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Friday!    Time to fill in the blanks!    You can do that too if you want to – just click the badge above, link up and share your words in the four sentences our co-hosts give us this week.     It’s fun and a great way to get to know more interesting STUFF about each other.

Here are this week’s FOUR sentences – we get two sentences with blanks from each of our co-hosts.    My Mom and I usually fill them in together – that’s how we did the filling in this week too – if Mom is using HER words in a blank the word is RED and if I’m the one filling the blank in my words are BLUE.

1. My focus word for 2022 is RELAX – don’t get anxious or worried – CHILL! (oops that’s more than one word!)_.
2. This year I want to learn more about independent living communities in this area that we might consider moving to!
3. I had to stay inside because of bad weather – snow, ice and COLD – eeek during the first week of 2022.
4. In this season of my life, I am calming down a lot – not so rambunctious – more settled – maybe content?!.

So that’s it for us this week…………..Mom did some and I did some…………we like to share!    Thanks to our co-hosts for doing this Hop – it’s always fun even if our “filling in” words aren’t very exciting!   HAHA

Mom says RELAX – so I’m relaxing!   

Hugs, Teddy

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We are Angel Sammy and Teddy......! Two ginger cats - one left for the Rainbow Bridge in December of 2016 (but still keeps in touch...) and the other in the "here and now" having lots of fun. Join us as we try to bring smiles to everyone around us with our blog.

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    • As long as you have horses or rent the land out to someone with horses they can keep the “lawn mowed” for you…..and a bungalow is a perfect size house. We just didn’t think about getting older here – and now that we are getting “there” we realize we should have thought about it when we built a house! LOL

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  1. Your bloggie made me remember that I have wanted a larger home forever. Of curse having three kids made a large home a most wished-for thing. But even as things went on with me being here by myself….I wanted a “library” room for all my books, which are a good thousand. (Not paperbacks). I can only have so many out in this time place They are all friends, and there are some I have re-read as many as 25 times. Others too, but that much. “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury will be forever beloved and re-read even yet again, believe me. But I wanted a study, the book room, a place for my musical instrument and me, etc etc. Probably… probably about 10 rooms total. Only in the last year am I appreciative that I have a small home. And I pay for lawn maintenance. A home is work. Never ending…always gladly done, but it’s work. A feller does get older, and as with me this last week or so, ill. So, grateful for what I have and can maintain.


    • We have absolutely loved this house but so many stairs – 3 floors – huge yard…..we have a yard service and we’ve talked about getting a maid service but WE have to live in the house……so downsizing to a cute one floor or one floor with loft or basement makes more sense. These communities take care of landscaping and have nice amenities. We’re just kind of exploring opportunities I guess you could say. One thing for sure is we want to stay HERE or CLOSE. We love Northern Virginia. Hope you are feeling better by the way! 🙂 🙂

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  2. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I can’t imagine you leaving your beautiful home, but it does have a lot of stairs. Sorry you had to stay inside Teddy. Have a nice weekend. XO


    • Mom and Dad won’t move for a long time but they want to look around NOW while they can. Obviously they can’t stay here forever – too much house and yard to take care of. But I don’t care where we are as long as we’re TOGETHER!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. We’ve had some very strange weather too, Teddy. But it hasn’t kept me indoors! The sun sometimes keeps me indoors, but not cool or wet weather.


    • Clowie I bet you don’t mind getting wet feet – I can handle WET but not SNOWY WET. Although yesterday I finally got brave and Mom was shocked to see me walking through the snow – I was just tired of sticking to the sidewalk or driveway!


  4. Hey Teddy can teach Jake about calming down? He is up all night and into everything. He is 6. Find paw prints every morning on stove top. LOL.


    • Teddy spends a lot of time awake at night I think….he does sleep some but will meow downstairs until I get up and go see what he wants….usually he just wants a “top up” of his treats! Some nights I really do wish he was one of those kitties who SLEEPS all night right on the bed and doesn’t want a thing but to snuggle!!!


  5. We love your fill-ins! Mom’s Dad and Step Mom moved into a wonderful extended living facility, it is almost like a hotel. They have their own apartment which has a kitchen but they also have a dining room with a wonderful chef. And the best part, pets are OK! They have been there for 5 years and wish they had moved in sooner. Mom’s Dad says the best thing is enjoying the garden without having to do the hard work. And he does not miss the stairs in the house at all. And Teddy, we agree with your 3 and 4!


    • There are some beautiful 55+ places around here – many are single family homes or condos. They do all the landscaping which is nice. We are maybe five years or so away from wanting to make a move but we thought we should explore now! The place your Mom’s Dad and StepMom are living sounds wonderful!

      Hugs, Pam

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