Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello Sunday Friends!    Actually I hope you’re all my “every day” friends……….but on Sundays’ we all get together and share our latest Selfies.   Our hosts at The Cat On My Head give us a nice spot every Sunday where we can click on a link from the Hop and see ALLLLLLLLLLLL our friends’ selfies.   If you’d like to join – please do- just click their badge above and find the link.

My Mom actually took several photos of me this week (amazing huh?).    Two of them are embarrassing but I’ll show them anyway.    Actually I shouldn’t be embarrassed as I was quite comfy in both of them but she thought they were hilarious.  Why?   Well in one I only had my HEAD inside a tent while the rest of me slept outside and the other one I had HALF of myself in another tent while I was sound asleep snoring inside.     It’s not that I can’t go all the way in – I can – but I just didn’t!

Here are both of the photos……………….I’ll only artify one of them and turn it into a puzzle.

The one on the right is one of my new favorite nap spots….it’s where our Christmas tree was and when it disappeared I continued to take naps there ANYWAY.   The one on the left is in my Mom’s office.   The blue thing on top of my tent is a towel and it’s wrapped around the tent to block the other three holes for entrance/exit.  It’s more “private” without the other portholes and I NORMALLY (whatever that is) go all the way inside.   This day I just made it halfway and fell asleep.

Mom did the left photo on Lunapic to make it a bit more PRETTY……………….and made a puzzle out of the PRETTY version.    She used the “FAIRY” Art Effect – I like it!

AND – here’s the puzzle version just for all you puzzlers out there in blog-land!!   Good luck and Happy Sunday…………………………….just goes to show even a blooper type selfie can be artsy.




Happy Snoozy Sunday!  Hugs, Teddy

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  1. Those are fun photos, Teddy. You are keeping the light out of your eyes! Lovely art effect too, and thanks for the puzzle.


  2. You sure gave me a smile Teddy! When mom sees me partly in the tunnel, she knows I am either waiting for Kozmo OR I am asking her to come play. You are a good boy. You go to sleep!


  3. You are an excellent snoozer, Teddy! Us peeps could take an example from you…ie: just relax and take a nap!

    We woke up to 4+ inches of ‘not in the forecast’ snow this morning. *That* put a damper on getting to church on time…phooey. Maybe if we all just go back to bed and sleep it will be gone when we wake up??…sigh…and boo to the weather-predictors who were wrong once again…snow was not supposed to be here until Monday night!


  4. Teddy, we think it is so funny you couldn’t make it into your tent in either of these photos. You must have been really “pooped.” We think they are adorable photos. The art looks great. Mom already enjoyed doing the puzzle. Have a great week. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


  5. Hee! Hee! Teddy you make us laugh! Kozmo used to sleep with his head under the bed skirt (until, I, Marv came along and started to whap him when he did). We LOVE your puzzle and the art you Mom made from your shot! Now we have asked Mom to open up one of our cubes and put a towl over it! It is going to be fun!


    • HAHAHA…….it made my cube much cozier…..and I really COULD have gone inside but just needed it to be dark for my eyes – my rear end didn’t care if it was light in the room !!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. Teddy, thank you to you and mum for making me laugh Out LOUD!! What a fun portrait of your * cough cough * back end (as they say in the tech world 😉

    Thank you to you and mum for a gorgeous filter picture too!


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