Teaser Tuesday Class


“Sargeant Clowie, when is Spring coming?  It’s cold out here!!”

Yes it sure is………………..and we hope you come on inside and get some hot chocolate to warm up!    We are in the classroom and can hear the students running in the hall to get to their desks………..see you later Clowie and Company!

GOOD MORNING STUDENTS!   You sounded like a herd of cattle thundering down the hall – have you all COMMENTED????   Good, then have a seat and let’s begin class.

We will start by reminding you of the rules for Teaser Class guessing…………..AND show you the badges that you will win if you’re lucky ducks!


No it was just a figure of speech Louise – of course you will get a badge if you deserve one just like the REST of the class!

Yes we know that it’s about time we introduced a new set of badges – they’ll be coming – our Graphics Department has been a bit busy lately but perhaps we can get some new badges if we WHINE loud enough…..

Alright Already!  I’m sure you’ve made your case – maybe by next week we’ll have new badges!

Are you ready for today’s Teaser photo?   Maybe that will get this class back in order.     It’s a Graphics Department photo so who knows what we’ll see when our Guard brings the photo in!

I’m substituting for our regular guard – besides I like to put on my “cop gear” once in a while – makes me feel LARGE AND IN CHARGE!



There you have it gang – ought to give you a headache or two trying to figure it out.   If you’d like to have that puzzled look wiped off your faces I’d suggest you listen to the Cheer Team – that makes us smile every time!

Howdy do and la de da
We just got back from the spa
Just in time to cheer you up
Every human, cat or pup!
So get to work with your thinking caps on
Now let’s go get lunch before all the food is gone!
We’ll be back tomorrow with losers and winners
Let’s head to Miss D’s and have some yummy dinner!

Good idea ladies………………………….line up students!

Hello Students!  Hope you brought your appetites with you – time to eat!

What’s To Eat Today?

Good luck students!   We’ll see you in class tomorrow!!

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy


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  1. HI, happy Tuesday!

    I’m trying to figure out whether that’s a swimming pool in the front or maybe a nuclear reactor. I suspect there are some of those infamous otters lurking in it!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ladies, as always, you make the day better with your outfits and cheers! AND I’d love some veal cutlet with baked tater please and bread pudding AND lemon merengue pie!


  3. Nothing like unearthing another relic of ancient Rome from the ashes of Mt. Vesuvius! This is… or rather, WAS Pompeii Civic Arena and Penitentiary. The circular layout allowed for the entire prison population to watch the gladiator matches that went on in the prison yard. Featuring fierce warriors without any armor or weapons (Usually “volunteers” from death row) facing off against the man eating otters that swam in the fountain. It’s amazing how well preserved the entire facility is after being buried for almost 2,000 years… even the otters look like they were frozen in time…. no wait, they actually survived the mountains of lava, which is why the archaeologists assigned to this dig were never heard from again….

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  4. Oh! My COD! I can’t believe we are even a higher number than last week! This week we are comment #75! AND we know where it is, it is the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center in Culpeper, VA but Ms Ingrid already guessed it! Darn Mom! We gotta get her out and about earlier! Sigh! Can we have the fired fish platter to share please? And we hope you guys have a fabulishiously happy day!


  5. Wehw!! Wee sorta late butt wee here Teddy!
    BellaStia Mum thinkss this place iss sumwhere inn Australia or Mew Zeeland….
    Lunch iss a no-braienr! Missus Dee may wee have 1 order of Spaghetti an Meatballss an 1 xtra meatball fore meeself an 1 peece of Lemon Pie an a wee saucer of milk pleese an Thanx?!?!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ BellaSita Mum


  6. ted o nator ….if itz knot two late ta put R order in for pan cakez 🙂 we wood like order pleez a brekfest pizza pie !!! we due knot noe wear thiz iz, but it wood bee nice if sum one could tern de place inta apart mintz….what a grate veew !! 😉 ♥♥


    • TWO KINGSIZE BREKFEST PIZZAS comin’ right up! (One is on the house – well not ON the house but IN the house – well not IN the house but made BY the house – well not a house – a kitchen……). Enjoy! We think that place in the Teaser photo would make great apartments…..up on a hill – what a view. We agreeeeeeeee!

      Hugs, Ted O Nator


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