Teaser Tell All Time!


“We’re BAAAACK!”

Time for telling it all…………….and we’ll award badges to our ONE Early Bird and our FIRST RIGHT GUESS student!     Shall we get started??

“YES!  Get the show on the road!  It’s WAY past time for my bottle!!”

Alright alright alright – keep your hair on – oh wait – you don’t have any.   HAHAHA

First let’s show you yesterday’s Teaser photo one more time…………….

We thought this was a stunning photo but a whole lot of you found it spooky.   Well I suppose it COULD be spooky but in just a bit we’ll TELL ALL and let you know where this is.    First up though let’s see who was our one and only FIRST COMMENTER yesterday morning!




She was there the second we went live which was 7:15AM EST.  Here’s your badge Miss Pix!

I was the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser post of November 23, 2021 for Thanksgiving! YAY FOR ME!

THEN we waited and waited for someone to guess the Teaser photo…………………..pretty soon someone raised their hand and made a guess and by golly SHE WAS RIGHT!   Who was it???

Drumroll please…………



Here is your badge for being our First Right Guesser Miss Ingrid………….concatulations:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Thanksgiving Teaser of November 23, 2021! Yay for ME!

Miss Ingrid certainly is a frequent flyer when it comes to being right on the money with her guesses.   Wanna know WHERE she guessed the Teaser photo was taken??

This is lovely (or scary) Bern, Switzerland !!

If you also guessed right – you get one of these!

Well I was RIGHT with my guess but I was NOT First. I’ll try harder next week!!!!

And if you guessed but were WRONG then you get a WRONG GUESSER badge:

I guessed on the Teaser photo for Thanksgiving on November 23, 2021 BUT I was WRONG – yes I said WRONG! BOO HOO.

Good Job Students!

Cheer Team?  You’re ON ladies!

There you have it another Tell All
We think if you were WRONG you should go to Study Hall!
First to show up was our Miss PIX
She was excited about being first which gave us some kicks!
Then sooner or later we had a right guess
It was someone who makes a HABIT of being a Teaser success!
Miss Ingrid got it right before anyone did
She hit the jackpot – had the winning bid!
We know you all tried and did your best
Maybe next week you’ll win and we’ll be impressed!

Now I would like to suggest we head on over to the cafeteria and grab another Thanksgiving meal – if we don’t all gain ten pounds this Thanksgiving then I’ll be MIGHTY SURPRISED!

My kitchen staff and I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!

Today’s FAB Menu:


Your Proud Professors….Angel Sam and Teddy too

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  1. Whoot! I was right! It helps to have a well traveled family member…that place looks like its in the depths of a wintry frosty kind of fog…the kind that Rudolf’s red nose would have to help be a guide!

    It would be cool to make an itinerary of all the places in one continent or another, to visit the teaser places…I sort of get hungry to see the world when I come to the teaser class.

    Prof Teddy, um…you somehow look a wee bit less than a professor with your hat! Be careful of turkey hinters…they are on the loose right now…eeeek! At least we don’t have to worry that our guest bobcat will chase you, he went home Tuesday late afternoon…but we are still leashed up for now…later today we can ‘roam’ again. Ahh!

    May I please have some onion rings, a Maple Bacon Upside Down cake,and a Berry Banana Smoothie? Might as well get a head start on the Thanksgiving feasting. And I’ll save Mr Frank a seat…we can share my noms…and he will undoubtedly have his own carb bomb as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, the Swiss know how to decorate…I’ll have the roasted carrots today…a little dieting going on for my winter-rounding-tummy, mama says.


  3. Congrats to the winners! I knew I recognised it but couldn’t place it. It was only when I saw the guess of Bern that I knew it was right. It is a very beautiful place, but I don’t remember seeing it in that light 🙂
    While I am here I will have crab cakes and save them for lunch please.


  4. Congratulations Pix!

    Congratulations Ingrid!

    I had the place narrowed down to Europe, but I spent a very long time investigating Austria. Close, but not close enough. 😀


  5. Congrats to Pix and Ingrid!!! I see you have a grouper sandwich for Pix to celebrate with. 🙂 Nice cheer ladies. Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving. XO


  6. Concats to Miss Pix and Miss Ingrid! To be a one and only first guesser is quite rare!!! I was quite close with my guess of Germany, wasn’t I? I think I need some food as a consolation. Could I have Roast Beast, Honey roasted potatoes, and a Maple Bacon Upsidedown Cake downside-up?


  7. I didn’t find it scary, but thought it looked almost like a miniature scene from a Christmas train layout (such as Angel Sammy liked so much !)


    • Oh yes Angel Sammy was a big fan of Christmas Train under the tree. Teddy likes it too but “from a distance” – Sammy liked to be up close and “purrrrrsonal” – how kind you are to remember. HAPPY THANKSGIVING MARY!


  8. BellaSita slapped her paw to her fore head an meowed “Of coarse!!” Shee meowed her Ma went there a kabillion yeerss ago…..wee were sorta close!
    Concatss to Miss Pix an Miss Ingrid!!!
    Now fore sum yummy lunch…HHHMMMM……Missus Dee may wee have 1 order of Turkey an triminss fore BellaSita an may mee have 1 order of Crabby Cakess?? An fore ‘ssert may wee have sum Carrot Cake an a teeny Berry smoothie (pleese hold THE ‘Nana!) Many thanx yore THE bestest!
    Happy Thanxgivin to you Missus Dee an furamille an you two Teddy an Miss Pam an THE Mistur!
    **nose rubss** an **purrss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita


  9. Congratulations to your right guesser and the early riser commenter.

    The roasted squash is one i didn’t get to cook this year, i’ll have to correct that soon. Meanwhile, could you pass some, along with the carrots and potatoes and broccoli salad?


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