Bakin’ With Bacon….and a Friend!


Greetings From The Castle!   King Teddy and his Assistant Chef, Raz from Friends Furever are here to cook for you!

That’s right – Raz said he’d come help me show you a fabulous baconized recipe that his Mom recently made on their “Green Egg” Grill and it sounded just too good NOT to share it with all of you bacon lovers.     I think the name of it is as wonderful as these taste!

pig shots - bacon, sausage, cheese filling with a toothpick

Pig Shots

Yes that’s really the name and oh boy boy do they ever look delicious!   Wait until you read the recipe and I think you will want to try them too…………..BUT first things first – you might be curious!


Pig shots is an interesting name, huh? Well, a pig shot is basically three components:

  • a slice of sausage on the bottom
  • wrapped in bacon to form a little “cup”
  • and then a cream cheese mixture stuffed into the cup


1 package of bacon, cut in half
1 pound of sausage or kielbasa (I used kielbasa)
8 oz. cream cheese
1 cup grated cheese (I used a three cheese blend)
Your “rub” of choice (see “NOTE” below about rubs…..also while this adds a lot of flavor it’s NOT a necessity in this recipe!!)
BBQ sauce of choice (optional)
toothpicks (optional but helpful)


In a bowl, mix together cream cheese, grated cheese and 1/2 tbsp rub of your choice
Cut the bacon slices in half.
Cut the sausage links into 1/2″ slices.
Wrap the bacon around the sausage slice using a toothpick to secure it in place. Once you’ve done this, you should have a little “cup” created by the sausage bottom and bacon sides.
Fill the “cups” with cream cheese mixture until just under the top slice of bacon.
Sprinkle pig shots with seasoning rub.
Brush on BBQ sauce, if using.
Heat smoker to 225-250 degrees (or oven to 400 degrees).
Put pig shots on smoker (or in oven) until the bacon is done and crispy to your liking.


If you’re finding the bacon/sausage cups difficult to deal with, you can put them in the fridge for 20 minutes or so. This helps make the bacon a little bit harder and easier to move into different positions. 

Use toothpicks to hold the bacon in place around the piece of sausage. You might need to use more than one.

You can spoon the cream cheese mixture into the cups but here’s a helpful tip: it is easier to put the mixture into a plastic bag, cut the corner a little bit and then use the bag to pipe the mixture into the bacon “cups”. This can also be less messy.

Now another question I’m sure you’re asking if you’re not familiar with smoking or grilling is “WHAT IS A RUB???”    Basically a “rub” is a blend of herbs and spices that add to or enhance a meat before, during, or after cooking. Most rubs usually have a sweet component (sugar, brown sugar), a salty component (kosher salt, sea salt), a savory component (herbs) and/or a spicy component (black pepper, chile powder).

Raz this is a WINNER I just know it.   My Dad is not a griller at heart but Mom says these could easily be baked (although she thinks they would taste BETTER on a grill).   We thank you and your Mom for telling us about Pig Shots.

Listen you all – Raz knows his food!    He has BEEN food for Halloween a number of times…………Spaghetti and Meatballs, a “S’More”, and even Bacon and Eggs!    You have to trust someone who appreciates food that much.     Raz and his sisters Noelle and Reesie are always up to something – if you don’t already follow their blog – you should!

Thanks Raz to you and your Mom…..Pig Shots must be tried!

Your King, Teddy of Baconia

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      • May be a good time for that ‘shot’…….just one is all it takes, mana says, but she doesn’t do that and never did like the kids today. Mama sometimes has a tiny martini with six olives, haha.


  1. WAIT A MINUTE. WE ARE BACK!!!! Happy happy birthday, Pam, from all of us, and many many more days of grower younger, as you seem to do each day. Bon anniversaire!!!!


  2. That recipe is a winner! That would be great if we do a mix and mingle here again. But SSNS and I could definitely enjoy them… just the two of us. Thank you Teddy and Assistant Chef Raz! They would be gone in no time. I think we would use sweet Italian sausage!
    Happy Birthday, Pam! I hope your Birthday is all that you want it to be and more!


  3. When Mom Sharon shared these, they sure looked yummy. Mom says she would probably skip the rub and the b-b-a sauce and do them in the oven. One thing for sure, she wants t tr them. Thanks, Teddy and Raz xock


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