Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday everyone.    The day we are THANKFUL with Brian and POETIC with Angel Sammy.     First up of course will be Brian – and if you want to join in with a THANKFUL post – just link up with Brian on his blog (click above) and we’ll see you there!

Thankful that Mom and Dad say they are pretty much READY for Christmas.   That means the three of us can be home together and not have “frantic” shopping days (which for me translates to NOT GETTING TO GO OUTSIDE AS MUCH!).    They’re pretty much done with shopping so I am their FOCUS again!   YAY!    Also of course thankful that we’re all remaining healthy when so many are back on the merry go round with the pandemic.

Also happy that Angel Sammy sent his poem to us right on time – again!   He never lets me down.

Happy Almost Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas but it’s already POETIC THURSDAY so let’s get started shall we?    Remember all you have to do is write a poem using the photos I give you to inspire your poem.   Easy right?    You even have a WHOLE WEEK to think about and write your poem.   The photo I gave you LAST THURSDAY is the subject of today’s poems.    After I show you my poem I’ll give you a photo for NEXT Thursday.   

Here’s the photo from last week……………..with my poem following.   OH HOW I LOVE THIS PHOTO (and many of you wrote to tell me you do too!!!!)

“Is This REALLY Necessary??”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©December 15, 2021

I really must know so I hope you’ll tell

Is this my punishment for being “the dog from hell” ??

You get upset when I empty the garbage can

Or steal your towels or bark at the mail man

It’s not bad enough that you put curlers on my head

But I can’t even blush so my cheeks are bright red!

I look really sad and I don’t mean maybe

I can promise you this – I won’t forget this lady!!!


If you wrote a poem for this photo – let us know in comments and give us a link so we can go visit you and read your poetic work.    I love reading all your poems.

Oh there will definitely be some revenge on whoever did this to this sad critter.   But you have to admit – his (or her) face kind of TELLS IT ALL.    There’s no holding back on that expression is there.   Love this photo.   Now, how about next week – I have another goodie for you I think……in time for Christmas!

Uhoh……someone doesn’t look too happy.    It’s going to happen that’s for sure!    Let’s see what we can do “poetically” for her shall we?    

Until next week when we get together – enjoy these days leading up to Christmas…….spend time with your family…….and friends.    Be thankful for what you have and say a prayer or two for those who have so little.     I’ll see you next Thursday!!

Hugs, Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy…….I sure like the poem you did for that poor dog in curlers.  Tee Hee.   Next week is a winner too – can’t wait to see your poem and everyone else’s!  I’ll look forward to seeing you just before Christmas……………..

Love, Teddy

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  1. Your poem say it all!

    That girl might have coal n her box?? She sure has a classc stink eye scowl!

    Here is our poem:

    Pup in Rollers…

    Oh, my, dear me,
    Sheesh, can you see?
    I got a groom.
    But I want to zoom.
    What, I may not?
    I have to stay clean?
    Why, that’s just mean.
    I’m a pup, you know…
    Not the beauty queen!

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    • Oh that poem is ever so right – pups should be pups and not “show pieces” !! I imagine this pup would like to be ANYWHERE ELSE but with rollers in her hair in front of a camera! LOL Next week’s photo may be a lesson in being grateful for what you have…..

      Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

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  2. Oh, that little girl…she probably ate all the chocolates, haha. So glad SOMEONE is ready for Christmas. This year we are laid back…more than other holidays, but it’s because we are not with family.
    Sometimes mama like Christmas to just be in January or June or whenever….


    • We hold on to hope that maybe NEXT Christmas we can have a more normal holiday….this year – well – we can enjoy our small individual gatherings and pray for those less fortunate because there are PLENTY of those! I think the dog in today’s photo might be getting ready to celebrate the holiday in style though!

      Hugs, Teddy

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    • Loved your poem…I suspect there are a lot of long-suffering pups (and cats!) who put up with spa days….not sure how many are big fans but as with most things, some love a “break” in routine! Next week’s is going to be interesting.

      Hugs, Pam

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    • We probably won’t have a White Christmas BUTTTT we will have a cold Christmas so Santa won’t have any problem landing on our roof……hopefully……!! We know you won’t have any snow that’s for sure!

      Love, Teddy Boop


  3. Funny poe-em ‘angel’ Sammy!! Youu allwayss rite such grate poe-emss!! Teddy can you emagin wearin curlurss?? Bet itw uud feel weerd! Love THE foto fore next week. Not sure if wee pawticipate…Both mee an BellaSita unwell.
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum


  4. Very cute poem from Angel Sammy and the photo for next week looks like it will be fun to write about. And wonderful thankfuls Teddy. XO


  5. It’s sure good to be ready for Christmas Teddy and maybe you’ll get to go out some more. That was some fun poem!!! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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