Teaser Class Is Now!


“Campus quiet…..let’s report in and get some breakfast!”

“Hi Gang…..it’s class time AND time for you to COMMENT too!”

Hope everybody enjoyed the Thanksgiving break if you celebrate Thanksgiving that is – and that everyone else is rested up from the weekend and ready to have a WHACK at a Teaser photo.    We’ve got one for you but who knows if you’ll find it tough or easy.   You all are very good at figuring things out that’s for sure and our Graphics Department has a heckofa time finding Teasers that are “Foolers” !!

“Awwww…go ahead and say it – we’re SMARTIES!”

Well you sure can be so let’s see how well you do today.    First though let’s talk about the RULES for Teaser Class and show you the badges you just might win if you’re sharp as a tack today with your guessing!


Miss Madge, could you please page our Photo Security Guard to bring the photo of the day into the classroom?????????????????


“It’s nice to hear Miss Madge’s voice again….well….sort of……Here’s today’s Teaser Professors!”

WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN????????????????????

Cheer Team?    Ready to do your stuff?    We see you are not wearing your fish outfits – too cold in the water I bet!

It was too dang cold in the pool at school
We were covered in icicles which was just plain cruel!
So in our old uniforms with scarves we are here
We’ll wear these outfits until the new year.
The Teaser photo today makes us wish we were THERE
No snow to be seen just water everywhere
Hope you will study and win a cool badge
But if you don’t win promise you won’t scream like Madge!

Alright ladies – makes sense you don’t want to wear those fish outfits and be in the water when it’s this darn cold.    thanks for pumping up the volume in class – this bunch either needs lunch or coffee!

Let’s go grab some lunch in the cafeteria!

Now that it’s almost December, we’re all getting festive for the occasion – even in the cafeteria!



Your Professors



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  1. Good Morning! Congrats to all the Speedy Ones this morning. I am going to have to pass up the Grouper today for the Shrimp and Grits… it just sounds delicious! And a slice of peaches and cream pie! I am not sure about that lonely little lighthouse. I was hoping for Floridadeedo but that is a nope!


    • NO GROUPER? WOW………well, I can’t blame you when there’s shrimp and grits on the menu – there’s a place in town where Mom and Dad go and have that FREQUENTLY. Peaches and cream pie – that has to be a winner.

      Hugs, Teddy

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  2. We are all going to have some hot chocolate and come back later for lunch! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


  3. I’m totally exhausted. I’ve visited ALL BUT ONE lighthouses of the world – except for THAT one which is the teaser, of course. I need new energy. Could I have a BBQ chicken pizza, some peaches and cream pie, a chocolate peanut butter cup pie and a cup of tea?


  4. In the summertime, Lighthouse Completely Lax Security Penitentiary isn’t much of a sight to see. But in the winter after the first snowfall, it’s home to the exciting spectator sport of prisoner sledding! Yes, the completely unsuspecting inmates are lured outdoors with the promise of an extracurricular physical and fun activity… but we all know what’s waiting for them at the bottom of that hill. Don’t eat the red snow, kiddies!

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  5. Look at all the firsties! And all those who came before us! We got Mom up at 3:30am our time but it was still the lovely Spark by that Longfellow and THEN we got Mom to look at 7:30 when we finally rousted her out of bed, but the tablet did not want us to comment (Wrong login) so now we are here after Cinnamon’s morning walk! Mom says that it looks like the Cattle Point lighthouse on San Juan Islands WA. She has seen it several times taking the ferry to WA from Victoria, BC. But we are just happy that we got to school! (And |LUN|CH!!!) No supply chain problems here (our major highways are washed out right now) we would LOVE some Grouper Francaise! Teddy, we hope you, your Mom and your Dad have a marvellously HAPPY day! Marv
    PS Mom says great minds must think alkie to choose the same quote for Dad Pete

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    • HA! First of all your guess is RIGHT so you are officially a RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser……..secondly Mom got a big kick out of being “twins” on the quote for Dad Pete…………

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. So BellaSita Mum iss convinced this litehouse iss on THE west coast of Nova Scotia Canada. Mee jsut hopess wee on THE rite conntynent Teddy!
    Missus Dee may wee have 2 Lobstur Ommylettess an fore ‘ssert may wee have a tiny cherry smoothie an a regulur size Smoothie? Many thanx!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ BellaSita Mum


    • Mac n cheese – one of my Mom’s ALL TIME FAVE FOODS. One giant-sized order comin’ right up! We are fine and hope you all are too! Santa is watching you know…..we gotta behave!

      Hugs, Ted O Nator


  7. I love the cheer team’s new cold weather and festive outfits! Even Miss D got herself a new look…sort of, LOL!

    That tree dude and his crew had trouble with their truck, so I was waiting for them in vain, and hence now I am late getting here, though I did expect to not be a fiirstie…

    I am going to add my guess with several of the others that your Teaser Picture is one of The Cattle Point lighthouse that looks over San Juan Island’s southernmost point, in San Juan Island of Washington State, USA. I never knew a tropical sounding island was there off the NW coast of USA. Go figure! It sure looks barren there. (If its Cattle Point, where are the cattle????)

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  8. Is it really Tuesday? Are you sure? The trouble is I changed my usual groceries delivery day from Tuesday to Thursday from this week and it has completely thrown me off course. It looks like a lovely American lighthouse on a cape somewhere, but I am so put out by losing Tuesday that is all I have got!


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