Teaser Class Is BAAACK!


“Well Security Team – it’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween around school – but all is well – let’s report in!!”

“Good Morning Students!   TIME TO COMMENT!”

It’s good to be back.   Nice break – and breaks are good – but routine is comfortable.     We’ve started decorating the classroom for Halloween.    Remember we’re having a Halloween Costume Contest and the deadline for entering is coming up!

Here are the entries we have received – if you sent one and your name isn’t on this list – well – I guess we didn’t get it!!!    Please send by October 22.

Already entered:

June, The Weim Brothers, Penny, Bunty, Garfield, Benjamin & Dalton


Hope you decide to join in the fun.    NOW – speaking of fun – let’s get class started shall we?     First off we have a GUEST TEASER for you today.     We think it’s a toughie – you may not agree with us but it’s definitely got possibilities in the TOUGHIE department.    Here are the rules AND the badges you can win.   We’ll have SPECIAL badges for next week’s class.

“Glad to hear we’ll have a chance to win some cool ‘Ween badges next week!”

Here’s the Teaser!!!!

WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN?????????????????


Good luck………………we’ll see how you all did tomorrow!

“Well if you ask me – that’s not a tough Teaser….it’s an IMPOSSIBLE Teaser!”  

We’ll see tomorrow how impossible it is I guess…………….meanwhile, I hope your plans for a costume for next week’s class include a “NICE BABY MASK” because you certainly look like a holy terror without one!    HAHAHAHA

Cheer Team?    Want to take a crack at cheering these grumpies up for us???

Halloween is coming soon
You can dress up like a pig, the President or a baboon
Our contest will be fun and crazy
So get a costume – don’t be lazy!
There’s a prize for the winner from Amazon
So the contest is coming and the pressure is ON!!!

Thanks ladies – I think.     Now let’s head on over to the cafeteria for some chow…..well…..not really CHOW but breakfast or lunch – sounds better doesn’t it??

GREETINGS STUDENTS!   I’m trying out costumes for TeaserWeen this year.  This might be the winner.   Now please enjoy your lunch or breakfast!


OK Everyone – we’ll see you tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL!   GOOD LUCK!

Your Professors

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  1. Roasted mixed veggies please and lemon tart. And girls on the cheer team…you look fabulous! As to the photo..my mom is useless with these. How about German potato salad too? And eclair cake? XX
    Katie Isabella


  2. I have no idea where this is but I think it is in the United States. I see what looks like one pickup truck. If it was Europe, there would be none. On the other hand, if it was America, there should be about 15 pickup trucks in the photo.


    • YA THINK? Pawris is kind of old isn’t it…..well, my Mom and Dad were just talking this morning about Pawris and wondering if they will ever go back…..they still are dreaming about that cruise through France but who knows…these days are weird AND they are OLD. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I shall drown my sorrows with some noms….may I please have some of those yummy blueberry crepes, some of those crispy onion rings and some lemon tart too…and some hot chocolate. its only 49 here. I shall go find a big table, cause if Mr Frank comes he’ll have an even bigger order than mine, LOL! Maybe bring his silverware so he won’t have to lug that, too.

    That sure looks like a bustling city scene…I am glad we live outside of out city, which isn’t even comparable to that one!! Hmmm…now where is that!?


  4. Good job, Sharon! We are very late today,, but we didn’t forget, just didn’t get up early enough. Looks like any big city probably in the U.S. We are going to grab some lemon tarts and hot chocolate. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet

    Liked by 1 person

  5. For those who can’t afford to travel to Egypt, the next best thing is to drive along the frontage road near Dee Nile (Not to be confused with Cee Nile) State Penitentiary and Remedial Architecture School to check out the glass pyramids. While there are no mummies in the pyramids at DNSPA, those who enter them are said to be cursed by a plague of man-eating otters…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Some of us are in DE NILE about being CEE NILE but the architecture school having a plague of man-eating otters makes me glad I chose a career in hospital administration rather than architecture!


  6. Hmmmm, it looks somehow familiar – as if there would have been a similar teaser in the past! But I couldn’t find it out! What remains then? Eating, of course! I’d like a garden salad and an eclair cake and the drink next to the eclair cake which wanted to be anonymous!


  7. BellaSita sayss Cinncy-nati Ohio an mee sayss See-attle Washington….hopefully wee on THE rite contynent Teddy!!! 😉
    Missus D hope you had a GRATE Vaca two!
    May wee order 1 German Dinner fore BellaSita an sum Lobstur fore mee pleese? An fore ‘ssert may wee have 2 Lemony Tartss two? Many thanx!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} BellaSita


  8. wavez two ewe ted o nator…grate two see ewe bak thiz way !!! hope mom and dad hada grate vaycayshun and thanx for hostin that houz partee while they waz gone 😉 we hada blast !!!! 😉 ♥♥♥

    may we pleez haza brekfast pizza pie while we wunder why it lookz like everee onez leevin town in thiz foto !!!


    • HAHAHA……it does seem the traffic in the photo is a little UNBALANCED…..when you find out where this was taken you might understand (!!). Enjoy the breakfast pizza – we sent over to your table FOUR of them for all of you. One is NEVER enough right?

      Hugs, Ted O Nator


  9. I have no idea. Miami, Florida? Not sure what to have today. Everything sounds so good. Maybe just a milkshake. Hope you had a nice day.


  10. Okay! This looks like the right place….

    Oh wow! It’s been forever since we did Halloween costumes. We, or one of us, may give it a try. We are guessing Dallas (TX), or Santa Fe (NM)… maybe. Mmmmm, we’ll see! Ummm, I’d you need us, we’ll be with all that wonderful food! We can’t hold Piewhackits back anymore. She wants at that Irish Breakfast like really a lot. Hugs to you guys ❤️


    • We sent an Irish breakfast over to Piewhackits’ table – hope she enjoyed it! That Teaser photo was one of the toughest ones we’ve EVER had! If you want to enter the contest – remember, deadline is 22nd for photos!!!!! Just email to us……….

      Hugs, Teddy the Professor


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