Tell All Class at Christmas


I see the ginger triplets are here this morning – Homer, Holly and Hobo.    Thanks for giving us some free Christmas cheer today gang!     WELCOME TO TELL ALL for CHRISTMAS everyone!

“Roger – no drinking in class!”

What a great Teaser we had yesterday.    It certainly DID give some of you “pause” before you guessed……………….you’ll see what we mean in a little while.   FIRST though, let’s talk about our FIRST COMMENTERS – we had FOUR of them.    YEP – FOUR!

Drumroll pleeeeeeze……..


All of you get a copy of this Christmas First Commenter badge of your VERY OWN:

I was one of FOUR (yes I said FOUR) FIRST COMMENTERS on the Christmas Teaser post of December 21, 2021 !!

Now we’ll give you the scoop on the Teaser photo from yesterday.    Here it is again:

This is the Christmas celebration in BETHLEHEM, ISRAEL (six miles from Jerusalem)

Bethlehem is not “part” of Jerusalem…..some people think it is but it isn’t.    This is quite a special place to celebrate Christmas though as you can plainly see in the photo!

There is ANOTHER Bethlehem located in Pennsylvania which is well known as a Christmas destination thanks to its’ name.    There are many Bethlehems but the PA one and the Israel one are the biggies.

SO who guessed this FIRST?    Let’s have a drum roll then we’ll tell you!

(WOW – a Double drumroll)


(obviously this crowd is from somewhere SOUTH!!)

And here is your badge Miss Ingrid:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Christmas Teaser post of December 21, 2021 !!!

If you guessed correctly but weren’t FIRST then you get one of these!

I guessed RIGHT on the Christmas Teaser of December 21, 2021 BUT I was not FIRST!!

Were you WRONG?  Well you still get a Christmas badge……………….one of these:

Phooey! I guessed WRONG on the Christmas Teaser of December 21, 2021.

That was a goodie!    What a FUN couple of Christmas celebrations we had this week right students?    Tuesday Teaser and Tell All at Christmas time are extra fun and festive – all of you in costumes help make that even more true!    Our CHEER TEAM has a Christmas greeting for all of you THEN they have a cheer for today.

Yesterday we went skiing
Today from all this snow we’re fleeing
It’s been so cold our lips turned blue
Which is certainly not a flattering hue!
FIRST COMMENTERs were Sharon, Ingrid, Charles and Frank
But there’s no prize money to take to the bank!
Miss Ingrid was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER
She’s smarter than either of our Professors.
We wish Merry Christmas to one and all
Enjoy your holiday and have a ball!

Thanks Girls……Hope Santa is good to you!

“My tummy is growling – can we eat now???”

Yes indeed we can.   Let’s head to the cafeteria and enjoy our last meal at school before Christmas shall we?????

“Move it!  Single file!  No shoving!”

Gosh it’s good to see good old Sarge patrolling the hallways…………..he usually works in the Detention Hall.    Good spot for him.

“Hello Students!  We hope you enjoy your Christmas meal today….!”


ENJOY!  See you all next week!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy


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  1. Cheers to fellow Firsties Sharon and Charles …. Woo hoo to Ingrid for a double badge day. But Ingrid, I got FOUR badges today! 🙂

    LUNCH TIME!!! Shepherd’s Pie with a touch of roasted carrots, Christmas Cake, Cherry Chocolate Cake, & Chocolate-banana Smoothie. PSSST …. Can I get an order of onion rings to surprise Ingrid for Christmas?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a festive post. Congrats to all those first commenters and double congrats to Ingrid!!! Great cheer ladies. I hope Santa is good to you all. Have a Merry Christmas Ms. Dingleberry and the rest of the school staff. XO


  3. Congratulations to all the winners! Yes, a Merry Christmas to Miss D and Clowie and thanks to them both for all they do for the school! Merry to the Cheer Team, too!
    Could I just have the gigantic bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy?!!! I feel the need for carbs and what better way than with mashed potatoes. And a serving of roasted carrots!
    Oh, and a huge thank you to the Graphics Department for all the wonderful Teasers!


    • Mashed potatoes and gravy are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good – Cupcake and her Mom also ordered a HUGE bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy! The Graphics Department thanks you for appreciating the agony occasional difficulty they have in finding a photo that will fool the smarty pants students at school!!!

      Hugs, Teddy and the old Graphics Lady


  4. Apaws, apaws, Ingrid! And concats to Sharon, Frank, Charles, too! OMG, I was only 6 tiny miles from that beautiful badge away??? Is there a school therapist? I should visit her, although: Or should I use the tried and trusted strategy and visit the cafeteria right now? Maybe a few holiday egg nests, some roast breast, baked apples and cranberries, a really awesome Christmas cake and chocolate banana smoothie would comfort me.


  5. Hello everyone!! As early as I was yesterday…as late as I am today…LOL! At least. I *did* get here!

    A pat on the back for me! Make that two! And congrats to my fellow firsties and to all wo guessed rigt too…I almost had it wrong, but I was interested to check it out some more…and OMC, I discovered the real truth! LOL!

    Hi Mr Frank! Thanks for holding my seat! I am ready for those onion rings now…and some of those Christmas Egg nests, some baked Cranberry Apples, and a hot chocolate sound good to me…Please!?!
    We had some more snow overnight…not too much, thankfully!
    Have to go and corral the hooligans now…the plumber is coming…we need to fix a faucet and a leaky pipe somewhere else. Sheesh, these old houses.


    • Oh my – hope the plumber gets you fixed up – you need all those pipes and faucets for the holiday!! Enjoy those extra onion rings Mr. Frank ordered for you and everything else you are having. Well done Miss Ingrid…you are a STAR student for sure!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. If wee were anymore wrong wee wuud bee wronger! Mew mew mew…..
    HURRAH for Miss Ingrid ❤
    Maybee wee shuud order lunch now….
    Missus dee may wee have 1 order of Catmess Pancakess an 1 wee order of sum Ham? An fore 'ssert may wee have 1 peece of Cherry Choccie Cake an a tiny saucer of milk pleese? Many thanx Missus Dee fore all yore guud cookin thru out THE Yeer! Yore wunderful!!!
    Moewy Catmess! ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum


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