Teaser Tell All and Contest Results!


Welcome Back Students – we have a lot to talk about today!   

The Teaser from yesterday which was scary but didn’t FOOL several of you………….and the Halloween Costume Contest for this year which was so much fun with so many super creative entries from YOU!      Below is a slideshow of ALL of our entries and thanks to those of you who did enter – we thought we’d start class off today with the COSTUME CONTEST results before we do the TEASER PHOTO part of today’s class……………I know you can’t wait to hear.

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The winner of the contest will be sent a FABULOUS (well – maybe not fabulous but NICE – well – maybe not nice but ADEQUATE……cough cough) gift from the wonderful and amazing store at AMAZON!    WOO HOOOOO!

Those of you who don’t win get a badge saying you entered but didn’t win (sadly).      Now how about a drumroll please???



Reesie as Reese’s Pieces


AND here is the WINNER’S BADGE !

It was a VERY CLOSE contest!   All of the entries got votes but Reesie got the MOST!

Those of you who didn’t win – THANKS FOR ENTERING – and here’s a badge to ease the pain:

Now let’s get to the Teaser Photo from yesterday.     Here it is for a final look:


If you’re interested in this rather spooky and SAD place and would like more info CLICK HERE !

Who Was First Right Guesser?

Jackie at Two Devon Cats

Your Badge Miss Jackie!

And if you were RIGHT but weren’t FIRST:

And if you guessed but were WRONG:



For you:

Cheer Team – you’re ON !!

An Epic Halloween is what we’ve had
You’ve all worked hard and we’re so glad
The Teaser was tricky but not for one
Miss Jackie got it so the FIRST RIGHT was won!
Sharon and Ingrid were the FIRST to say a BOO!
Then the costume contest winner we really must cheer
It was a fabulous costume – let’s have a beer!
We really must say that you’re ALL big winners
Now lets get the Professors to buy us all dinner!

Well this certainly kept us busy didn’t it?!   We hope you all enjoyed the Teaser for Halloween AND the Halloween Costume Contest as much as we did.   NOW – who’s up for breakfast/lunch??

Time for you to eat little witches, ghosts and goblins!   Here’s today’s MENU:





73 responses »

    • It was a FUN TeaserWeen this year – you got votes as did EVERYONE in this year’s contest so it was an EPIC TEASERWEEN. Thanks for entering – everyone loved your costumes (especially me since I’m a LOBSTER-HOLIC!!).

      Hugs, Pam


    • YES INDEED! CONCATULATIONS to you also for surviving your visit to that island (tee hee). It was a really close contest this year – and the best part was EVERYONE got votes. I like that!

      Hugs, Pam and Ted too


  1. Congratulations to all winners. I was right too because I have never been to that island! On to lunch – beef stew, onion rings (double order to share), deviled eggs, and the choco PB pie. Ingrid? … Are you out there? …. Oh … I better get a table where she can see me.


  2. Concatulations to Reesie!! And to all the winners! I missed it again but I’ll TRY again. And I agree with the commenter above me…thanks to the graphics department. You really worked hard for today! We love it and appreciate it. Now. Where’s the beef stew?


    • One beef stew comin’ up! Glad you had fun with the contest – we did too even though Mom got a gigantic headache for having to do so much Pizap work (hahahaha). Seriously though it’s always fun to do HOWLOWEEN on the blog. Costume contest gives all of us something totally fun to do!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. YUMMY REESE’S PIECES … she looked good enough to eat! So CONGRATS to Reesie & Mom Sharon on the adorable (and apurrpriate!) costume, well done! But: how did you get her to sit still all wrapped up like that? T’was magic! We thought all the entries were fabulous, they’ll surely get lots of treats on Halloween night … thank you Teddy for a great and fun contest for all of us! PS: we sneakily voted for every furry … well, not really, but we wanted to! ANN and JUNE, Zoolatry


    • So happy you had fun with this year’s Costume Contest……….like I said, Jessie-June was a big hit too – so adorable………I’m really pleased that everybody got votes this year as I said before. Maybe Sharon will give us her secret of how she got Reesie to be still in her costume (maybe she used duct tape…hahaha). Thanks again for having a lot of HOWLOWEEN fun with us!

      Hugs, Pam and Teddy too


  4. I’m here…mighty late I might add, LOL!

    Concats to Miss Reesie! Way to go!
    Congrats to Miiss Jackie too for being the first right guesser…and um; to me for being in the first through the door group along with Miss Sharon!

    But when I read the fun cheer from the cheerleaders, um… I was NOT the first right guesser…maybe there was too much Halloween going on somewhere!

    H, Mr Frank!~ Thanks for saving me a seat and some noms. May I add some of the spooky hot chocolate and some ecalr pie to that please?? Mmmm!

    We had a good freeze last night. That means there will be more of those dang walnuts raining down…I have lost count of how many garden cartfuls I have cleaned up. Must be a foreboding of the winter to come…oh-oh!


    • I blame the Graphics Department for the Cheer boo boo…..I hear she the Department was pretty danged tired after a day of Pizapping and writing and fixing and planning and arranging and THINKING. Maybe we can get the Cheer Team to edit their cheer for you.

      Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

      • I did notice the cheer team got the first right guesser wrong, but as I had already been announced as first I wasn’t worried so didn’t mention it.


        • I fixed the cheer a while ago – so sorry about that – I was incredibly tired after a long day of working on the artwork, etc. for Teaser yesterday – I wasn’t QUITE awake when I did some things (yawn). I do apologize though. Sometimes as you all know I’m just not careful enough to stop and proofread before I “SAVE”.

          Liked by 1 person

  5. It was a GREAT teaser pic!!! I knew immediately that it should be Italy and googled “medieval church bell-tower Italy”. Unfortunately, I needed a few minutes to realize that I should also add “haunted”. 🙂 Concats to Ms Jackie, and to Ms Ingrid and Ms Sharon, too! And I LOVED Reesie’s Halloween contribution! Could I have mini mummy hot dogs, spidery deviled eggs a Halloween apple snack, and a monster smoothie?


    • Here’s your delicious lunch order – ENJOY! And we agree that not only was it a fun Teaser photo but a super fun contest this year. Lots of great costumes. You were on the right track when you were hunting for the Teaser but Jackie beat you!!

      Hugs, Pam


    • Glad you liked the Profs playing dress up! We’re so happy everyone had fun with us this year again…….thanks again to you all for participating – it was tons of fun and you got lots of votes – Reesie just blew away the competition!

      Hugs, Pam and Teddy


  6. MY GOODNESS, 46 responses! That’s a lot of writing for someone, haha, but oh, those costumes, so wonderful! And congrats to all the winners. Mama has been to Murano, too, but that THAT place.
    Reesie was wonderfully dressed…very original..


    • It sure was a fun contest this year………….Reesie won by a slim margin – lots of entries got a lot of votes! My Mom and Dad ordered wine glasses when they were at the glass factory as a wedding gift to themselves since they were on honeymoon when they were there. Took two months for them to come but they are beautiful and reside in Mom’s china cabinet now.

      Hugs, Teddy


    • You might be psychic! We thought it was a perfect costume for her too but we had a whole lot of incredibly creative entries this year………….always fun at Halloween!

      Hugs, Pam and Teddy too


  7. HURRAH for Reesie!!!! Mee REELLY wanted her to win!!!!
    An well dun Miss Jackie yore so clevurr!
    Teddy wee were at least on THE rite side of THE werld 😉
    Now to see if wee can get lunch rite………
    Missus Dee when you have a moemont may wee have Mini Mummy HotDogss an a teeny banilla….um wait…vanilla Smoothie an a Cherry Red Smoothie two p;eese!?! Thanx fore beein here fore efurryone! What wuud wee due without you?????
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an BellaSita


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