Teaser Tuesday Time!


“Campus looks calm – let’s get warm inside Team!”

“Tuesday is here and Clowie’s team says it’s a GO for class so let’s GO!”


“Just five more minutes of snooze and I’ll…….be……zzzzzzz”

Yes you’ll still be asleep Alfred that’s where you’ll be but we must carry on for the benefit of all those who are ALERT and ready for Teaser.    Let’s show everyone the rules and badges for today shall we?

Our Teaser is yet another try from our Graphics Department to fool everyone- as you all know, our Graphics Department has been picking what they thought were IMPOSSIBLE Teaser photos that turned out to be guessed correctly in the first HOUR of class so let’s see how we do THIS week!

“Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!”

Where on earth is this?

You have your work cut out for you we think but then again……………you fool us often with a FAST correct answer.   So have at it gang.     To cheer you on we’ll get our Cheer Team in!

Well here we are again with another photo for Teaser
We think this one is a real brain squeezer!
All we know is we wouldn’t like it there
No bars, no restaurants, and who will do our makeup and hair??????
We much prefer being HERE all safe and sound
At the very best school for miles around
Now do a good job of figuring this one out
And tomorrow your name we will SCREAM and SHOUT!

“You can scream and shout my  name anytime girls and I’ll come runnin’ !!”

I suppose after all this hard work in class you all are ready for lunch or breakfast?    Good – so are we…………………let’s go see what Miss Dingleberry has in mind for food today shall we?

“Yes please……I’m fading fast……..!”

“We’re ready for you students!  Step right up and choose your favorites!”

Today’s Yummy Menu:

We’ll see you tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL!!  GOOD LUCK!

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy

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  1. OMG …. a feast!!!!! … Canoli (which is plural so I get at least 2), Ravioli, Irish Mint Cake, Chicken Parm, Irish Mint Shake, Irish Mint Cake, … that good for starters … Here’s a to-go order for later – pineapple upside cake, Irish Mint Cake, & Canoli, … Ingrid … where are you?

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  2. GIRLS! You are looking great this morning. I was about to ask if you were going to do synchronized swimming for us! Cheering, of course.


  3. Too early to eat. Teaser looks like another planet! Will check back if we think we have figured it out. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


  4. I’m late AS USUAL I’ll say Alaska

    I sure do wish Miss Dingleberry worked at the cafeterias here in county.
    Shame on the Cafeteria workers in 32 schools in our county called in sick today. It is all about pay of course and I understand it. But any action that threatens the well being of children IS WRONG!! There are so many children who count on the Breakfast and lunches at school each day.
    Hugs Cecilia

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  5. Daisy! Isn’t that Daisy? It looks just like her! 💕We kinda hope it is her. Gosh, we’d guess that place is somewhere in like Colorado or Arizona, or Iceland, Greenland place. We’re pretty sure it’s not Florida or Alabama and prolly not Louisiana or Texas. Maybe. We’re gonna go check out the super yum noms you got going on. Thank you, they look delicious. Ugh, we gotta say, it’s not in California is it? Piewhackits thinks it’s in California. She’s always thinking everyplace is in California on account of there’s so much stuff you never expect to see there. She even thinks that’s where they keep Italy is in California on account of the canals. … … What can we say? At least we finally got her straight that France is not in California. We all know it’s in south Louisiana.


    • HAHAHAHA……this interesting place is actually in SWEDEN! It’s a park in Lapland which really does look like another planet. We have a link to the park on the blog today – very interesting place indeed!!


  6. We puzzled an pizzled an wee think Grand Canyon inn Utah USA!
    Wee had less puzzlin to due over lunch! Missus Dee wee wuud like 2mpaltes of Turkey leg an poe-tatoe an fore ‘ssert may wee have German Pancakess an may mee have a wee saucer of milk? Many thanx Missus Dee! Yore GRRRRATE!!!!
    An so are you Teddy!
    **nose bumpss**BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum


  7. Legend has it that the moat surrounding Atlantis Prison (That giant structure in the middle there) was solely responsible for carving out the Not Quite Grand, Sorta Meh Canyon. Of course, that’s just an old wives tale… we all know it was the man eating otters in the moat that actually did the carving. And is also why the moat has been drying up due to the sudden “depopulation” of the prison…

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  8. That’s gotta be a dried up river!

    What scads of food. I love them all but will just have a hot chocolate this morn. Shoko told me my hips could knock a trucker over when I waddle past. Not true I say!! Really I should be careful.


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