Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Hello Everyone!   It’s DOUBLE DAY…….we do Brians’ Thankful Thursday Blog Hop then we do Angel Sammy’s Poetry Day.     THANKFULS are always first because they are the most important thing EVER but especially on Thursdays.   If you’d like to join the Hop at Brian’s – click the badge above and link up!

Very thankful that my Mom got her booster last Thursday – just a sore arm and that’s that.   Dad will get his soon.   Happy my Mom and Dad are PROTECTED.   I’m also happy that even though our furnace DIED yesterday, it is being repaired tomorrow.    I like a cozy house and let’s face it – no heat = chilly!    Especially when last night we got down to freezing.    What’s saving us is that we have TWO systems in our house……a heat pump for upstairs and the furnace for downstairs.   UPSTAIRS WAS FINE!    It kept us cozy last night for sleeping but boy was it chilly downstairs this morning.    I have a permanent fur coat of course but Mom and Dad are furless.  EEEK!

Now let’s move on to Angel Sammy’s Poetry Day.    This week he tried something DIFFERENT.    It’s “DO YOUR OWN THING” for today – everyone finds their OWN photo (rather than him giving everyone the same photo to work with) and write a poem about your own photo.   Should have some cool photos and poems right?   Let’s go see!


Happy “DO YOUR OWN THING” Poetry Day!

As you know we’re doing something different this week – you were to find your own photo and write a poem about it.   Any photo at all would work and I’m excited to see what all of you have come up with!     I did the same thing…….found a photo I like and wrote a poem inspired by it.

Here’s the photo I used for my poem this week:

“A Place To Escape To”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©November 3, 2021


This is a painting my Mom did a long time ago

It’s in her personal gallery – has not been on show

It’s her escape place – a spot she goes when things just aren’t right

She’s been known to visit her studio to see it in the middle of the night

When she looks at it she imagines she’s in the front porch chair

It’s calm all around, she’s alone with her thoughts without a care

Some people go to their “place” in their head for that calm

For Mom this painting is that same soothing balm

It’s not her best work – she’s the first to admit

But her troubles melt away when on the rocker she does sit………..


First of all, I have shown this photo on ONE SPOILED CAT before…..back in July 2012.    I was talking about how much my Mom liked it even back then!   So forgive me for using it again for this post.    My Mom painted this WAY long ago when she was taking painting lessons – there were a lot of things technically wrong with it – perspective is off for sure – but the FEELING of the painting was what she wanted anyway so the “technicalities” didn’t matter to her heart.   It hangs on the wall by the window in her studio and she sees it first thing every day.   If she’s worried about something or troubled she can just look at this photo and whatever is wrong simply melts away.    Pretty cool huh?    Anyway, I have to admit that when I told Mom we were doing this project today with “any photo” she said she knew what photo she’d pick.   So I admit – she MIGHT have had something to do with why I picked this!!!

I’m anxious to see what you picked and what you wrote so PLEASE let us know if you wrote a poem for today’s fun – give us the link to your post in our COMMENTS or you can even write your poem there if you like.    I hope you had fun with DIFFERENT Poetry Day.

Next week we’re going back to the “usual” and here’s the photo I picked out for all of us to use!

BRRRRRRRR!    I think this will inspire all of us and remind us Winter is on the way……… if we needed reminding!    So I’ll see you next week when we’ll get together to share poetry again……’s a date!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love and Light (and no Snow!), Angel Teddy


Angel Sammy I like that photo too…………she STILL visits that painting sometimes just because it takes her away to a good thinking place!     Humans do that in different ways – we kitties just go find a snuggy blankie or corner to do our heavy thinking.

Love, Teddy



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  1. Trees of snow. A winter’s glow We love them so, but outside, DON”T GO!
    I’ll find a photo and see if mama will help me be poetical. I know that’s not a real word, but it’s one we use in the house language, haha. LOVE YOUR MAMA’S ART. Wow, what a painter. Mama wishes she could do that…her paintings are so….well, I’ll tell you later.


    • Maybe one of the photos from your Mama’s trip will inspire a poem?? I like your “quickie poem” about the snow though!!!!! Thanks for the compliments on my Mom’s painting – another OLDIE….she was still learning a lot…..

      Love, Teddy


  2. OH, I almost did a poem about winter, LOL!!!

    I love that painting/picture. It is quite peaceful, and I can certainly understand why you feel calmed when you look at it. or you can even go on a boat ride out on the lake…in your mind’s eye!

    Its been rather windy around here of late…so just looking outside or being outside is my thought picture in my mind for today…and since I don’t post but on Sundays, mostly, here is my poem about a blustery chilly day:

    The Blustery Day

    I hear the wind howl,
    Stripping off the leaves;
    I feel the wind blowing,
    Even into my sleeves!

    I see the clouds flow,
    And they dance along.
    The wind makes them fly,
    As it screeches its song.

    I see the trees bend,
    Fighting ‘gainst the gale.
    I feel the wind push,
    Determined to assail.

    I feel the wind’s bite,
    It chills me right through.
    I hope this storm stops.
    So that calm can renew!

    I hear the wind sigh more softly
    No more does it roar…
    Gone all the roughness,’
    All is peaceful once more.

    IR 11/4/2021
    (its a slightly revised version of a poem I wrote eons ago, when I was still in school, the revisions are made on account of a more mature vision of life nowadays…)

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  3. Your mom’s painting looks WAY better than any of the slop I ever did, questionable perspective or not! There’s a reason I do my art on the computer… it’s much easier to erase mistakes…. or just turn the computer off if it’s THAT bad.

    Next week’s photo looks like the perfect setting for cuddling up with some MAN HEATING OTTERS!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Next week’s photo is incredibly COLD…..and I have to say if just one of those trees “dropped” its snow on that little cabin it would be buried!!! No hard frost here yet but we’ve gotten CLOSE!
      Hugs, Angel Sammy


  4. We chose Dona Nobis Pacem for today. But we love the idea of choosing our own photo for a poem, and hope you might offer this again. Your choice, your painting is lovely ~ phooey on technicalities. What the artist chooses to present, and what the onlooker sees and feels it what is important. You have shown a place for mind, body and soul to find peace and calm. It is lovely. Well done, Pam.


    • Thank you Ann! If I had known about Dona Nobis Pacem being today I would have done a “double post”…..I’m on Facebook fairly frequently and never saw Mimi’s post which I’ve ALWAYS seen before… fault for not knowing the date by heart though. I love ALL the peace globes I’ve seen this morning and wish I could have been one of them. Thanks for your thoughts on my old painting….I’m starting to feel as worn as that old porch these days……………

      Hugs, Pam


  5. Teddy, Angel Sammy…my mommy loves to create like that too. She said your mom’s beautiful painting was evocative; and there is nothing amiss anywhere in that lovely peaceful scene. She understands it. She and I are both glad it is in a place to be looked upon each time its needed. She said after things calm down here, she will study its meaning to her! And share that. Your mommy has a gift.
    Katie Isabella


    • Oh Katie my Mom had a little tear in her eye when she read your message…..The painting is right here – maybe 3 feet from her eyes every single day on the wall by the computer and her window to the trees… calms her, centers her, and she sometimes gets lost in the mist when her imagination takes her away. I hope your Mom will share with you what SHE sees and feels and “gets” from the painting.

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


  6. I think your mom’s painting is beautiful. I can see why she uses it as her calm space. I think next week’s pic could be my calm space – after I’ve exhausted myself playing in all that snow!


  7. Excellent poem and that painting is amazing. Your mom is so talented. I am glad she got her booster, my hubby did too. I will get mine next week. Glad you were able to keep warm upstairs. XO


  8. WooHoo we are booster here too. Golly I’m sorry about your furnace and very thankful for your warm upstairs. I guess you three are sitting by a fire.

    I 10000000000000000000% LOVE YOUR MOM’S painting and that it inspired her poem. It is purrfect I love the all the colors and the calm. I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler.
    Hugs cecilia


    • You my dear friend are a most talented quilter – we all have our gifts!!! Furnace is now FIXED thank heavens….it got cold downstairs for sure! We decided not to have a fire in the fireplace because it tends to draw air from outside into the house through all the nooks and crannies and we didn’t want more cold. We kind of camped out upstairs which worked fine (since my computer is up here anyway!).

      Hugs, Pam


  9. I love this painting your Mom did. Not my first time seeing it. Angel Sammy, I also loved the words you wrote to tell us how and why this painting is special to your Mom. I feel the same way about her painting. The front porch soothes me and I love the little green boat.


  10. Good choice, Angel S. That painting is beautiful and that porch rocker looks like just the place for thinking and chilling. It’s perfect. Everybody needs a place like that – even if it’s just in their head.

    Love and licks,


  11. sam o bacon; knot onlee iz thiz poem two day total lee AWESUM….sew iz yur momz art werk…..trooth….we could sew lives in thiz little cottage 🙂 veree veree nice !!

    ted o natorz, sorree ta heer bout de heet a matic…..we iz thanx full ewe can get it ree pared
    two morrow….N thiz day N age one never noez~~~~~~~ YOW !!!!

    ♥♥♥ happee week oh end ♥♥♥


    • Hi gang! We DID get the furnace repaired yesterday – WOOOO HOOOO – last night was finally comfy in the house. We complained but it never got below 60 in the house so we were lucky because it was in the 30s outside!

      Love, The Ted O Nator Guy


    • Hi Ernie! Mom says thanks for the kudos on her old painting……….we DID get the furnace fixed yesterday – took hours and hours but it never got below 60 in the house so we were lucky. FREEZING would be BAD NEWS!

      Hugs, Teddy


  12. I think it’s beautiful. I would love to go to a place like that. Love the poem too. Hope your furnace got fixed. So glad you could stay warm upstairs.


  13. The thankfuls are purrfect! As is the poem (and the painting). Mom remember seeing the painting before and she still does not think the perspective is off! The porch and house are old and they have shifted with age (just like Mom’s hips)!
    We LOVE the snow scene for next week, but we are hoping it is not a premonition…(the weather guesses say we have snow in our forecast)


  14. Pam, I love your painting. As I just started blogging in July 2012, I have not seen it before. When I need to “go away” I go to the beach in Tortola in my head and watch and listen to the waves. Sorry I didn’t do a poem. I should have done one about peace like Sharon did for my Blog4Peace post. I love next week’s photo and promise to write something for that. Love and hugs, Janet


    • It’s an old painting as I said in the post – my art instructor explained the perspective thing after I’d finished it – and said he didn’t “help” me with it at the time because he knew the rest of the painting would make up for the porch problem when I’d finished it. He was being kind….. !! I reposted a Blog for Peace just a little while ago – one from 2016. I never heard a word about it this year.

      Hugs, Pam


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