Teaser Class Time!


“Brrrrrrrr!  Let’s finish security rounds and get some hot chocolate!!”


Happy Tuesday Students!   We heard from Security Chief Clowie all is well around campus so let’s get class started shall we?   Did you COMMENT YET?   Better do it NOW!

“Of course I commented – the second I hopped out of my stroller!”

OK then let’s get going………..first up is a reminder of the rules AND a reminder of the fabulous badges you might win if you are on the ball in class today.

Now you know what’s at stake………………let’s bring out our photo of the day shall we?     It is a GUEST TEASER by the way – and it’s a TOUGHIE!

“Our regular guard is on leave today so I – Sarge – have brought you today’s TEASER!”


This will be a challenge I think…………we have another photo of this place but will share it tomorrow.     Of the two photos submitted, this one is probably the toughest!   We want you to have a challenge.

“uhhh….well….it’s a challenge alright!”

Cheer Team?  I think you’re needed ASAP – our classroom is full of STUNNED STUDENTS!

We see why you are all looking a bit worried
The Teaser photo is a little bit blurried
But you get the idea and have clues to help
Did someone in the back of the room just let out a yelp?
Come on gang and study it hard
Surely one of you will have the winning card
We’ll find out tomorrow who the lucky student might be
Now don’t get freaked out and try to flee!!!!

“Stunned doesn’t even come close!”

Well I do think this is a tough Teaser so good luck students………….I think maybe you should take a tiny break and get some lunch or breakfast.   BRAIN FOOD – could come in handy while you figure out the Teaser!!!

Happy Tuesday!   Time for breakfast or lunch – choose your favorites and ENJOY!

What’s On The Menu?

See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!  GOOD LUCK!!!

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy

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  1. Well, That sure is a church on a hill!! Hmmm…

    May I please have some onion rings, Bacon cheddar chicken tenders, Key Lime Pie and some hot chocolate! Too cold and more frigidity coming our way! Deep freezer weather. And snow showers…aka lake effect.

    I’ll take my tray and go save a seat for Mr Frank, then we can discuss about where that pretty church is.


  2. OK … I could use a new First today … How about First to Agree with Clowie?

    Now the important stuff … food!!!! Breakfast today – The French Toast Egg & Bacon Sandwich (which means first to order to item) … Nobody has gotten the Maple Banana Walnut Coffee Cake (another badge) … The chocolate peanut butter cup pie – yummy! … and a double order of onion rings to share with Miss Ingrid.

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  3. Big Sid “The Soap King” Sudds thought he had a foolproof way of breaking out of The Big House On The Hill That Looks Like A Church But Isn’t (A lot of tax dollars are wasted each year on the prison’s stationery). Recalling the days of his youth when he’d slide down the banister from the upper floor of his home only to get a whoopin’ from his mother…. Big Sid snuck out during a shift change and whizzed on down the railing of the winding steps up to facility. Big Sid was too busy waving at the puzzled guards behind him to notice the giant decorative ball at the bottom of the railing that was about to scramble his eggs. The good news was that the prison’s team of guarding man-eating otters wouldn’t have to settle for a dinner of skinny orphans for dinner that night…

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  4. WOW do you answer all these comments, Teddy? WOW. We’ll take the grouper today but have NO idea about the lovely church. It’s somewhere where those who live there are lucky to live, that’s for sure.


    • Hi gang…yep the East Coast is covered in a blanket but not the kind that’s WARM – it’s the ice cold kind! It’s reminded us that it is after all WINTER and we usually get some snow – but maybe not QUITE this much???!!! One gigantic order of cornless bacon corn chowder coming right up. We’re throwing in a side of bacon too. Can’t have too much bacon!

      Hugs, Ted O Nator


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