Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello everybody and hello Sunday.    Time to post a selfie to share with the universe.    Our hosts at The Cat On My Head hope you will join in the fun – you can reach them by clicking the badge above and linking up.

I’m afraid my Mom didn’t do any “clicking” with her camera this week for new photos of yours truly so we’re resorting to a flashback today.    I try to find one that’s close to the same date/time of the year from a previous year……………

This little gem was taken in October of 2017 which was my FIRST Fall in my new home.    I was adopted in February of 2017 and this is me modeling my “baby harness” (although I was a pretty big baby from the start).    I quickly outgrew THAT one and had two subsequent harnesses.   These days I don’t wear one anymore!   I’m outside with Mom and Dad or just one of them no harness.    Look how many leaves are on the ground – this year it’s still pretty green and not that many leaves are down yet.   Interesting how different the weather has become.    Laser eyes?  Yes – just trying to light the way for my Dad as he holds onto my leash!     I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO helpful aren’t I ?

We put this baby into Lunapic to jazz it up a bit……….here’s what we came up with!


And here’s the puzzle for those of you who like the challenge!     This particular art filter from Lunapic was called Storytime and I thought it made a really cool puzzle challenge!

Click this Mini ME photo for the puzzle…………..

A reminder we are on vacation this coming week… blogs – Mom did a couple of reminders that will pop up in your inbox during the week but no actual blogs until October 16th!   

Hugs, Ted, Mom and Dad 


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  1. We hope your vacation is just PERFECT!!!! Okay, purrfect if you’d rather…meanwhile, you hold the fork, you terrific tabby and we’ll be behind anything you want to do…heh, heh. You sure were a cute baby kitty. Well, young adult.


  2. Tat is a sweet flashback selfie, Teddy. The lovely art effect adds to the autumnal feel too. Thanks for the puzzle. I ho your mom and dad have a wonderful time.


    • Keyboards seem to get sticky or “persnickety” sometimes…..but we “see” the full words! Thanks for the compliments on the flashback of tiny (haha) me in my baby harness…..and Mom says “HOPE YOUR TIME OFF THIS WEEK IS WONDERFUL TOO!!!!!! We’ll compare notes when we all get home……….take care of yourself.

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


  3. HOPE!!! Stupid keyboard! And now I have just seen it left out the H in that as well! I really dislike this bluetooth keyboard. I have to try to remember to check everything.


    • Yes we thought it was a very “Fall-ish” art filter……softening too. Not that kitties have to LOOK soft but most of us are – right Miss Dianna? I know Sundae is – Mom told me she is! We will ALL have a nice vacation I’m sure. Thanks!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  4. You are such a cutie Teddy. I love the art your mom made with your photo. Thank you for the puzzle. I
    hope your folks have a wonderful and safe trip. I can’t wait to see them. XO


  5. Defo snazzy jazzy Sunday Selfie there Teddy!!! We have alot of purrty leevess outside of town…ourss here are sorta meh,,,,today iss sunny an furry warm…it iss too warm for Autumm. Weather sure iss changin alot!!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ BellaSita


  6. Have a great vacation…both you Teddy at the kitty hotel and your peeps as they travel and visit! I bet there might be some nice new teaser images for the ‘graphics dept’ to use. LOL!

    I remember this picture!! Fun hard puzzle…thanks, I love challenges…will have a go at it later…II am off to work right now:)


  7. We LOVE that shot of you Teddy! And we can’t wait to do the puzzle. We do hope that your folks have a terrific tome on their vacation! We can’t wait to hear about you at the spa (and the Halloween costume day is on our radar)


  8. You know, I think gingers are naturally rotund. The only thing gingers are those in rescues or on the streets.

    Mum and Dad, have a great holiday. Enjoy your down time and get some lovely fresh air.


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