Teaser Tuesday Class!


“Gosh, is it EVER going to stop snowing?   Makes our security rounds so cold!  We’ve got icicles in our fur!”


We always need to remind you to comment before you have a seat in class – I know you’re anxious to win a badge right students?

“It’s my life’s goal to win a badge!!”

Well a life’s goal – isn’t that a little DRAMATIC Roger????   Anyway, good luck – maybe today’s your lucky day.    Let’s start class off with rules and a show of badges shall we??  And you will note please that our Graphics Department made BRAND NEW BADGES FOR US this week………….let’s hear it for the Graphics Department!

Swell badges!

Now for the Teaser photo – Security – please being in this week’s challenge for the class will you?

Here’s the photo for this week Professors!

OK Class – let’s see who knows their “skyline” photos!  Where was this taken?

“What?  Are you kiddin’ us?  We don’t go flying around in the sky to see cities from up there!”

I know but often times you might recognize a building or structure and know where the photo was taken………………..sit back in your crib Bobby – you’re getting cranky – we’ll go to lunch shortly!


We’re here to save your bacon
Before your headaches get to achin’!
When your students get real cranky
We think they need a spanky!!
So class you’d better take a seat
Or you won’t get lunch to eat!
This Teaser doesn’t look easy
Flying in the sky makes us all a bit queasy
See you tomorrow for TELL ALL class
We hope that all of you manage to pass!

Thanks gang – we’ll see you tomorrow same time same place……………meanwhile let’s all go eat!    Might cheer everyone up!

It’s that time again!   The cafeteria line is OPEN!

The Menu:


Your Professors

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  1. Mom and I saw this come in…but we were over at Summer’s house and knew by the time we made it here, it would be too late. BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t have some lemon tart, right?

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  2. OMC I’m early, Teddy, and I want to make a guess…Winnipeg City Canada…cross my paws while eating a Bacon/Egg pizza…MOL…Good Luck Pawkisses to all of you class😸Pawkisses with bacon flavour to all of you🐾😽💞


  3. May I please have some onion rings, some lemon tart and Hot chocolate. Have to stay warm…we are the start of a winter storm warning. Not a watch, but a warning…for tonight through to Thursday; by the time we are out of it we may have a foot of snow here. UGH! Of course I have appointments and work in that time frame…Phooey.

    Hi Mr Frank! Thanks for saving me a seat. Want to come and help clear our driveway? LOL!


  4. Otter City was a thriving metropolis for many years on the banks of the Dirty River. Its citizens on both sides of the divide safe and sound from the river’s infamous, but totally cute predators. Then came the Great Flood of 1952, and…… well, they don’t call it the Dirty River anymore. We know it now as the Red River…

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  5. No reaction to my guess. I have to seek consolation in eating, what else? Could I have a club sammich with sweet potato fries, fried ice cream in a tortilla and tea? I hope there is always tea on the menu.


  6. I have to agree with Miss Ingrid. The skyline on the Red River, Manitoba, Canada. Although maybe it should be renamed Big Muddy, Manitoba instead. That Holiday Chocolate Cake sure looks divine and seems perfect for this month’s Valentine’s Day celebration. ❤️


  7. Okay here wee go…BellaSita Mum sayss “This iss Buudha-pest!!” (Budapest)
    Mee not so sure so mee just going to order Lunch…..
    Missus Dee may wee have 1 regular Seafood Chowdur an a mini portion fore mee? An for ‘ssert may wee have 1 peece of Cherry Chocolate cake an a wee saucer of milk fore mee? Many thanx Missus Dee! You nevurr dissappoint!
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum


  8. ted o nator; may we pleez haza orderz oh salmon and a hunk oh hamz….noe beanz tho….itz gonna get crazed heer in trout towne with snowz N we willna bee abe bull two get out N fish.. ore look for hoof N turf 🙂 ♥♥


    • Well we can keep you well fed on Tuesday and Wednesday – purrrrhaps you need a big TAKE OUT BAG with extras for the next several days to see you thru the snow? Just let Miss D know. She can make arrangements!

      Hugs! Ted O Nator


    • Icicles in the fur must be rather miserable! Glad you’re keeping your crew PATIENT – doing security checks in the snow has to be NO FUN! Thanks for being the calming influence Chief Clowie!


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