Sunday Selfie Hop


Selfie day!    The Cat On My Head hosts a wonderful selfie hop every single Sunday and that’s TODAY!    If you’d like to join in the Hop – click the badge above and find the link and join in the fun.

Oh  boy do I have a weird selfie today for you.   It’s not of me – I’m featuring our SNOW from this week.    Does that mean it’s a “SNOWFIE”????    Mom didn’t take any new photos of me this week so I thought why not show you our first snow of the year.   It was a whopper – 7-8 inches which may not sound like a lot but it was.

This is on my front porch – and we thought the trees looked amazing with the snow lying on every single branch.   Trouble with the photo is there’s no color!   Of course not!   But I bet if I put Lunapic to work we can give this a little jazzed up look!    Check this out (I used the “METALLIC” art filter):

And yes of course I made a puzzle for you puzzlers……………….this art filter really made a challenging puzzle!

Just click this small picture and go to the Jigsaw puzzle….good luck!

Happy Sunday!   Hugs, Teddy


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  1. That’s a lot of snow, Teddy, stay warm my furriend😸Great artwork, but I think the picture itself is a piece of art. Anyway…Here come some warm Pawkisses especially for you on that sweet smiling face of yours🐾😽💞


    • Thanks for the kisses dear Binky! It is a lot of snow and I don’t go out in it but I do kind of like sitting on the front porch looking at it. It was especially pretty this time because it stuck to all the limbs on the trees…..looks like a fairyland!

      Hugs and kisses right back to you! Teddy


  2. WOWser! I’ll bet that will make a LOT of snowicecream! Mama used to make that for us (it snowed in Houston about once every century) but snow was cleaner then, we think. Now when it snows I think snow angels are in the program! Teddy could you make one? I’ve never seen a Snow Kitty Angel. Or maybe mama could cheat and just make one herself that looks like one, haha. Drawing in snow…what FUN!


    • Snow is so polluted now I guess snowicecream wouldn’t be a good idea but back many years ago when my Mom was a little girl she and her brother used to eat a LOT of snow….with permission! Snow Kitty Angel? Mom just googled “Snow Kitty Angels” and there are some GREAT ones to take a look at!!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • I played around with three or four black and white filters on Lunapic and this one was the most unusual in outcome! Glad you like it Ann…..we sure got a lot of snow and without any breeze and because it was wet and heavy it stuck to every single tiny little branch. Really pretty!


  3. Snow is so pretty. Love your special photo too. We got some freezing rain last night. Everything was good driving this morning. They’re saying 20 below zero for the next two nights. Of course I have an appt at 7:30am Monday. Enjoy your day.


  4. That is a lot of snow and it looks like a wet snow… very pretty! If I can’t get any snow I will just enjoy your snow, Teddy Boop. I like the Metallic filter, too. The puzzle will be fun to do this afternoon. AND, I bet you have a fire in the fireplace!


    • We have a fire RIGHT NOW! Mom will be getting back to it as soon as we finish on the computer! It was a heavy and wet snow which made it hard for Dad to get off the driveway. It appears we are going to have a real winter so there will be more snows I’m sure!!! Have fun with the metallic filter….should be interesting!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. Whoa…looks like winter arrived. The first measurable snow is always beautiful. Then it gets out after shoveling and shoveling and piling on layers of clothes to stay warm. By the middle of February, I’m ready for spring to start making appearances!


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