where they are – it’s important that somedog keeps an eye on them! 😀


  3. Completely off topic from my usual guessing fodder, it looks like the top of the world’s highest slide. I’ll bet that’s fun to go down the spirals 15,000 feet off the ground… though it probably just dumps you in the otter pond.

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  4. I forgot it was Tuesday so as I was going to be late anyway I spent my time searching. I think it is Mount Kinabalu in Northern Borneo, and is Malaysia’s highest peak. I am sure it has already been guessed though.


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