Teaser Tell All Class Time


Welcome back!   Time for us to TELL ALL………….

We had hoped the Teaser photo yesterday might fool some of you and while that is SORT OF true (there were a couple who didn’t get it right!) most of you DID figure it out which just goes to show how clever Teaser students are.    Yep – we have a tough time fooling you.

“We’re not just cute – we’re also SMART!!”

So time for us to let you know who was our FIRST COMMENTER and then we’ll talk about RIGHT GUESSERS OK?

“Bring it on!  We need to get the scoop!”

OK – OK – keep your hair on.

Let’s have a drumroll PLEEEEZE!


AND, here is your badge!   

I was the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of September 28, 2021 !

And here is the Teaser photo from yesterday………………………………….and just wait until we tell you the BIGGER news……………….

The Cliffs of Etretat, Upper Normandy, France    (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)



Here’s your DOUBLE WINNER badge……

I was a DOUBLE FIRSTIE on the Teaser Post of September 28, 2021! I was the FIRST COMMENTER AND the First Right Guesser…..lucky me! AND Leo is handing me a glass of champagne!

Concatulations Miss Janet!!!

Ahh yes…..the SORE LOSER BRIGADE is here yet again.   

Well we did have a pile of others who were RIGHT GUESSERS – even if you weren’t FIRST but got it RIGHT then you get one of these:

Well I did guess the right place on the Teaser BUT I was not the First one. Oh well….at least I was RIGHT!

And those of you made a guess but were WRONG – well – you still tried and you deserve something for trying:

I guessed the WRONG place on the Teaser of September 28, 2021 but at least I didn’t just sit at my desk and nap through Teaser Class!

Now I think it’s time we get the Cheer Team in here to CHEER YOU ALL UP (except for you Miss Janet – you are probably quite cheery by now!):

Janet sure rocked Teaser Class today
TWO FIRSTIES for her this Tuesday!
But Timmy and Ingrid were ALSO firsties
All these winners are making us thirsty!
Lots of you though guessed it right
Maybe you studied all through the night?
The Profs are proud of such a smart class
Maybe on your report cards you all will PASS?
We’re so impressed we’ll have a toast to you at the bar
This time we’re going in a chauffered car!


Your ride awaits ladies………

Rest of us need lunch or breakfast don’t you think?    We better head over to the cafeteria before it gets super crowded!

We’re ready for a hungry Teaser class…..enjoy your meal!



Next Tuesday we will have details on our Halloween Costume Contest we will have on Tuesday October 26th.   There will be a prize for the winner!


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  1. Timmy and I were first commenters, too, though not first with the right answer, though…almost but no cigar! LOL!

    Concats times two for Miss Janet!! Wow!!

    I bought a cauliflower today, but I see you have already prepared one…Mmmmm, May I please have some of that followed by the lemon meringue pie?? And to wash that all down, some Hot Chocolate!

    I will go and snag a big table for when Mr Frank comes with his large repast!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congratulations Firstees and special celebratory bubbly for Janet! Yea – I get my wrong answer badge! … and I can boast that I was the first wrong answer!!!!

    Lunch time – Just a little today: Veggie Egg Roll, Roasted Corn, Bacon/Egg/Cheese Bread, Lemon Meringue Pie, an Iced Brownie, & Iced Tea

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Double congrats to Miss Sharon and congrats to all the speedy guessers. Nice cheer ladies. We can’t wait to hear about the costume contest. XO


  4. Happy you were able to fix and acknowledge all the firsties. We’d like to know if the eight of us can get a ride in the limo with the cheer team as a prize for being the double firstie! Mom and Dad have actually been to Normandy a few years ago. We are going to indulge in some eggs Benedict and then dessert…always our favorite meal. Thanks Teddy and Mom Pam! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


  5. I am late because I am trying to get a note back to you from my cottage. It’s not doing… fudge!
    Congratulations to all the Speedies and the right Guesser Peeps!
    I am also late for breakfast or lunch food… shocking! I would like the Beans, Rice and Enchiladas AND a Bacon Quiche Tart AND a small slice of Bacon Egg Cheese Brunch Bread with buttah, please!
    Good Afternoon… the weather is absolutely beautiful today, and yesterday, too. Nice after 3 months of hot and humid H E double L!!!!!!!!!! It’s only 85 degrees! A little cold front out of the North… ahhhhh!


    • We’ve had terrific early Fall weather too – I got TWO messages from your cottage yesterday – just kept forgetting to “cottage note” you back!!!!! Having fun but running out of $$ quick. HAHAHAHAHA

      Hugs, Pam


  6. Big Congrats to our fellow first commenters and to Janet for getting the Teaser. We thought we were firstest with the mostest but… Congrats! Sorry to run but the bell for the meatloaf just dinged and you never let your meat loaf


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