Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


Hello and Happy Friday!     Time for the Blog Hop that lets us learn stuff about each other – co-hosted by 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.    Four sentences – two from each co-host and we fill in the blanks.  Easy and fun.

Here are this week’s sentences………….My Mom filled all of them in – I like to give her a little treat once in a while and letting her fill all the blanks in gives her a thrill.  HAHA  Her words are in GREEN.

1. I am thankful for family including Teddy, our health  and all of our friends.
2. I look forward to eating turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving.
3. I didn’t realize how much I treasured being alive until I had a serious illness and made it through.
4. There’s no shame in crying or being sad – it shows you HAVE A HEART.

Good job Mom!    Know what I’m thankful for?  You and Dad!    Who knows where I’d be today if not for you!

I am one happy, thankful boy!   Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Love, Teddy

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  1. Great fill ins from your mom, Teddy. I agree with all of them apart from #2 because I am not much for turkey or chicken. I do like chicken thighs though and use them a lot in cooking. We usually have roast sirloin or duck at Christmas.


  2. I am with your Mom on all four of her Fill-Ins! #4 is big and so is #3. So happy your Mom made it through… where would we be without her? I did my Fill-Ins at Ellen’s and your recipe for bacon wrapped chicken breasts with mushroom sauce made our Thanksgiving dinner, Teddy Boop!


  3. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I look forward to the stuffing too. And I am very glad you are alive and I get to be your friend. Have a wonderful weekend. And Teddy, I love this photo of you XO


  4. Loved your fill ins, and I totally can relate to #3. Just being alive is a wonder, isn’t it…and its a brighter future than when the world crashed down around our ankles…to me its like God gave a chance to start over…with a grateful and humble heart.
    About #4, sometimes I get all weepy at my work, and some coworkers have said to me, that is why you shouldn’t get too involved with your residents. Excuse me?? I can’t give them good care if I don’t love them, and then I do have to weep when they pass, because I will miss both them and their families, too.
    (I had to step back for a moment,m because on Thursday when I went back to work after almost 3 weeks vacation,…there were several peeps who had passed…sigh…)


    • Oh I’m so sorry you lost some of your patients – it has to be very hard to get close to them because you care only to see them move on – but they go to a better place so that helps. People who don’t have an emotional attachment to humans should work in factories – healthcare is personal – taking care of humans is personal – Thanks for all you do Ingrid! Seriously.

      Hugs, Pam


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