Tuesday Teaser – Christmas Style!


“Perfect snowy day for Teaser Class – let’s report in and grab some hot chocolate!”


This is the last class before Christmas so hopefully you will be taking home a souvenir badge when all is said and done tomorrow at Tell All.    Meantime, we hope you enjoy class today.     We see many of you dressed up for class…………you look simply wonderful!

Now let’s get down to business……….I’m sure you’re anxious to go have your Christmas breakfast or lunch so ON WITH THE SHOW.     First up, rules and badges!

“I’m so excited!!!!!!!”

We are too – now let’s go ahead and show you the Teaser photo so you can get started on figuring it out shall we????????

Where Was This Photo Taken?   

Cheer Team – how about coming on in and cheering for Christmas!

Christmas Day is almost here
We’d rather be skiing or having a beer
But since we’re here we’ll let you know
The Teaser photo has no snow!
We have a feeling this one won’t be tough
But being FIRST might be rough!
So get busy right now and look for clues
You know you deserve to win – you’ve paid your dues!
A Christmas Badge would be really cool
You could show it off in front of the school!

“We’re Gonna Try Hard to Win!”

While you’re agonizing over the Teaser – you can stay here in the classroom OR go with us to the cafeteria……..sometimes your brain needs a little jump start with food to get going in the morning!


Marge insists on escorting you to the cafeteria!   Lucky you!

Breakfast and Lunch ready to be served everyone!  Enjoy your Holiday meal!

Today’s Choices:


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  1. I think I should celebrate my Prospective Closest Wrong Guess (PCWG) badge. Could I have some apple scalloped potatoes, a slice of holiday pizza and a holiday trifle and a cranberry smoothie?


  2. I love the badges and that is a great cheer. No clue as to where the photo was taken though. You ladies can go get that beer now. 🙂 XO


  3. Hello! I haven’t even turned the computer on and just looked at my phone. Day 2 of a gallstones attack and feel rough.


  4. Looks like a scene from Christmas 2: Electric Boogaloo. Baby Jesus is a year old now, and doesn’t want frankincense or myrrh, but a Batman Power Wheels ride-on instead. The Wise Men never showed up because they couldn’t see the star due to all of the light pollution. And the mayor of Bethlehem faced a civil lawsuit for staging a nativity scene on city property. Oh, and then there’s all the cute donkeys and sheep who….. um….. disappeared once the man-eating otters showed up in the manger.

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  5. Are your reddy Teddy?? BellaSita Mum sayss foto iss from Prague!
    Mee thimkss she iss wrong so mee gonna order Lunch!
    Missus Dee may wee have 2 Turkey an fixinss pleese? An fore ‘ssert may wee have a nice bowl of Hollyday Tryfull….Thanx Missus Dee! Moewy Catmess an Happy Mew Yeer!
    ***purrss*** bellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum


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