Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Sunday!   Time to HOP with The Cat On My Head.    If you’d like to join in, click their badge above and LINKUP.     I am SURE there will be a whole lot of Christmas selfies today since it’s the last Selfie Hop before SANTA PAWS comes to visit but mine is related to Christmas in a way.     See Mom was wrapping presents in her office and I hopped up on the studio couch to take a bath and have a nap.    So while it’s not ME under the Christmas tree or in a present box or lounging on wrapping paper, it is SORT of Christmasy!

Next week when we do Selfies it will be post-Christmas……”the morning after” and I’m sure there will be some “sleeping in late” but I’ll be up and Mom and I will be adding my Selfie to the mix.    Hope to see you there!    And – MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THOSE WHO CELEBRATE IT!!!

Here’s a puzzle of my photo……………………Yep we did this one without “artifying” it at all……it’s just me – in the flesh without fancy effects!



Love, Teddy


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  1. Your Mom must have been very happy with your choice of snoopervisory perch!

    We did have Christmas selfies today as well! And more next week as well…(Cause Saturday is not a normal posting day for us.)

    Have a good Sunday! Hope you don’t get too much snow, we had a couple of inches…of sloppy wet snow, but now its all hard cause the temp dropped to about 25F.


    • Definitely Mr. Frank – but one thing that’s bothering me a bit is that it’s VERY VERY windy today. I hate wind. I might have to stick to the front porch! Not as much fun as the leaves and yard!

      Happy Sunday
      Hugs, Teddy


    • Actually Mom couldn’t believe it when she turned around in her desk chair and saw me on the studio couch. Might be the third time in almost six years that I actually DID hop up on it! I usually sleep in her office on the floor – close to the space heater. Tee Hee

      Hugs, teddy


    • Funny you should say that. When she was younger she went to all kinds of trouble to make gorgeous presents with fanciful bows – these days it’s “Wham/Bam/THANK YOU MAM” with stick on bows! LOL Anyway, the wrapping comes off in a second and gets thrown away but what’s inside is the part that makes people smile (hopefully).

      Hugs, Teddy Boop

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