Teaser Tell All


(radio static….) “Officer Clowie to School Janitor….please clear the parking lot of “debris” from yesterday’s visit by Santa and his man-eating otters STAT!”

Greetings students – time for the TELL ALL !

It was quite a day yesterday with our visitors but now that Officer Clowie is taking care of getting the parking lot back in order, we can just chalk that experience up to a lesson learned never to become a criminal.    Yesirree boys and girls, it pays to stay on the straight and narrow.    That includes STUDYING HARD so you can eventually graduate from Ding Dong Fish School and go on to some sterling career in………….whatever!

Now let’s talk yesterday’s TEASER shall we?     When we opened the school doors yesterday we had only ONE of you chomping at the bit to be FIRST COMMENTER.

Drumroll please……..



Here is your winners badge – Sharon you get ANOTHER one of these for your collection:

I was the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser post of December 14, 2021. YAY FOR ME !!!!

Then we got down to business – waiting for a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER……………………….it was so quiet in class you could hear a pin drop…..you all were studying the Teaser photo really hard!

“pins? what pins…we didn’t hear pins!”

Finally we had not one but TWO of you who gave the RIGHT ANSWER at the SAME TIME!    That’s right – that sure doesn’t happen often but we had TWO FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS in the same minute:


Drumroll please…………………..



You each get one of these badges THEN and we have a special double win badge for Miss Sharon

I was one of TWO FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS on the Teaser post of December 14, 2021….we guessed right at the SAME time!!!!! WOW!!!!

And THIS one is for you Sharon:

I was a DOUBLE FIRSTIE on the Teaser Post of December 14, 2021! I was the FIRST COMMENTER AND one of TWO First Right Guessers…..lucky me! AND Leo is handing me a glass of champagne!

Did you also guess correctly?    Well you DO get a badge for that so help yourself to one of these if you were RIGHT:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of December 14, 2021 BUT I was not the FIRST one to be right!

And of course if you DID guess but you were WRONG WRONG WRONG, you still get a badge – it’s this one and you can copy it for your VERY OWN!

I guessed on the Teaser of December 14, 2021 but sadly my guess was WRONG. I still won a badge….so I’m happy anyway!

Now on to the Teaser – what’s the scoop on it???????    Here it is one more time:

Christmas Market in Valkenburg, The Netherlands

And you MUST see this wonderful video of Valkenburg and the markets – you will WANT to go there yourself!    CLICK HERE

HOPE YOU STUDENTS ENJOYED OUR HOLIDAY TEASER – there will be another one NEXT week too!

Cheer Team?    Come and give us a cheer before we go to lunch please??

What a day in Teaserland
Wake up the marching band!
But she wasn’t done with winning while the horns were blaring!
SHARON and CHARLES chimed in together
To be TWIN FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS in this snowy weather!
Simultaneous Firsties is quite amazing
With our cheer the roof we’re raising!!

Now let’s round out today’s class with a nice lunch in the cafeteria………………..and remember class, next week special CHRISTMAS BADGES and we’ll celebrate the fact Santa is on his way!

OK Students!  Bring it on – we’re ready for a crowd at the cafeteria line!

Pre-Christmas Menu:

See you next week students!  Remember – Santa is watching you!

Your Professors

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  1. Congratulations Charles!

    Double congratulations Sharon!

    I think the school and grounds are back to normal after a very eventful day or two.


    • I think the same thing – that would be SO MUCH fun to visit at holiday time. I doubt that will happen for us but “never say never” ! Yes Clowie was right on top of that mess the otters left – YAY FOR CLOWIE!

      Hugs, Pam

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cheers Sharon for the double – and hooray Charles! …. but I didn’t see my Last Wrong Answer badge! 😦 … but I still won!!! 😀

    Lunch time … Shrimp Fried Rice … Onion Rings .. make that a double order in case Ingrid joins me. … Must try the chocolate bacon zucchini bread (first time for me – must be a Teddie special) … and a cranberry smoothie. As always, a balanced lunch.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations to Sharon and Charles and a thank you to Clowie for a job well done! That is a very cool shopping experience in The Netherlands. Good Morning to Virginieeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Such a selection of FOOD today… I am going to have bacon wrapped chicken with mushroom sauce with a side of shrimp and grits… Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Enjoy your tart and smoothie…..Clowie certainly did keep us all safe when those otters landed…..and did a good job making sure school grounds personnel cleaned up the “evidence” of their visit!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  4. Yikes,, there sure was a mess out there by those buses…OMC! Clowie and his crew did a great job to clean it all up:)

    Yes, I need to visit that ‘KerstMarkt’ for sure! My bucket list is growing larger each week, when I come to class, LOL!

    Congrats to Charles and a double congrats to Miss Sharon!

    A pat on the back to me for my right but not first, guess.

    I see Mr Frank has saved me a seat. Yoo Hoo, I am here now!!!
    May I please have some onion rings (of course I HAVE to have those, LOL!), some of the bacon BLT pie, and some peaches and cream pie…and that hot choc with peppermint candy canes looks good, too. Thanks. Maybe I need a big tray to lug all of that over to my saved seat:)


    • Oh I think you can juggle that tray of food – I bet you carry around bigger loads than THAT at work!!!! Congrats for being right – AND yes our dear Clowie and her crew made sure school grounds crew got rid of the “evidence” left behind by the otters.

      Hugs, Pam


  5. Concats to Miss Sharon and to Mr Charles! WOWWWWW, being a sole First In Class and a Shared First Right Guesser is really special!!!! I think I cannot resist a loaded sweet potato casserole and a raspberry tart and purrrrrhaps some peaches and cream pie!


    • Oh gumbo is a nice choice!! I bet your Mama’s will be delish whatever she does with those shrimpies! Please tell your Mama we received her gift to my Mom. She’s excited – I like it when Mom’s excited!

      Love, Teddy


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